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Differnent Kinds of LED showcase lights in display window

November 2019

Rotating light in display window

Jewelry Showcase LED Lighting for an Interesting Layout

Jewelry Showcase LED Lighting for an Interesting Layout

Showrooms must keep their showcases lit with proper lights so that the products are properly visible to the window shoppers and passers-by. Showcases also turn out to be the main point of focus in a store. People try to show case their most valued product in the showcase which can attract the attention of the customers and they walk inside the store. Jewelry showcase LED lighting can have an amazing effect and make the product outshine than the rest of the items in the store.

There is no dearth of the best and top-quality showcase led  lighting providers in China. Shenzhen Awelled have a huge collection of LED display lights that they can distribute in the market. Many of these companies are the top manufacturers in the related field for several years and have come forth as reliable partners for their clients. These display lights can be easily installed in showcases and cabinets of the stores. those showcase led spotlights can be directed as per the requirement and the spotlight gives an extremely beautiful impact on the product.

Awelled are engaged in the production of a wide range of Showcase display lighting. Think adjustable, zoomable, wall, ceiling, and other types of jewelry cabinet lighting. There are several other manufacturers in the related field, and they provide a tough competition to the competitors as well. They have designed the prices which are highly attractive and unmatched in the market. This is also one of the main reasons behind the success of their entity.

As and when showcase light is required, it can be adjusted. In the jewelry showroom, the LED lights are quite a success because it gives instant energy to the product as it gets illuminated in the right way. Several jewelry owners feel that the products should be having the right light on the products so that the attention of the customers is easily achieved. Once the customers get a chance to notice the product, they ask for it.

LED showcase lighting is also available in the market and it quite a popular lighting among the showroom owners. The product is also very popular in the residential segment. There are various products that the company is offering to the customers at cost-effective products. Jewelry showcase lighting manufactured by Awelled are all very high in quality. Our aim  is to achieve customer satisfaction of the highest level.

The rotating lights are also very popular in the commercial segment as it provides an amazing and striking feel to the products. The customers also get attracted to such rotating light. Light has a different way to attract the attention of the customers. Even the store owners understand this fact and they want to install such lights in their store. Installation is very simple, and the clients can do the same without any professional help also. The website of Shenzhen Awelled i s very attractive, and all the products have been listed with complete product details. This makes the purchase decision of the customers simple and easy. The payment gateways are also secured.

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LED Showcase Lights-Display is the Best Way

LED Showcase Lights-Display is the Best Way


How many times it happens to us, that we walk into a store where everything is up for display and it looks so amazing every color gets brightened designs look more intense, and everything lined up neat and bright looks so good. And all these effects on products up for display are done by lighting when showcase lights led or track light are installed in a store it makes the beauty and appeal of every product magnified.

Why LED display showcase lights?

We live in a world that pays a lot of attention to particular product looks, be it watches jewellery, and are or literally anything. We want to buy things that look beautiful and why shouldn’t we.

  • When you will install these LED lights either in your showcase or install some other kind of led showcase lights according to whatever works for you and your product you will see a drastic increase in your sale of the very product. It has been proven from research that LED showcase lights or display lights can increase sales up to 40%.
  • These LED display showcase lights are used in all the stores of Jewelry display, watch stores. Art galleries museums, and even an antique store. These lights can be custom made according to your requirement thought they already have so many different kinds of LED display lights available.
  • If you are a jewelry store you can also use jewelry lighting fixtures or LED showcase lights which will make every design of your jewelry look stunning all the details will become more intensified due to lights and it will enhance the true potential of all the hard work that was put into the designs.
  • These showcase  lights not just increase the sale of products, the also saves the electricity compared to your other lighting and are good for the environment and if that was not enough, they are sold at absolutely reasonable prices when you will see the profit they will bring.
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Led Display Lights-Lighting That Enhances the Beauty of Your Products

Led Display Lights-Lighting That Enhances the Beauty of Your Products

When we put our products for display, be it watch, jewelry or even art for the exhibition the whole purpose of putting things at the display is mesmerizing the consumer or at least fascinate them with the beauty of your product. So, that when they look at it

, they see its potential it’s beauty in the right way that they become eager to have it. And no, that’s not assumption that’s a fact producers put their products for display so that their products look absolutely fascinating and it has been proven from researches that when the Led display lighting was used it increased the sale on an average by 40 %, isn’t that quite fascinating result just by using the right lighting for your products you can increase the sale by approximately 40%. We are here to cover all the answers regarding the led display lights and how to use them for your benefit.

When displayed right, the products can be sold overnight

How your product looks it matters a lot sometimes even more than its quality. So, why not get the right light to display them. There are various kinds of led display lights that you can install, and it will make your product look absolutely glorifying for example-

If you are a jewelry store then you must be putting your jewelry up for display install led downlights in jewelry and up lights in jewelry, which sheds light on all the right part makes it looks detailed and enhances its design, colors and all the edges which the piece of jewelry look like nothing you have seen before.

If you are a brand that sells watches and other products that you have to put up for display you must display them in a way that their colors get enhances their details look meticulous and you present them in a way that it looks appealing to the eye , that could only happen if you install the right display lights  whatever kind of light will suit your store style and display.

Benefits of using led display lights

  • Led display lights can be custom made according to your requirement, they already cone in different styles led downlights in jewelry, led track lighting and other different kinds of lights used for the display of different products.
  • These lights can increase the sale of your product by 40% on average. Which is a pretty good deal on its own.
  • These lights not just increase the sales they also save the electricity once you install these lights you will see how they can save on electricity up to 80% compare to traditional lights, florescent lights, or even tungsten lights.
  • In today’s world when everything is up for display you must use the right kind and right light for your display so that it just not benefits you but led display lights are also good for the environment.
  • These lights are a must to have for the display of any kind of product they affordable, increases sales saves electricity and saves the environment. So, what are you waiting for get the right kind of display lights for your product?

September 2019

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LED Showcase Lights are in High Demand

LED Showcase Lights are in High Demand

The showcases in the retail outlets look beautiful with the presence of lights. There are various companies which are engaged in the manufacturing of the showcases. Awelled in China is one such name in the related field. They have a massive collection of LED showcase lights and take immense pride to announce the fact that they indulge in the manufacturing of eco-friendly products.

      Advanatges of Awelled LED Jewelry Showcase lights

These types of showcase display lights are used in various places and outlets. There are varied benefits of using such lights and few are mentioned below:

  • These LED jewelry showcase lights are energy-efficient. The LED lights act light on our pockets as these can reduce the electricity bills. It is better than the traditional fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent lights. Such options emit light in one direction only unlike the traditional ones which emit heat and light on all directions.
  • It leaves less carbon footprint and hence is highly eco-friendly.
  • LED lights do not burn out over a period of time. The intensity of the light dims out with time and the life of the product are much higher as compared to its counterparts.
  • It is a great option for cool temperature options like refrigerators and works well as lighting required in such products.
  • LED jewelry showcase  lights are durable because these are break-resistant and immune to vibrations.

The jewelry showcase LED lighting is very popular among the users. The jewelry showrooms require such lighting because it can provide focus to the area and the entire set-up looks very amazing too.  Such lights are easy to install and are available in a huge variety. The packaging of the LED lights is also apt so that the shipping of the product can be handled with ease. It is a great option for the users and they are always happy to experiment with innovative products

November 2018

Purchasing A Pearl Necklace

  Purchasing A Pearl Necklace

      A pearl necklace is an elegant statement. A classic pearl necklace is the essence complexity and the classic timeless of elegance. This traditional pearl necklace is comprised of forty-two round pearls. This Freshwater Pearl necklace is very fashion forward. The preferred pearl shape when creating your pearl necklace is round to mostly round.

Most freshwater cultured pearls sold today come from China. A freshwater pearl necklace and earring set offer graphic timeless elegance you can enjoy for a life time. This triple cluster drop freshwater pearl necklace will bring out the beauty in any complexion. Acquire a freshwater pearl necklace at discount price does not mean that you sacrifice the quality. Feminine and sexy, this sweet freshwater petal pearl necklace is sure to become a favorite among many women.

Freshwater cultured pearl necklace wrap any women in layers of love. This sophisticated freshwater cultured pearl necklace makes a stylish, personal statement. Golden South Sea cultured pearls have a rich golden shine. A question many people ask today if a particular strand of pearls should be made up of fresh water or cultured pearls.

Quality of blue pearl depends on three important aspects. After you have decided the type, color, size and quality of pearls, think about your budget. So, how do you go about being sure you are getting the best quality for the best price for that pearl necklace. You want, of course, to buy the best possible quality present for the lowest possible price f. High-quality pearls larger than 9 mm are scarce and very expensive. Luster shows the quality of a pearl necklace.

A pearl necklace is the quintessential piece of jewelry to lend style and class to your fashion wardrobe. This freshwater cultured pearl necklace is silky smooth and feminine. When purchasing a pearl necklace is anything but ordinary. The most traditional and classic shape for pearl jewelry is the white round pearl.

April 2018

Led Lighting in Jewelry stores

Why more and more jewelers like to use LED jewelry lights ?

Why more and more jewelers like to use  LED jewelry lights ?

With the improvement of people’s material living standards, the demand for luxury goods has also greatly increased, with jewelry being particularly popular among people. It is the favor of women. Nowadays, more and more jewelry stores appear in the most prosperous areas of the city. In large shopping malls, beads Treasure counters also occupy a dominant position, and jewelry lighting is also crucial – LED jewelry lights. Just like flowers need green leaves, no matter how beautiful jewels, they need good light to shine.

Some brilliance. LED jewelry lighting has strong directionality and high color rendering index. It is the first choice for jewelry lighting. For LED jewelry lights, Awelled The experienced R&D team, combined with market demand and customer feedback, has developed a series of classic counter jewelry lights for you to choose from.  

1 , Ceiling Lighting in Jewelry Stores :  SMD LED Down Light  , LED PAR30/38,LED Track Light      Which are most popular choice in the Marketing .

2 ,Lighting in Display Case  :  LED Cabinet Light /LED Mini Spotlight/LED Rotating Lamp /LED Jewelry Pole Light/LED Strip Light



The color emitted by the light source itself is the “light source color,” and the color of the jewel that is reflected by the light source is generally called “surface. In addition to some gemstones with fluorescent or phosphorescent effects, the jewelry itself does not emit light. Although natural light is the ideal light source for the appreciation of natural gemstones, in actual sales, due to the restrictions of the venue, businesses often have to choose Select artificial lighting for lighting. How to use the right light source to show the value of jewelry is increasingly becoming a concern for jewelers The problem. Some jewelers usually only pay attention to the light to be bright enough when decorating a store or a counter, making the overall feel of the store Li, magnificent, but ignored the proportion of light source distribution, making the difference between the sales of the main and non-subject, counter There is a lack of layering in the jewelry. Excessively bright lights, in addition to unnecessary waste, their high temperatures and electromagnetic radiation can also damage The color and luster of the object itself, especially the structure of some organic gemstones such as pearls, corals, amber, etc. And chemical composition can make an impact.

In addition, according to psychologists, the dazzling lighting will also be open to customers and jewelry stores. The emotional impact of personnel also affects the success rate of jewelry trading.