FAQ On LED Rotating Light

FAQ on LED Rotating Light

LED Rotating Light is an very important display light in Jewelry Stores . A suitable rotating light can not only bring unexpected effects, but also make it easier to sell your jewelry.

Shenzhen Awelled has been engaged in the design, production, and sales of led rotating lights for many years. Combining with the needs of jewelers, our products have been greatly improved in terms of quality, effect, price, and appearance. Make the third-generation rotating lights increasingly popular.

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The following are common issues during communication with jewelry merchants, hoping to provide you with reference and suggestions.


Input Voltage

The LEDs and motors of the rotating light are powered separately . Some LED Drivers can support universal input voltage 100-240Vac. But there are 2 kinds different input voltage of motors ,one is 90-130Vac ,another one is 200-240Vac. That’s why we always ask you where do you come from .

CCT Layout

Awelled’s 3rd Rotating Lights consist of 18pcs high power Osram LEDs and 9pcs DIP LEDs.Our standard CCT layout is 9pcs6000k+3pcs5500k+3pcs 3200k +R+G+B and (DIP : 3R +3G+3B) , This color temperature arrangement is more suitable for displays mainly featuring diamonds and silver, including a small amount of gold. Customers can choose the appropriate color temperature layout based on their jewelry type.  Have you often been asked what type of jewelry it is?

This rotating light has strong customization, and you need to tell us as much information as possible to activate the ideal lighting.


Beam Angle & irradiation height

beam angle 20

This rotating light adopts a single high transmittance lens, with luminous angles of 10 degrees, 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 25 degrees, and 38 degrees. When the illumination height is the same, the angle of illumination is different, the size of the illuminated area, and the intensity of illumination are different. Usually, when the irradiation height is below 80CM, the influence of the luminous angle is not significant;

If the irradiation height is between 80CM and 120CM, the effect of 38 degrees is better;

If the irradiation height is between 120CM and 150CM, the effect of 25 degrees is better;

If the irradiation height is between 150CM and 220CM, 20 degrees is more effective.


Installation position

The LED Rotating Light can be installed not only  in display cabinet,but also in ceiling of stores . Most Jewellers use 36W Awelled Jewelry down lights, And the maximum power of our rotating light is also 36W, but the rotation of other homes is usually not higher than 25W. If the illumination height is too high, the brightness and fire color are a bit weak. This is also our advantage


Awelled’s LED Rotating Lights Adopting an industrial grade slip ring system, the performance is more stable, the rotation is smoother, noiseless, and has a long lifespan. External motor, easy to maintain. Choose AWELLED, choose to rest assured, and hope to give you a better and better business.

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