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Almost All lights use LED we call them LED lighting ,display led lighting ,jewelrly led lights are only parts of their applications.

February 2023

led flex neon light's applicaion

How to cut LED Neon Light?

 Suggestions on  Cutting  LED Neon Light

buy flexible neon led strip online
LED Neon Light is a bendable, waterproof and versatile lighting solution that is particularly effective in creating signs and patterns. The major benefits of this high quality product is its availability in a wide range of colours as standard, and that it can be cut down to custom lengths to suit the design requirements of your project. According to the applications ,Shenzhen Awelled
Has a series flexible silicones for choice ,different sizes ,different side-lighting. Besides ,we also have many different width and qty of led flexible led strips .
In this guide, we’ll show you how to safely and successfully cut strips of neon light to desired lengths.
You will need sharp cutting tools, scissors, welding tools and silicone adhesive. Before cutting the LED Neon Light, make sure you have all the parts and tools to hand. To get a clean finish and avoid damaging the wires inside, you need to use a sharp cutting tool that is easy to control

1. Cutting Neon Light

• Find the cutting line on the neon lights
On the bottom of the led neon light strip there are black marks that represent the products cut lines. If you cut outside of the cut lines that section of LED strip will fail to work. Determine the best cut point for your strip first off.
• Cut a Wedge in Silicon Above Cut Line
Due to the high density of this strip light the conductive copper pads are very small. In order to cut the strip with enough room to solder to it is best to first expose the cut line on the led strip. To do this use a sharp razor blade and small snipping tool to cut a wedge out of the silicon cutting above the cut line. Disregarding this step can lead to a dead and non-conductive section of LEDs.
• Cut led strip lights in the center of the cut line
• Use a blade and shearing tool to expose the copper pads
Now that the strip is cut you must cut back the silicon housing enough to solder your wires to the copper pads. This is done easily with a sharp razor blade and snipping tool. Do not cut too far back to where the end cap will not cover the strip light.

• Tin Pads, Solder Wire to Strip and Test Conductivity
Once your strip light is ready to be soldered, tin the copper pads on the strip. Then use the extra wire lead with end cap to solder to the strip. Be sure to use the end with the small wire leads, you do not want your wires contacting each other after the end cap is applied. If you are not confident in your soldering skills be sure to test the connection before gluing the end cap.
• Glue to the end cap with silicone glue
After testing your connection you can now glue on your end cap. To make a proper seal and retain the IP66 rating use an outdoor rated, clear drying silicon adhesive.
• Clean Excess Glue and Gum Commissure
• Test Strip Again and Let Adhesive Dry


2. Application on LED Neon Light

Led flex neon light is made by led strip light and silicon extrusion. It is very soft, like a flexible profile light. It can be widely used in various scenarios, such as border lighting, accent lighting, custom neon signs and displays, advertising, hotel lighting, skyline, etc.

led flex neon light's applicaiondifferent application on led flex neon light



July 2022

led track light in stores

How to choice a suitable cob track light?

What is cob track light?

According to some relatively complex and strict lighting environment or engineering projects for commercial lighting (such as clothing shop, showroom,decoration shop, jewelry&Watch store,gallery,Luxury stores, supermarket, etc), more and more users require better cob track light to replace traditional cob track lighting in order to achieve better lighting effect.

led track light in stores

When a ceiling can’t accommodate recessed  lighting, because of beams, for instance, cob track lighting enables you to position fixtures close to the ceiling, keeping sightless clear.


Consider Your Lighting Needs

Before selecting a track system and accompanying elements, it is important to consider the specific lighting tasks to be addressed. General ambient lighting, accent or wall wash lighting, and task lighting all serve different purposes, and each will require different placement and positioning.

Different countries  have different track adapters and track system . You should

Check the track system type if you have it ready .

track rail system

Ambient and General Lighting:

Cob track lighting serves this purpose well in entryways or halls, but generally is not well suited as the sole light source for a room. Instead, it is ideal as complementary illumination along with other fixtures in a room. Larger rooms can accommodate larger track layouts, and track pendants or spot lights can be selected that complement the existing décor.

Accent and Wall Wash Lighting:

These types of lighting configurations are recommended for displaying pictures, book cases, and decorative pieces placed on a wall.

  • Wall washing is ideal for an all-encompassing, non-focused spread of light, and can reduce the number of track heads required. Wall wash track heads frequently feature energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs as an added bonus. Make sure that a wall wash fixture is placed at a sufficient distance from the wall to avoid unattractive shadows on the wall.
  • For more focused accent lighting, use adjustable spot light track heads. These fixtures can provide a higher level of light on a specific area. Angle the track heads at approximately 30° in order to minimize glare and reflection.

Task Lighting:

This is a specific lighting configuration that illuminates small areas where light is needed for various activities. It is ideal for reading, food preparation, and workbench areas. Low voltage spot lighting is an excellent option for task lighting, as it is highly energy efficient and well suited to illuminate counter spaces and kitchen islands.


Special Effects Lighting :

China COB led track light can choice different effects to suitable different applications from customers . Museums Want More Realistic Displays of Artifacts ;The owner of a car 4S shop wants to make the car look more metallic; A butcher shop owner wants to make the meat he sells fresher and rosier .You can tell us your specific requirements ,AWELLED’S Engineer will give a professional sugguestion.


Choose Your Track Type


Tip 1: Heat Sink Device

The heat dissipation determines the life span of LED cob track lights. If the heat sink device is NOT effective, LED chip will depreciate and fail very rapidly under working environment of high temperature. Pure aluminum is a better material than die-casting for heat sink, but with limitation in forming desired shape of lamp.

Tip 2: LED Driver

90% of failure of cob track lights is due to the quality of driver. Solution with proper electronic components determines the efficiency, efficacy, stability, temperature equilibrium and sure the life span of the lamp fixture. Shenzhen AWELLED always Philip,Osram ,BOKE ,TCI, TRIDONIC LED drivers .


Tip 3: LED chips Quality and adaptability

LED chips determine the lighting effect directly, while the LED packing technology and technique affect much on LED chips quality, color differentiation, heat dissipation…etc.
Shenzhen Awelled adapts renowned brands, such as CITIZEN, OSRAM, CREE,LUMINUS , as well as China tier 1 supplier, to provide high quality and wide variety of options for different applications.


AWELLED  LED Track Light Range….

The Awelled COB  LED Track Light has an high lumen famous COB chip and PMMA lens offer a uniform lighting output. It’s a stylish selection of decorative interior LED Track systems, ideal for retail, commercial and residential environments.

We have both 8W to 45W track light fittings in stock in Natural White and Warm White.

Cob Track Light Accessories….

We have a wide range of track light accessories including 1m Track, 2m Track, Track Dead End, Track Left Corner, Track Live End, Track Right Connector and Straight Connectors.When you need them ,Please don’t hesitate to contact Awelled enginners .

Order track accessories online

June 2020

led track light in home

Why LED Track Lights are more and more popular ?

Features and descriptions on LED Track Light 

The track lighting  is installed on the track, the biggest feature is that the angle of illumination can be adjusted, and the light is concentrated in the key lighting place. The track light was originally used as a lighting for shopping malls, exhibition halls and other places. The gathered light can partially light the display. Later, the track light appeared in the family space, and the decorative effect was unexpectedly harmonious and harmonious.


  1. Benefits of using track lights in home improvement


LED  Track lights are a type of spotlight. Like spotlights, track lights can also play a role in creating atmosphere and supplementing light. However, spotlights have an obvious disadvantage, especially surface-mounted spotlights and in-line spotlights. These two spotlights need to be installed on the ceiling and cannot be moved. Track lights don’t need to worry about this problem at all. The reason is that there is a hidden electric track inside the track. The position of the track head on the electric track can be adjusted. If the number of lights is not enough or the position is not good, you can add and move at any time.

In the past, track lights were replaced by LED light sources from previous metal halide light sources. In contrast, LED track lights with LED light sources are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Now track lights are generally referred to as LED track lights.


2, The use of track lights in the family space


Some low-rise houses are not suitable for the installation of more complicated and luxurious chandeliers. The ceiling lamps are slightly ordinary and lack personality. The installation of track lights will not cause the above problems. The track lights are simple in shape and have a cold temperament, forming a unique style that can adapt to a variety of decoration styles. As a supplementary light source for the TV background wall, the track light illuminates the wall, and the diffuse reflection generated can reduce the difference in brightness caused by the TV screen and protect the eyesight.


Install track lights above the dining table. The concentrated light makes the food look more delicious and appetizing. In addition to the winter sun can bring happiness, there is the warm light on the food.


LED track spotlight can also be used as a supplementary light source in the kitchen. In the case of no cabinet ceiling light, the cob track light can be used as a substitute to let the light shine directly on the operation table.


Installed in the cloakroom, the soft and bright light shines on the clothing, and the style is instantly improved.


The lamp in the bathroom is not installed properly, and it will not be clear because of the backlight when looking in the mirror. Track lights can adjust the illumination angle to meet the lighting needs of all angles. Old and retro toilets, with golden lights, are very emotional and tasteful.


Tips: When led track rail light is partially illuminated, such as when it is framed, it is necessary to pay attention to the angle of illumination. The angle is not well-controlled, and the human eyes are easily illuminated by reflected light, causing dizziness.


January 2020

How to Buy LED High Bay Lights ?

How to Buy LED High Bay Lights – A Complete Buyer’s Guide 


LED lights are proving to be a groundbreaking invention – thanks to their low electricity usage, fast start times and high quality of light. These lights really help consumers save a lot of money on energy expenses and get better light in their homes, business and outdoor areas as well.  Given the daunting chouices however, most people are not sure which light to buy. LED lights come in different sizes, colors and lumens and this makes it difficult to find the right light.   With LED Light Expert, you don’t have to worry at all.  Here we will discuss a complete buyer’s guide that you can use to find the right LED lights for your high bay applications.


As the prices of electricity have increased and LED Lights have come down, businesses have started looking for cost-effective and energy saving ways of implementing LEDs.  Replacing old high bay lights with new energy efficient ones is a great start.


Why LEDs for High Bay Lights?


Before we move into the detail of choosing the right LED lights, it is important to determine why you need to choose LED lights. There are different reasons why you should choose LED bulbs for high bay lights. Some of them are listed below:



The cost of LED high bay lights and LED light bulbs is very low right now as compared to other bulbs. You can get these bulbs at the same prices as other light bulbs.


Energy Saving Option 

As the planet faces energy challenges and it is becoming very difficult to find new and better sources of power that does not ruin the enviroinent. This is the reason why you need to look for options that can play a part in saving energy. LED light bulbs consume less energy and produce more light. Using these lights, you can save a lot of money from those mounting electricity bills.



Everyone wants to improve the appearance of their home and business. For that reason, they look for different décor items and other design ideas. However, a bright business attracts customers and makes them feel safe. LED lights produce more lumens of light and make your business really shine brighter.



These lights are very long lasting. You don’t have to change them again and again. At an average, a LED High bay lights lasts for 20 years.



In LED light bulbs and LED High Bay Lights, there is no UV or mercury used or emitted. As a result, they are very safer to use and operate than other light bulbs.   These lights are an ideal option and safe for health as well.


These are a few reasons why you need to choose LED Lights. Let’s now move to the buyer’s guide for LED High Bay Lights.


Design a Layout 

When you are looking for a High Bay UFO LED Light, you should have a clear picture in mind of why you need it and where you will be using them. For different places, you would need a different light that would suit the place and meet the requirements. For example:


  • Retail Store: If you have a retail store, you need a bright light to attract more customers. At a minimum, you need 800 lux on the ground to illuminate the retail store.
  • Warehouse: In a warehouse, it is important to choose 500 lux so that the work environment for the supervisors could be improved.
  • Storage: In case of storages, a light with 300 lux is more than enough.


When you know the requirements, it is time to choose the wattage.


Wattage and lumens

High Bay LED lights are available in different watts, but its the lumens you need to keep an eye on.   As LEDs get more efficient they will use less and less watts. You can easily choose one depending on the height where the high bay lights are installed. There are different watts for different levels of height:


  • 10-15 feet – This height is ideal for lights with 10,000 to 15,000 lumens.
  • 15-20 feet – This height is ideal for lights with 16,000 to 20,000 lumens.
  • 25-35 feet – For this height, lights with 33,000 lumens are ideal.



The spacing between lights is also an important factor in choosing high bay LED High Bay lights. There are three most common cases that you can consider to find the best light for your space. These are listed below:


  • At 15 feet height, about 12 feet spacing is essential for a bright light. However, if you need normal light, a space of 15 feet should be present.
  • At 20 feet high you can go to 15 feet spacing for generating bright light and if you need normal light, a spacing of 18 feet should be used.
  • At 30 feet height, you can go for 20 feet spacing between the lights in order to get a brighter light. However, for normal light, you can go for 25 feet spacing.


Number of Lights 

After you have determined the spacing between the lights, it is now time to know how many lights you are going to need. The number of lights depends on the available space. Using the spacing and the quality of brightness you need, you can know the number of lights you will be needing for a particular space. You can also create a layout to calculate.


Type of Lights

High Bay lights are available in a vareity of shapes.   We offer both round lights, now known as UFO High Bay Lights and longer larger ones knows as LED Linear High Bay Lights.   Most people do not know that round lights spread the lights out just fine if hung a few feet higher up.  Above about 15 feet we always recommend round.  They are easier to install.  In areas with aisles the linear lights become ideal.  At lower heights you can opt for the wide angle style linear high bay lights.


How to Calculate Lux? 

Lux is a complicated matter to calculate. You have to make a full CAD plan, (and we do have IES files if needed) however, there are certain simple ways to help you with the calculation without doing Lux.  We can accomplish the goal with other factors the lumens per square foot of the available space as well as height and spacing.  A good number is 2 lumens per cubic foot. If you want bright light, you can go for 3 lumens per cubic foot.


Always Get Cross Over Lighting 

In order to get better light, you should have light coming from different directions.  This is called cross over lighting.  Ideally we want it from at least 3 locations. The light coming from opposite sides reduces shadows and evens the lighting. As a result, you get better light that avoids the hot spots of bright light you sometimes see . You may have to plan lower lumen fixtures but more of them for better lighting.

How to Calculate Lux? 

Lux is a complicated matter to calculate. You have to make a full CAD plan, (and we do have IES files if needed) however, there are certain simple ways to help you with the calculation without doing Lux.  We can accomplish the goal with other factors the lumens per square foot of the available space as well as height and spacing.  A good number is 2 lumens per cubic foot. If you want bright light, you can go for 3 lumens per cubic foot.


Always Get Cross Over Lighting 

In order to get better light, you should have light coming from different directions.  This is called cross over lighting.  Ideally we want it from at least 3 locations. The light coming from opposite sides reduces shadows and evens the lighting. As a result, you get better light that avoids the hot spots of bright light you sometimes see . You may have to plan lower lumen fixtures but more of them for better lighting.



Last but not least, you should always look for lumens, not watts. No matter how much watts you choose, if there are not enough lumens, you will not get better light.




These are some factors you need to consider while choosing a high bat LED light bulb. If you are not sure, you can always contact Awelled and we will guide you further.



December 2019

high lumen led track light

LED Track Lighting Supplier Offering Top Class Services

LED Track Lighting Supplier Offering Top Class Services
Lighting has the power to make the place illuminated and an energy too. There are various manufacturers of LED lights in China and some have global presence as well. Several products are manufactured and distributed in the market. Chinese products have found a good standing in the international market as well. A LED track lighting supplier can offer products at interesting rates and the customers are happy with the services as well.
What is LED track lighting?
It is a specialized lighting fixture which is fixed overhead like a track and has lights in between. It is mounted on the ceiling or the wall. It is a popular product used in residential and commercial segment as it helps to focus on objects and gives an interesting illumination to the products. The power is run through the track and allows homeowners to highlight the products of their choice. It leaves an impression upon the customers who enter the stores/showrooms.
What are the different types of Track Lighting?
There are three most widely and popularly used tracks across the world. These are termed as H, J, and L track. These names have been given after Halo, Juno, and Lightolier.
Rotating Jewelry Lamp is also one of the most popular products which the commercial stores love to incorporate in their entity. These are used in the showcases and look awesome when lighted and in movement. The products are highlighted, and they appear very interesting. There are high-quality products found in the company which they distribute in the market as well. The products are very popular and have found much appreciation of the users we well. When the product like rotating lamp revolves, the light moves like a trail and the impact is beautiful. The products also look amazing when light is thrown on them.

Awelled, a China lighting supplier, can produce these tracks and other illumination products for commercial settings.

October 2019

Buy zoomable led track light fixture

Why COB LED Track Lighting is popular

The Benefits of Using COB LED Track Lighting

Lighting plays a pivotal role in illuminating retail outlets. Different types of light fixtures are used for product illustration and display in such showrooms. Awelled is a manufacturer of LED display lighting products in China and has been able to capture a major chunk of supply in diverse industry verticals. Being the LED track lighting supplier, they have emerged as a top player in the market. The company is one of the most reputed and trustworthy suppliers in the related field.

What is LED track lighting?

The track lighting system is a method of lighting in which the fixtures are assembled in a continuous track device with electrical conductors. It is opposite to the electrical wiring in the individual light units. LED track lighting has become very popular as it allows direct throw of light in the desired area and the results are impressive. This type of lighting is very common in retail outlets and supermarkets too. Various shops and showrooms also install such lighting to showcase their products.

COB LED Track Lighting is also very popular among users. The features of the product are:

  • It has a long shelf life. The functional feature of the light is higher as compared to the traditional lighting systems like halogen, fluorescent, etc.
  • The brightness emitted by the LED light is much superior compared to its counterparts.
  • Installation is also simple.
  • It is eco-friendly and thus is much in demand.

The companies which manufacture such lights have come to the fore. Customer awareness has also gone very high. They too want to use the products which are environmentally safe to use. The LED lighting is energy-efficient and hence is much in demand in recent years. The company aims to attract the attention of the customers and provide them with superior customer satisfaction

May 2019

Prospects for the UV LED market

According to the latest release of “TrendForce LED Research (LEDinside)”, “2019 Deep UV LED Application Market Report – Sterilization, Purification and Water Treatment Market” shows that due to the global economic downturn, the target of UV LED manufacturers in 2018 failed to grow as expected. However, it still shows a steady increase, looking forward to the application market demand. In addition to the stable growth of the curing market, surface/air sterilization, static water sterilization, and mobile water sterilization are the main growth kinetic energy in the future. It is estimated that the output value of the UV LED market will reach 9.91 in 2023. Billion dollars.

According to Wu Yingjie, research manager of LEDinside, the top five UV LED manufacturers in 2017 are Seoul Viosys, LG Innotek, Nitride Semiconductors, Nichia and Epitop. In 2018, Japanese and Korean manufacturers actively cultivated the UV LED market, and the revenue rankings were reshuffled, followed by Nitride Semiconductors, Seoul Viosys, LG Innotek, Nichia and Epitop. At present, the external quantum efficiency EQE of UV-C LED is 1-4%, and the leading UV-C LED market is LG Innotek. Its external quantum efficiency can reach 4.33%. However, Stanley, DOWA, Nitride Semiconductors and Seoul Viosys can continue to improve products. effectiveness.

Seoul Viosys

Nitride Semiconductors

LG Innotek

Seoul Viosys

Nitride Semiconductors

LG Innotek





According to LEDinside, in 2019, a number of LED manufacturers will actively develop UV-C LED products, including Nichia, OSRAM OS, UVphotonics, Violumas, etc. to add new momentum to the development of the UV market.

UV-C LED application market three growth kinetic energy: surface / air sterilization purification, static water sterilization, and mobile water sterilization

Static water sterilization and surface sterilization (air purification, home appliances, etc.) are not demanding in time, and UV LED products are introduced at the demand side to bring added value. Market applications are quite extensive and quite a number of emerging markets have been created. Contains high-care baby products, daily contact with mobile phones, escalators, household products such as toothbrushes, toilets, cabinets, sports water bottles, thermos.

Flowing water sterilization requires fast sterilization time and high requirements on product power. LEDinisde Analysis The main domestic water purification market includes the following market opportunities, which are divided into water dispensers, kitchen hot and cold water, whole house water purification and baby products (milk machine).

In the commercial and industrial markets, the global water treatment market is about 20 billion US dollars. The market growth momentum is mainly Water Scarcity and Sustainability of Water Resources. Water treatment application market segments include Aquaculture, Commercial Buildings, Food Beverage Industry, Pools and Leisure, Life Sciences, Pharma & Biopharma, Municipal Markets for water and wastewater (Municipal Water & Wastewater), oil and gas (Oil & Gas). It mainly uses three sterilization methods, including Gravity Purifier, RO Purifier and UV Purifier. RO reverse osmosis is a widely used water purification technology that still requires UV sterilization to remove bacteria and viruses from water and degrade total organic carbon (TOC) concentrations. The water treatment market has become the most promising target market for UV-C LEDs.

In response to the demand of the water treatment market, Japanese and Korean manufacturers are actively moving towards high-power LEDs and entering the mobile water module application market. In the future, the UV-C LED market will move toward polarization: some manufacturers will enter the general consumer market, while others will enter the high-end commercial/industrial market.

September 2018

SMD led downlight in clothes shop

Demand and design points on Commercial led lighting in the mall

Comfortable and casual environment is very important :      

      Modern shopping malls are not only a place to shop, but also a place for recreation and entertainment. It is important to create a comfortable and casual environment. Into the mall, LED lighting design brightness is appropriate, to meet the customer’s visual requirements, each store’s commercial lighting will also be subtly different, the product in the lighting design effect, always can transmit effective information to the customer, while It also relieves visual fatigue. LED lighting design is really powerful to meet the expression requirements of the business, but also meet the customer’s individual requirements? What are the design points of commercial lighting?

Commercial lighting requirements and design points


The main reason for LED commercial lighting in shopping malls is to design according to the characteristics of the goods and the purchasing habits of customers. The purpose of each product is different from the lighting design effect required by the function. According to the characteristics of the product, the lighting design effect can achieve the visual comfort of the customer.
At the same time, reasonable illumination (commonly known as brightness), product color reproduction, suitable brightness distribution, and comfortable visual environment; reasonable lighting design effect, can attract customers’ attention, create a comfortable shopping environment, and make purchases for customers. opportunity.

First, the human psychology is affected by the illumination and color temperature of the LED lighting design.
The commercial lighting design in the shopping mall not only needs to achieve the lighting function, but also the color temperature affects the human psychology: the color temperature will cause different psychological feelings. Psychologists have found that in the red environment, the pulse of the person will increase, the blood pressure will increase, and the psychology of excitement will easily occur. In the blue environment, the pulse will slow down and the mood will be quieter. The color of the LED lighting will also have an effect on the taste. This will also be related to people’s instinctive reaction to food. Seeing different colors will remind you of different foods. Red, yellow, sweet, sour and sweet, can stimulate appetite to enhance appetite; and black green, blue-green feeling bitter, will affect appetite.
      Second ,Different illuminances and color temperatures have a great impact on people’s psychological impact. The spatial impression is determined by the environmental impression of color temperature and illuminance. The purpose of ceiling lighting is to attract consumers’ interest through “commodity visualization” by providing suitable lighting and illumination, color temperature, color rendering and brightness changes for different products and regions, and using lighting design to communicate with customers in silent language. To convey product information, service concept and brand culture to customers, in order to promote the sales of goods, reduce inventory, and establish a brand image.
Commodities need to be displayed comfortably to customers under the LED lighting design. It is very important to use luminosity to show customers and guide customers to purchase. The light in the store space can be considered from the two directions of “space light” that reflects the overall impression of the space and “light of the product” that effectively displays the effect of the product. In the store lighting, the three lighting elements of ambient lighting, store lighting and decorative lighting are matched with each other, and corresponding lighting plans conforming to the concept of the store are adopted.

      Commercial lighting in different areas of the mall

      Different types of shopping malls and shopping malls have different subdivisions, and the lighting design renderings need to be different, so the lighting highlights of each area will be different. Starting from the overall lighting environment, the low-end small retail system, the illumination is generally 500Lux-1000Lux, and the color temperature is generally 5500K-6500K of cool white light. The lighting system commonly used in mid-range supermarkets has an average illumination level of 250Lux-500Lux and a color temperature of 4000K-5000K. The high-end supermarket environment lighting level is relatively low, generally in the 50Lux-250Lux, by adjusting the illuminance level in the space by strengthening the key lighting and decorative lighting, producing a sharp contrast, and the color temperature is a typical warm color 2700K-3000K. At present, the main lamps and light sources used in the environment lighting of shopping malls include downlights for compact energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamp brackets, grille lamps and metal halide lamps for T5/T8. Is it appropriate for LEDs to enter the basic lighting of the market as a new generation of light sources? Experts generally believe that commercial lighting is the first general lighting application field for LEDs. Improving luminous flux, reliability and cost performance is the key to its rapid intervention. The lighting lighting of the mall can be further refined according to different occasions, and the requirements for lighting of different commodities are also different.
       Commercial led lighting in the mall will be carefully differentiated design, and the overall brightness design will not be able to pass product information to customers. The rationality of the lighting design effect can properly convey the product information to the customer, and also meet the customer’s visual requirements.

July 2018

under cabinet light bar's project

Environmental protection and raw materials double pressure PCB manufacturers have to increase price.

With the continuous improvement of technology, PCB, which is known as the “mother of electronic products”, has become an inaccessible component in the LED display lighting. It has become a global industry with an annual output value of more than 50 billion US dollars. Although the importance of PCB to LED display is self-evident, the serious environmental pollution caused by the production process cannot be ignored. Especially in the current ecological environment, the environmental protection has been highly valued by the government. Developed strict environmental standards for production. In response to the government’s call to achieve sustainable development of the industry, major PCB manufacturers have adjusted the industry and improved the production process. This not only directly increases the price of accessories and labor costs, but also allows some uncompetitive enterprises to withdraw. The competitive landscape has gradually tilted toward large factories with bargaining power, environmental protection indicators and capacity reserves, resulting in an increase in industry concentration.


In addition, the rising prices of raw materials have also pushed the PCB companies out of breath. The data shows that the cost of PCB raw materials accounts for about 33%, of which CCL accounts for 18% to 20%. Copper foil is the most important raw material for the production of CCL, accounting for about 30% of the cost of CCL. ) and 50% (thin board). Due to the shortage of copper foil, the prices of various raw materials continue to rise. From the beginning of 2016 to the present, PCB standard copper foil prices have risen by more than 50%, and copper foil processing fees and effective CCL prices are higher than the original average. 100% and 50%.


At this point, under the double pressure of environmental protection and rising raw materials prices, many large PCB factories began to gradually “head down” and chose to increase prices. It is understood that from the end of 2017 in Kunshan, Jiangsu, to Zhuhai, Shanghai, and then Shenzhen, the entire PCB industry will usher in a new situation after this wave of price increases, the overall expected range of 20 -30%.

     Do you find the price is more and more higher not only in  LED lights for jewelry displaying showcase ,but also in industrail led lightins (LED high bay light ,led flood light, UFO lamp). In a word , for the whole led lighting filed ,prices is rasing everyday .

eyeball spotlight

Future development of LED Lighting

The future development of LED is promising. The specific analysis is as follows:
First, the status quo of the LED Lighting industry: rapid development, but the scale of the company is small, the industry chain is incomplete
Second, the LED industry’s crux: lack of core patents, loose cooperation between industry, university and research institute

1. With the vigorous development of the domestic LED lighting market, more and more foreign companies have turned their attention to China. Especially in recent years, the number of patent applications in the field of LEDs accepted by China has increased significantly year by year. In the “Semiconductor Lighting Patent Risk Analysis Research Report” provided by the Development Research Center of the State Intellectual Property Office, the reporter saw that as of the end of 2008, 22 countries and regions in the world have applied for patents in China, and countries with obvious technological advantages are China has a high proportion of patent applications, and the top five countries are Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. Among them, Japan has a number of 1,306 patent applications, accounting for 24% of the total number of applications, and the remaining four countries accounted for 7%, 5%, 4%, and 3% of the total applications, respectively.
2. In terms of effective patents, the ratio of domestic patent applications to foreign patent applications in China is about 4 to 5. However, in these domestic patent applications, the Taiwan region has occupied a large share, and its effective invention patents accounted for 53%. In other words, if the Taiwan area is removed, the gap between the number of patents and the amount of patents in the mainland and abroad will be even greater.
3. In addition, from the perspective of the distribution of industrial chains, foreign companies mainly have more patents in the field of chips and packaging. Half of the LED core inventions have filed patent applications in China, Nichia, Osram, Lamirde, and Companies such as Li, General Electric have mastered most of the core patent technologies. Among them, Nichia Chemical has the most core patents, covering all industrial chains except packaging.
4. Compared with the above-mentioned foreign companies, China’s LED patent application is obviously at a disadvantage. As the world’s most watched new generation of light source, LED is known as the most promising green lighting source in the 21st century due to its high brightness, low heat, long life, non-toxic, recyclable and other advantages. China’s LED industry started in the 1970s. After nearly 40 years of development, it has formed 7 national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization bases in Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Yangzhou and Shijiazhuang. The products are widely used in landscape lighting. And in the field of general lighting, China has become the world’s largest producer of lighting appliances and the second largest exporter of lighting appliances.

2, LED Lighting industry research institutions – e of LED China Online (LEDinside) statistics show that as of the end of 2009, China has more than 3,000 LED companies, of which, the annual output value of only 100 million. However, among the 140 companies, no one has annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan, and only a few of them have more than 500 million yuan, most of which are between 100 million yuan and 200 million yuan. It can be seen that although the number of LED enterprises in China is large, the scale is generally small.

3. At present, the global industrial pattern centered on Asia, North America and Europe has taken shape, with Japan’s Nichia Chemical, Toyota Synthetic, US Kerry, General Electric and Germany’s Osram as the core technology competition pattern. . US and Japanese companies have monopoly advantages in epitaxial wafers, chip technology and equipment. European companies have outstanding advantages in applied technology, while China’s LEDs are still at the lower end level, and about 80% of products are concentrated in landscape lighting, traffic lights, etc. In the application market, there are relatively few high-end products involved in automotive lighting and large screens.


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