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LED Lighting in Jewelry Stores

A Guide to Selecting LED Lighting for Jewelry Store Renovations

Enhancing the Glamour: A Guide to Selecting LED  Lighting for Jewelry Store Renovations


When it comes to the world of retail, few sectors require as much attention to detail and ambiance as the jewelry industry. The right LED lighting can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one, where every piece of jewelry is showcased in its most dazzling form. In this blog post, we will delve into the art of selecting the perfect lighting for a jewelry store renovation, ensuring that your store not only attracts customers but also enhances their shopping experience.


Understanding the Role of LED Lighting in Jewelry Stores


LED Lighting plays a critical role in creating the right atmosphere for a jewelry store. It’s not just about illuminating the space; it’s about highlighting the beauty and intricacy of each piece. The right LED  lighting can make a significant difference in how jewelry is perceived, creating a more inviting and luxurious environment for customers.


Key Considerations for LED Lighting Selection


  1. **Type of Lighting**: There are various types of LED  lighting fixtures available, each with its unique characteristics. For jewelry stores, it’s essential to consider a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination, task lighting focuses on specific areas such as countertops, and accent lighting is used to highlight featured items.

There are many different lighting applications in a jewelry stores .Those LED lighting over display cabinet ,we call them jewelry down lights ;those led lights in display case ,we call them led cabinet light or led light bar ;those led spotlight in display wall cabinets ,we call them counter spotlight or showcase track light ,those lightings in rest room ,we call them is generally led down lights ,those lighting in dark groove area ,we use led tape light or neon led strip; In order to highlight the image of the store, most people outside the store use waterproof waller lights etc .Shenzhen Awelled is a professional jewelry display lighting developer or manufacturer ,you can find a suitable lighting solution for jewelry stores once you tell us the application .


  1. **Color Temperature**: The color temperature of the light can affect how jewelry appears to customers. Warm lighting can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, while cool lighting can make the space feel more modern and sophisticated. It’s crucial to choose a color temperature that complements the jewelry and the store’s overall design.


  1. **Brightness and Focus**: The brightness of the lighting should be adjustable to accommodate different needs and preferences. For example, brighter lights may be needed for close-up inspection of fine details, while softer lighting can create a more relaxed atmosphere for browsing.


  1. **Energy Efficiency**: With growing environmental concerns, it’s essential to consider energy-efficient lighting options. LED lights are a popular choice due to their low energy consumption and long lifespan, making them not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective in the long run.


 Designing a Lighting Plan


When designing a lighting plan for a jewelry store renovation, it’s important to consider the layout of the store and the placement of different types of jewelry. Here are some tips to guide you:


  1. **Spotlights on Showcases**: Use LED spotlights to draw attention to showcase areas. These can be adjustable to focus on specific pieces and can be equipped with filters to enhance the color and sparkle of the jewelry.


  1. **LED Track Lighting**: Track lighting is a versatile option that allows you to direct light to where it’s needed most. This can be particularly useful for highlighting special displays or rotating stock.


  1. **LED Recessed Lighting**: Recessed lights can provide a clean, unobtrusive look while offering even illumination across the store. They are perfect for general ambient lighting.


  1. **LED Floor Lamps and Pendant Lights**: For areas where customers may linger, such as consultation tables or seating areas, floor lamps and pendant lights can add a touch of elegance and provide focused lighting.





In conclusion, selecting the right lighting for a jewelry store renovation is a critical aspect of creating a luxurious and inviting shopping environment. By considering the type of lighting, color temperature, brightness, and energy efficiency, store owners can ensure that their space not only looks stunning but also enhances the customer’s experience. A well-thought-out lighting plan can elevate the presentation of jewelry and contribute to the overall success of the store.

January 2024

Exhibition lights: a perfect combination of lighting and display

Exhibition lights: a perfect combination of lighting and display

In exhibitions, lighting is an indispensable and important element. It not only provides sufficient lighting for exhibitors to fully showcase their exhibits, but also creates a unique atmosphere that attracts the attention of visitors. This article will explore the characteristics and functions of exhibition lights, as well as how to choose the appropriate exhibition lights.

A、 The characteristics of exhibition lights

  1. High brightness and uniformity

Exhibition lamps need to have high brightness and uniformity to ensure that exhibits are clearly visible under lighting and present the best results. Meanwhile, high brightness and uniform lighting can also reduce visual fatigue, making it easier for visitors to appreciate the exhibits.

  1. Multi angle adjustment

LED Exhibition lights usually require multi angle adjustment to meet the lighting needs of different booths and exhibits. By adjusting the angle and brightness of the lighting, the unique features and highlights of the exhibits can be highlighted, improving the overall display effect.

  1. Long lifespan and stability

Exhibition lighting need to have a long lifespan and stability to ensure continuous and stable operation during the exhibition period. This not only reduces the hassle of maintaining and replacing light bulbs, but also ensures the long-term display effect of the exhibits.

  1. Energy conservation and environmental protection

Exhibition lights should also have energy-saving and environmentally friendly characteristics to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. Choosing efficient and energy-saving LED lighting fixtures is a good choice, as it can not only reduce energy consumption but also extend service life.

B、 The role of led exhibition lighting

  1. Lighting function

The primary function of exhibition spotlights are to provide sufficient lighting for exhibits, so that they can be clearly visible during the display process. Reasonable lighting arrangement can highlight the characteristics and highlights of exhibits, improve their recognition and attractiveness.

  1. Create an atmosphere

Exhibition led lighting can also create a unique atmosphere and enhance the artistic and ornamental value of exhibits through different lighting effects and color combinations. For example, warm toned lighting can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, while cool toned lighting can create a fresh and bright atmosphere.

  1. Guide visitors’ line of sight

Lighting for Exhibition can be arranged and adjusted reasonably to guide visitors and highlight the key points and highlights of the exhibits. This helps to attract the attention of visitors, increase the attention and influence of exhibits.

C、 How to choose the appropriate exhibition lighting

  1. Understand booth layout and exhibit characteristics

When choosing tradeshow lighting, the first step is to understand the layout of the booth and the characteristics of the exhibits. Choose the appropriate lighting type and layout based on factors such as booth space size, shape, and material and color of exhibits.

  1. Choose the appropriate type of lighting fixture for exhibition

There are many types of lighting fixtures used in exhibitions, such as tube lights, spotlights, wall lights, pendant lights, etc. Select appropriate types of lighting fixtures based on actual needs to meet the needs of lighting and display effects.

  1. Pay attention to the quality and effect of lighting

When choosing exhibition lighting, attention should be paid to the quality and effectiveness of the lighting. Choosing LED fixtures with high brightness and uniformity can provide better lighting effects and energy-saving experiences. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the diversity and adjustability of lighting effects to meet different display needs.

  1. Consider the convenience of installation

Most exhibitors do not like the LED lights provided by the participating contractors, as they are either very dark, have incorrect color temperature, or cannot be moved. Exhibitors prefer customized tradeshow lighting  that are very easy to carry and install. They not only meet the needs of specific exhibits, but are also easy to install and add/remove, meeting the needs during the exhibition period. One purchase, multiple uses. Save a lot of time and money.

Most exhibitors are bosses or salespeople from various industries, and they love the simplest installation.

  1. Consider environmental and energy-saving requirements

With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, choosing environmentally friendly and energy-saving exhibition lights has also become an important consideration factor. Choosing efficient and energy-saving LED lighting fixtures can reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. At the same time, attention should also be paid to selecting recyclable materials to achieve a green and environmentally friendly display.


In short, the selection and use of exhibition lights are crucial for the display effect. By understanding the layout of the booth and the characteristics of the exhibits, selecting appropriate types of lighting fixtures and lighting effects, a more professional and beautiful display space can be created, enhancing the image and brand value of exhibitors.



The AW-TL7701 portable exhibition lights produced by AWELLED is a spotlight designed specifically for commercial display occasions such as exhibitions. It combines the needs of the jewelry industry and solves customer pain points, and has the following significant characteristics:

exhibition lights manufacturer


  1. High brightness output:

AW-TL7701 adopts efficient LED light sources, which can provide high brightness lighting and ensure that exhibits are clearly visible at the exhibition. Its brightness can be adjusted according to actual needs to meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

  1. Lightweight carrying and installation:

The AW-TL7701 is designed to be small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and suitable for use in high mobility occasions such as exhibitions. At the same time, its installation method is simple and convenient, which can be quickly arranged on the booth, saving time and labor costs.

  1. Multi angle adjustment:                                                                                                                                                    AW-TL7701 supports multi angle adjustment, which can meet the lighting needs of different booths and exhibits. By adjusting the angle and brightness of the lighting, the unique features and highlights of the exhibits can be highlighted, enhancing the overall display effect.
  2. Long lifespan, energy conservation, and environmental protection: AW-TL7701 adopts LED light sources, which have the characteristics of long lifespan, energy conservation, and environmental protection. Its efficient and energy-saving design can reduce energy consumption and operating costs, while also reducing environmental pollution.
  3. Easy to operate and adjust: AW-TL7701 is equipped with a simple and easy-to-use control panel, allowing users to easily adjust parameters such as brightness and color temperature of lights to meet different display needs. At the same time, multiple modes can be preset to quickly switch according to the actual scene.
  4. Protection level and reliability: AW-TL7701 has a high level of protection and can adapt to various harsh exhibition environments. Its stable and reliable performance can ensure long-term continuous operation, reducing the trouble of maintenance and replacement.

In summary, AW-TL7701 portable exhibition lighting fixtures have significant features such as high brightness, lightweight portability, multi angle adjustment, long lifespan, energy conservation and environmental protection, easy operation and adjustment, high protection level and reliability, and are suitable for various commercial exhibition occasions, especially jewelry luxury exhibitions. It can provide professional and beautiful lighting effects, enhance the attractiveness and influence of exhibits, and is an ideal choice in the field of display lighting.

July 2023

beam angle 20

FAQ On LED Rotating Light

FAQ on LED Rotating Light

LED Rotating Light is an very important display light in Jewelry Stores . A suitable rotating light can not only bring unexpected effects, but also make it easier to sell your jewelry.

Shenzhen Awelled has been engaged in the design, production, and sales of led rotating lights for many years. Combining with the needs of jewelers, our products have been greatly improved in terms of quality, effect, price, and appearance. Make the third-generation rotating lights increasingly popular.

Professional Jewelry display lighting Manufacturer


The following are common issues during communication with jewelry merchants, hoping to provide you with reference and suggestions.


Input Voltage

The LEDs and motors of the rotating light are powered separately . Some LED Drivers can support universal input voltage 100-240Vac. But there are 2 kinds different input voltage of motors ,one is 90-130Vac ,another one is 200-240Vac. That’s why we always ask you where do you come from .

CCT Layout

Awelled’s 3rd Rotating Lights consist of 18pcs high power Osram LEDs and 9pcs DIP LEDs.Our standard CCT layout is 9pcs6000k+3pcs5500k+3pcs 3200k +R+G+B and (DIP : 3R +3G+3B) , This color temperature arrangement is more suitable for displays mainly featuring diamonds and silver, including a small amount of gold. Customers can choose the appropriate color temperature layout based on their jewelry type.  Have you often been asked what type of jewelry it is?

This rotating light has strong customization, and you need to tell us as much information as possible to activate the ideal lighting.


Beam Angle & irradiation height

beam angle 20

This rotating light adopts a single high transmittance lens, with luminous angles of 10 degrees, 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 25 degrees, and 38 degrees. When the illumination height is the same, the angle of illumination is different, the size of the illuminated area, and the intensity of illumination are different. Usually, when the irradiation height is below 80CM, the influence of the luminous angle is not significant;

If the irradiation height is between 80CM and 120CM, the effect of 38 degrees is better;

If the irradiation height is between 120CM and 150CM, the effect of 25 degrees is better;

If the irradiation height is between 150CM and 220CM, 20 degrees is more effective.


Installation position

The LED Rotating Light can be installed not only  in display cabinet,but also in ceiling of stores . Most Jewellers use 36W Awelled Jewelry down lights, And the maximum power of our rotating light is also 36W, but the rotation of other homes is usually not higher than 25W. If the illumination height is too high, the brightness and fire color are a bit weak. This is also our advantage


Awelled’s LED Rotating Lights Adopting an industrial grade slip ring system, the performance is more stable, the rotation is smoother, noiseless, and has a long lifespan. External motor, easy to maintain. Choose AWELLED, choose to rest assured, and hope to give you a better and better business.

February 2023

led flex neon light's applicaion

How to cut LED Neon Light?

 Suggestions on  Cutting  LED Neon Light

buy flexible neon led strip online
LED Neon Light is a bendable, waterproof and versatile lighting solution that is particularly effective in creating signs and patterns. The major benefits of this high quality product is its availability in a wide range of colours as standard, and that it can be cut down to custom lengths to suit the design requirements of your project. According to the applications ,Shenzhen Awelled
Has a series flexible silicones for choice ,different sizes ,different side-lighting. Besides ,we also have many different width and qty of led flexible led strips .
In this guide, we’ll show you how to safely and successfully cut strips of neon light to desired lengths.
You will need sharp cutting tools, scissors, welding tools and silicone adhesive. Before cutting the LED Neon Light, make sure you have all the parts and tools to hand. To get a clean finish and avoid damaging the wires inside, you need to use a sharp cutting tool that is easy to control

1. Cutting Neon Light

• Find the cutting line on the neon lights
On the bottom of the led neon light strip there are black marks that represent the products cut lines. If you cut outside of the cut lines that section of LED strip will fail to work. Determine the best cut point for your strip first off.
• Cut a Wedge in Silicon Above Cut Line
Due to the high density of this strip light the conductive copper pads are very small. In order to cut the strip with enough room to solder to it is best to first expose the cut line on the led strip. To do this use a sharp razor blade and small snipping tool to cut a wedge out of the silicon cutting above the cut line. Disregarding this step can lead to a dead and non-conductive section of LEDs.
• Cut led strip lights in the center of the cut line
• Use a blade and shearing tool to expose the copper pads
Now that the strip is cut you must cut back the silicon housing enough to solder your wires to the copper pads. This is done easily with a sharp razor blade and snipping tool. Do not cut too far back to where the end cap will not cover the strip light.

• Tin Pads, Solder Wire to Strip and Test Conductivity
Once your strip light is ready to be soldered, tin the copper pads on the strip. Then use the extra wire lead with end cap to solder to the strip. Be sure to use the end with the small wire leads, you do not want your wires contacting each other after the end cap is applied. If you are not confident in your soldering skills be sure to test the connection before gluing the end cap.
• Glue to the end cap with silicone glue
After testing your connection you can now glue on your end cap. To make a proper seal and retain the IP66 rating use an outdoor rated, clear drying silicon adhesive.
• Clean Excess Glue and Gum Commissure
• Test Strip Again and Let Adhesive Dry


2. Application on LED Neon Light

Led flex neon light is made by led strip light and silicon extrusion. It is very soft, like a flexible profile light. It can be widely used in various scenarios, such as border lighting, accent lighting, custom neon signs and displays, advertising, hotel lighting, skyline, etc.

led flex neon light's applicaiondifferent application on led flex neon light



October 2022

Buy super brightness recessed downlights

Four Important Jewelry Lighting Considerations For Jewelry Stores

Four Important Jewelry Lighting Considerations For Jewelry Stores


Most people involved in the jewelry business know that selling jewelry is not as easy as it seems. Besides investing a certain amount of money in jewelry items and other things like props and fixtures, you also have to invest a lot of time and dedication in running the store and in trying to find the best marketing strategy or strategies that fits best. Therefore, one of the things you have to consider when you are searching for solutions to sell your products more easily is lighting.
Using the correct lighting can help a jewelry store from many points of view. Choosing a good lighting for the overall store (the so-called overhead lighting or ceiling light) is essential, especially when this is the only source of light for your store. If you happen to also have display case or showcase lighting, then is extraordinary. The right lighting can help you not just to improve your overall image of the store, but also make the products you sell look more appealing, transforming the viewer in a possible customer. Therefore, in this article we will try to present you four things that you need to know about using lighting in jewelry stores so you can sell your jewelry more easily.


Using LEDs is the best solution

We think that for a jewelry store, LED lighting is the best solution. The main reason for making such a statement is the fact that LED lighting can offer a lot of shades of white that can help certain pieces of jewelry become more appealing. For example, if you use that type of LED that can provide a cooler white, your jewelry items, especially those which have diamonds, could become more dazzling.

Using professional LED lighting is the best solution not only for the fact that it can increase the appeal of your jewelry, but also because they are versatile and, at the same time, cost-efficient. It is a fact that LEDs use up to 80 percent less electricity and in contrast to the earlier versions, they are more efficient and more suitable for overhead lighting. It is not a problem if you do not know for sure what kind of lighting you want to choose. There are a lot of people specialized in design and lighting in jewelry display who can help you choose the best solutions for your jewelry store. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help if you need it.

Shenzhen Awelled is a professional jewelry lighting manufacturer for many years in China.There are serval choices on overhead lighting in Jewelry stores .

*SMD LED Down Light (30-45Watt)
*COB LED Down Light (15-35Watt)
*Par Light Bulb (Par30 /Par38 30-60Watt ),most of them come with recessed holder and track holder
*LED Track Light(20-45Watt)

According to the experiences in marketing , the distance and height are very important when you are looking for suitable overhead lighting.

Diamonds are the stars of your showcase

A lot of people share the opinion that diamonds are the most important pieces of jewelry that can be found in a jewelry store. That is why many successful jewelry store owners choose their lighting depending on the diamonds they sell. Diamonds deserve a lot of our attention because they are a little problematic. Their spark depends a lot on the lighting. So, if a diamond has a certain spark in the showcase and another when you take it out, it is not good at all. That is why you should choose lighting according to your diamonds. If your diamonds look good in and out of your display case or showcase, then your other pieces of jewelry will be all right, too.

Diamonds sparkling depends a lot on colorful and moving lighting . You probably know that lighting color temperature is measured in Kelvin degrees. So, the best CCT for diamonds is the 6500 K cool white one or even higher, that can add a better clarity not only to diamonds, but to gemstones and silver, too. If you have gold pieces of jewelry, you can choose the 3000 or 3500 K warm white, that can make it shine at its best. Anyway, as we mentioned at the beginning, the rule is to take good care of your diamonds first. Highlighting the beauty of your diamonds should be your priority, and you can always do that by choosing the cool white, both for the overhead lighting and the one used for display cases and showcases.

AW-RL1120 is an ideal rotating light for diamond in showcase , After hundreds of improvements and optimizations, this rotary lamp is more stable and reliable, the fire color effect is very obvious, and the brightness is strong, maintenance free .It’s CCT layout can be customized . Kindly please feel free to contact us if you are interested .

What about the lighting budget?

Well, if you happen to have a great amount of money for investing in lighting, you should not be afraid to invest in both the lighting from above and in the one used inside the showcases or display cases. But if your budget is limited, the best choice is the overhead lighting. Most of the jewelry experts and lighting manufacturers say that to light jewelry items from above is easier and, at the same time, more affordable.
Nowadays, the lighting technology became so efficient that the lighting inside the display case or showcase could and should be dropped. There are people who say that in terms of lighting above display cases, the so-called “metal halide” is a very good option. This kind of lighting is considered to be more efficient in terms of life span (approximately 10000 hours) and almost four times more powerful than halogen lights. Metal halide is also very good in terms of warmth, with the 4100 K it produces, can be easily used for highlighting diamonds and other types of jewelry items.But LED Spotlight and under cabinet light  are more efficient ,energy-saving and long-lasting (App 50000 hours)

Professionals can make the difference

We already mentioned that are people specialized in interior design or in producing lighting solution. Working with these people can be a very wise decision in the overall scheme of your marketing strategy. If they are professionals for real, they can really help you choose the proper lighting that can help your jewelry store increase its sales. Getting the physical measurements of the jewelry store (especially the height) and creating a lighting program based on these measurements are things that only professionals like interior designers and lighting manufacturers can do.
Asking for the help of such professionals is good not only for avoiding making mistakes (such as using too much light), but also for saving money. It may sound funny, because these people have to be paid, too. But in the long run, asking for their help at the very beginning can really save you a lot of money.

Awelled has been engaged in design, manufacturing, sales, jewelry and museum display lighting for many years. We have served jewelers, wholesalers of lamps and lanterns and project owners from five continents, accumulated many valuable experience and design inspiration, and are very willing to share and help how to choose display lamps. Any customized needs and ideas, we will try our best to meet and provide appropriate solutions. Kindly please don’t hesitate to contact us  if you are looking for jewelry lighting in China.

July 2022

led track light in stores

How to choice a suitable cob track light?

What is cob track light?

According to some relatively complex and strict lighting environment or engineering projects for commercial lighting (such as clothing shop, showroom,decoration shop, jewelry&Watch store,gallery,Luxury stores, supermarket, etc), more and more users require better cob track light to replace traditional cob track lighting in order to achieve better lighting effect.

led track light in stores

When a ceiling can’t accommodate recessed  lighting, because of beams, for instance, cob track lighting enables you to position fixtures close to the ceiling, keeping sightless clear.


Consider Your Lighting Needs

Before selecting a track system and accompanying elements, it is important to consider the specific lighting tasks to be addressed. General ambient lighting, accent or wall wash lighting, and task lighting all serve different purposes, and each will require different placement and positioning.

Different countries  have different track adapters and track system . You should

Check the track system type if you have it ready .

track rail system

Ambient and General Lighting:

Cob track lighting serves this purpose well in entryways or halls, but generally is not well suited as the sole light source for a room. Instead, it is ideal as complementary illumination along with other fixtures in a room. Larger rooms can accommodate larger track layouts, and track pendants or spot lights can be selected that complement the existing décor.

Accent and Wall Wash Lighting:

These types of lighting configurations are recommended for displaying pictures, book cases, and decorative pieces placed on a wall.

  • Wall washing is ideal for an all-encompassing, non-focused spread of light, and can reduce the number of track heads required. Wall wash track heads frequently feature energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs as an added bonus. Make sure that a wall wash fixture is placed at a sufficient distance from the wall to avoid unattractive shadows on the wall.
  • For more focused accent lighting, use adjustable spot light track heads. These fixtures can provide a higher level of light on a specific area. Angle the track heads at approximately 30° in order to minimize glare and reflection.

Task Lighting:

This is a specific lighting configuration that illuminates small areas where light is needed for various activities. It is ideal for reading, food preparation, and workbench areas. Low voltage spot lighting is an excellent option for task lighting, as it is highly energy efficient and well suited to illuminate counter spaces and kitchen islands.


Special Effects Lighting :

China COB led track light can choice different effects to suitable different applications from customers . Museums Want More Realistic Displays of Artifacts ;The owner of a car 4S shop wants to make the car look more metallic; A butcher shop owner wants to make the meat he sells fresher and rosier .You can tell us your specific requirements ,AWELLED’S Engineer will give a professional sugguestion.


Choose Your Track Type


Tip 1: Heat Sink Device

The heat dissipation determines the life span of LED cob track lights. If the heat sink device is NOT effective, LED chip will depreciate and fail very rapidly under working environment of high temperature. Pure aluminum is a better material than die-casting for heat sink, but with limitation in forming desired shape of lamp.

Tip 2: LED Driver

90% of failure of cob track lights is due to the quality of driver. Solution with proper electronic components determines the efficiency, efficacy, stability, temperature equilibrium and sure the life span of the lamp fixture. Shenzhen AWELLED always Philip,Osram ,BOKE ,TCI, TRIDONIC LED drivers .


Tip 3: LED chips Quality and adaptability

LED chips determine the lighting effect directly, while the LED packing technology and technique affect much on LED chips quality, color differentiation, heat dissipation…etc.
Shenzhen Awelled adapts renowned brands, such as CITIZEN, OSRAM, CREE,LUMINUS , as well as China tier 1 supplier, to provide high quality and wide variety of options for different applications.


AWELLED  LED Track Light Range….

The Awelled COB  LED Track Light has an high lumen famous COB chip and PMMA lens offer a uniform lighting output. It’s a stylish selection of decorative interior LED Track systems, ideal for retail, commercial and residential environments.

We have both 8W to 45W track light fittings in stock in Natural White and Warm White.

Cob Track Light Accessories….

We have a wide range of track light accessories including 1m Track, 2m Track, Track Dead End, Track Left Corner, Track Live End, Track Right Connector and Straight Connectors.When you need them ,Please don’t hesitate to contact Awelled enginners .

Order track accessories online

May 2022

led track light for art gallery

Best Ways To Use LED Track Light

                                                       Best Ways To Use LED Track Light


Description on led track light

LED Track Light is characterized by fixtures that are attached anywhere on a track device which contains electrical conductors. Rather than the traditional wiring of each fixture, track lighting is flexible because all the electrical wiring is concealed inside the track. Tracks are most commonly mounted to ceilings, walls, or beams.

installation options on led track light

Track lighting is a versatile lighting solution because the fixtures can be both added to and moved along the track. Common examples of track lighting can be found in galleries and retail areas. Track lighting is ideal for areas that require high performance and adjustability. There are a myriad of fixtures for track lighting including spotlights, floodlights and pendant lights. Two trends in modern track lighting are low voltage and LED fixtures. Shenzhen  Awelled has created flexible innovative track lighting solutions to fit specific needs. Track systems come in low voltage, single phase and 3 phase and 6 wires 4 circuit each with a multitude of compatible fixtures. We can provide the perfect track system to illuminate the areas that need a versatile lighting solution.


LED Track Light is a very important product in Shenzhen Awelled , We have economical, mid-range and high-end track light to meet needs of different applications. Regarding the application of track lights, I saw a blog on the Internet. The introduction is very good. I will share it with you here.



Order high lumen led track light on line

Best Ways To Use LED Track Light

  1. Track Lights for Minimalism

Minimalism is the lifestyle philosophy that ventures into living with minimal needs & objects around. Track lighting fixtures follow this principle of minimalism, for both commercial and residential settings. A linear track of prime LED track light fits the ideology of minimalism and oozes elegance. With white & black COB track lights, even the color shade & interior theme complements minimalism.


  1. Focus on the Artwork

Many interiors are focused on one statement art piece or centerpiece.LED Track lights can intentionally grasp the attention of the visitors to that particular point. The track lighting system is preferred for such instances of highlighting a particular point of the room, like a track light directed towards the colossal abstract painting in the dining area. This will invent curiosity for the magnificent artwork.

led track light for art gallery

  1. LED lights as Directions

Subconsciously, we all love easy-to-follow directions, and that is exactly what LED track light does. It simply carves out the path for movement. If track lighting fixtures are adopted in a new & large commercial space, it can play multiple roles of directing people, guiding newcomers, and keeping the space organized.

  1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is basically the counterpart of natural light. It is the artificial light that lights up a room. The very dynamic nature of track lighting is that it can function as multiple lighting types and can be used in various techniques.

With a bright track light in the middle of the room, there is enough luminosity for all. Thus, track LED lights can spread ample light in a closed space. Track lights are quite powerful, lasting up to 50,000 hours. This means that you can use track lights as the primary source of lighting, without the need for any alterations or adjustments.

  1. Wall Washing Effect

Wall washing is a technique in which it appears as if the light is washing down the wall in an equal proportion. The wall washing effect is mostly observed in royal places such as art galleries and museums. It is an imperial part of interior decor. The wall washing effect can be created by strategic placement of track lights as well. You can explore different angles and even try different colors, on either a plain wall or a wall with a statement artwork.

  1. Halo Effect

The Halo effect is, foremostly, a circular structure of lights representing a halo. Such an effect is quite lucrative in dim-lit rooms. For entrances, receptions, and waiting lounges, the halo effect leaves a great impact with its graceful design. This interesting halo effect can be created using these track lighting fixtures. The trick is to smartly configure the position of the lights, as per the dimensions of the room.

  1. Hallway Lighting

In many intense movie scenes, we have followed the protagonist through a well-lit hallway, leading to a place of wonder. Such a hallway is not far-fetched. If your office or house has many hallways, you can use track lights to guide the people through these corridors. It can be a linear lighting pattern or follow absurd mismatched angles to create an artistic effect.

  1. Wall Grazing Effect

Wall Grazing is somewhat similar to the wall-washing effect. The core difference herein is that the walls here are textured. The lights are used to retain the focal point to the texture of the wall. It magnifies the aesthetics of the texture of the wall and increases the cosmetic value of the space. So, track lights can be used to anchor importance to the wall.

  1. Track Lights as Task Lighting

Task Lighting is a system of lighting wherein the lights are directed towards certain elements reflecting different tasks, for example – lights above the dining area to define the eating zone. Task lighting is extremely effective in commercial places, such as restaurants, salons, bars, etc. These indicate zones of privacy as well as add glamour to that area. LED spotlights & track lights are a perfect fit as task lights.

  1. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is focused lighting. In general, track lights are great for the purpose of accent lighting. Many interior designers use LED track lights for creating multiple focal points. With the adjustable lights option, there is a great deal of freedom in positioning the lights. Track lights can be adjusted as per the needs, like using a single set of track lights for a dual working station. This turns out to be extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


  1. Track Lights for Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is a recent development in lighting technology. Mood lighting means the lighting system that correlates with the overall mood (ambiance) of the room. For example, warm light soothes the mood of the person whereas bright white light enhances productivity. Nowadays, there are track lights with mood-lighting features. Just in case you want to learn more about mood lighting, you can refer to our mood lighting guide.

  1. Hanging Track Lights

If there are high ceilings in the working space, you can opt for hanging track lights. These lights can act as mini chandeliers, with strong cables to hold them together. Hanging lights amplifies the decor of the place and exhibits qualities of opulence. These can be used in both formal and informal spaces – the colors and designs can be chosen accordingly.

  1. Color Contrasting

Track lights can be used for color-contrasting as well. Track lights are available in different colors. Different shades can be contrasted to create a dynamic coloring effect. With the use of structured colored track lights, your room will brighten with dynamic shades. Color Contrasting is notable for children’s rooms, official dining areas, creative zones, etc.

  1. Track Lights as Dividers

LED Track lights can be used for color-contrasting as well. Track lights are available in different colors. Different shades can be contrasted to create a dynamic coloring effect. With the use of structured colored track lights, your room will brighten with dynamic shades. Color Contrasting is notable for children’s rooms, official dining areas, creative zones, etc.



So, it’s a big question when you’re picking a track. You need to know where you need it, what effect you want, and how much power, not who has the lowest price. If you need to choose track lights, please contact AWELLED’s sales engineers in time to hear their professional answers and suggestions.

March 2021

Lighting in Jewelry stores

How to use lights in Jewelry Store?

How to use lights to make jewelry more dazzling and fascinating?

In jewelry stores, men choose “status” and women choose “noble and elegant”. All kinds of jewelry industries need good lighting effects to show their brilliance and luxury, so how to use lights to make jewelry more dazzling and fascinating?

The lighting design of jewelry store mainly grasps several key points:


Grasp the illuminance standard. (High illumination is a must for jewelry stores to attract customers)

Avoid glare. (It is easy to produce glare under the high illumination of the jewelry store)

Avoid damage to jewelry from artificial light.

The general jewelry store is divided into several areas: display window, gold display area, platinum, diamond white metal display area, jade, crystal jewelry display area, image wall or poster lighting. According to these areas, I will explain to you the precautions for lighting design in the decoration and design of the jewelry store.

Image wall


The image wall of the jewelry store is a good part of displaying the brand culture and connotation. Many jewelry stores have image spokespersons, and the storefronts are often more attractive because of the posters of these stars. Therefore, lighting on posters and image walls is also very important. Pay attention to uniformity. LED modules or diffuse led strip can be used for light box lighting, or embedded high CRI cob led track light.


Window lighting design


Jewelry shops are small in size and mostly sold at special counters in shopping malls, so there are not many shops with windows. Stores with windows are generally independent stores facing the street, or large-brand jewelry stores in shopping malls, which pay more attention to the display and lighting design of the windows. The window lighting needs to have sufficient brightness, so two sets of lamps are often used for lighting, one is the SMD led downlight on the top, which provides the overall brightness and illumination of the window. In order to maintain the overall sense and beauty of the ceiling, it is recommended to use adjustable recessed SMD led downlight. The other group can be display lightings designed under cabinet or inside the cabinet, and jewelry display window props are used for accent lighting. If only the lamps on the top are illuminated, although the brightness of the shop window is sufficient, it lacks a sense of hierarchy and appears messy.


Platinum and diamond white metal display area

Because platinum is more difficult to extract, it is rarer, and its color is more noble and glamorous than gold, so its price is higher. The irradiation method of platinum is basically the same as that of gold, but the choice of color temperature needs to be paid attention to. The cool white light with high color temperature can better show the glamorous brilliance of platinum and diamonds.

After we have a refined task lighting design, we must also consider: a large amount of glare may cause discomfort to the eyes of consumers and thus affect the purchase interest. According to research by psychologists, the dazzling lights will also have an emotional impact on the sales staff in the jewelry store, which will also affect the success rate of jewelry transactions. Use Jewelr lighting designed with a deep hidden light source to control stray light. At the same time, the installation position should be close to the side where the person is located to prevent indirect glare.

December 2020

Lighting shop

Why use led lighting in jewelry stores ?

Why use led lighting in jewelry stores ?

Now, more and more jewelry stores appear in the most prosperous areas of the city. In large shopping malls, jewelry counters also occupy an advantageous position.

Just as flowers need green leaves to set off, no matter how beautiful the jewelry is, it needs good light to set off in order to give off its due brilliance.

The color emitted by the light source itself is the “light source color”, and the color reflected by the jewellery by the light source is generally called the “surface color”. Except for some gems with fluorescent or phosphorescent effects, the jewelry itself does not emit light.

Although natural light is the most ideal light source for appreciating natural gemstones, in actual sales, due to site restrictions, businesses often choose artificial lights for illumination. How to use the appropriate light source to show the value of jewelry has increasingly become a concern for jewelers. When decorating storefronts or counters, some jewelers generally only pay attention to it, which has increasingly become a concern for jewelers. Some jewelers generally only pay attention to the bright enough light when decorating the storefront or counter, so that the overall store feels gorgeous and magnificent, but ignores the proportion of light sources, so that there is no difference between the main and non-subjects of the sales. The jewels placed lack a sense of hierarchy. In addition to unnecessary waste, the high temperature and electromagnetic radiation of too bright light will destroy the color and luster of the object itself, especially on the structure and chemical composition of some organic gems, such as pearls, corals, and amber. . In addition, according to research by psychologists, the dazzling lights will also have an emotional impact on customers and sales personnel in jewelry stores, and also affect the success rate of jewelry transactions.

1 Jewelry’s requirements for led lighting

Different jewels need different lights to work together. For example, the lights of gold jewelry, jade and diamonds are very different. When choosing lighting for a jewelry store, factors that need to be considered include light color, lighting level, flicker, temperature, color rendering, infrared, ultraviolet, etc. Of course, it is impossible to take into account all the above factors. Generally, the color temperature, lighting level and flicker degree need to be considered. According to relevant data, jewelry can show the best appearance effect under the light of 3300~5000K color temperature.

Factors that merchants should pay special attention to when choosing a light source: Different lighting levels can distinguish the level and sales subject in the jewelry store; flicker refers to the reflected light emitted by the jewelry when the light shines on the jewelry. When it is prominent, the precious time is more dazzling; and the color rendering refers to the correct color and the clarity reflected by the light on the object. The higher the color rendering, the more detailed the craftsmanship and true color of the jewelry can be portrayed.

The characteristics of jewelry itself have extremely high requirements for light sources, such as:

(1) Very high lumen efficiency (80 Lm/W);

(2) Low heat radiation;

(3) Good color rendering;

(4) Uniform light color, bright and vivid color;

(5) Try to avoid tarnishing textiles and embrittlement of plastics (UV protection);

(6) The light color is constant throughout the effective life;

(7) Not sensitive to temperature changes;

(8) Long service life, economical and durable;

(9) Eye-catching lighting, commonly used light colors: yellow light, neutral white and daylight white.

(10) Ordinary commercial lighting only pays attention to uniformity, comfort, and economy, while jewelry display lighting not only pays attention to brightness and display index, but also pays attention to the diversity of color temperature to meet the needs of different types of display products.

Taking diamonds as an example, there are roughly four types of professional light sources used in jewelry stores on the market: tube lamps, metal halide lamps, projection halogen lamps (also called quartz lamps or cup lamps) and diamond halogen lamps.

(1) Tube lamp: Tube lamp is a light source that jewelers must use when jewellery appraisal and purchase. They are only suitable for space lighting in jewelry stores.

(2) Metal halide lamp: strong brightness and high light efficiency. However, the light is too dazzling, the color rendering is poor, and it is easy to distort the color of the diamond, so it is not suitable for the lighting of counters and jewelry windows, but only suitable for high ceilings.

(3) Projection halogen lamp: small and flexible, easy to control. The flicker of diamonds can be presented well, but ordinary halogen lamps have poor color rendering and yellow light, which easily distorts the color of diamonds and has a short service life.

(4) Diamond light halogen lamp (4500K): This is a professional diamond lighting light. The light has a high color rendering effect, and the full-spectrum projection effect is the artificial light source closest to natural light. Under this kind of light, each diamond can emit a dazzling fire with the rotation of people’s sight, better showing the charm of color and cut. Compared with ordinary halogen lamps, it has the advantages of good color rendering and long service life. When used in jewelry lighting, it can show the light of diamond destruction.

In addition, optical fiber and LED have the characteristics of soft light without irritation, rich light color, low heat radiation, and easy concealed installation. They are more suitable for the lighting of jewelry counters. If they can be properly designed and integrated with the illuminated objects, it will play the role of “icing on the cake”.

2 Jewelry Lighting arrangement

The ideal lighting position is at the top and front of the diamond jewelry. At the same time, pay attention to overlapping the light sources so that the diamond can refract and reflect light from all directions. In order to enhance the lighting effect, when the diamond is placed on a darker background, the installation density of the lighting light should be appropriately increased or the distance between the light and the diamond should be shortened.

Special attention should be paid not to let the light be too dazzling and affect the atmosphere of the transaction. Tube lamps and energy-saving lamps should be used as much as possible for diffuse reflection lighting to make indoor light harmonious and create a stable atmosphere. The diamond light halogen lamp can also be used flexibly, taking advantage of its long exposure distance, which not only ensures the bright and eye-catching counter, but also creates a comfortable marketing atmosphere.

Modern professional lighting for jewelry has long surpassed the level of “bright enough”. Reasonable and scientific layout of jewelry lighting can not only save costs and beautify the store, but also indirectly increase the “transaction rate” of the transaction, resulting in a “multiple results with less effort”.

3 Lighting design of jewelry showcase

Jewelry showcases are generally used to display small exquisite items and can be illuminated by spotlights or optical fibers.

Pay attention to the combination of light and color. For example, gold jewelry can be illuminated with cold light cups; while silver products or gem products can be illuminated with daylight cups. Due to heat generation, the heat dissipation of the showcase needs to be considered.

If the engineering cost allows, using fiber optic lighting is also a good choice, the advantage is that it will not bring excessive heat to the showcase. But if you can’t afford to install it, you’re better off choosing jewelry store lighting fixtures that won’t thermally affect your cabinets or high-value items on display.

The lighting design revolves around the principle of not seeing the light, highlighting the displayed items.

Two points should be paid attention to in jewelry showcase lighting:


(1) Bright enough. Of course, “enough” does not mean that the brighter the better. Some jewelry such as gold, platinum, pearls, etc., due to their small size, require high enough illuminance, 2000Lx can be used; while some jewelry, such as jade, crystal, etc., pay attention to softness, and the illuminance does not need to be too high.

(2) Reflect the characteristics. Gold, pearls, and other jewelry that rely entirely on reflecting light, pay attention to the direction of light incidence, so that the reflected “flash point” stimulates the customer’s eyes; jade, crystal and other jewelry that pay attention to light transmission texture must pay attention to light transmission

October 2020

Silver under cabinet light bar AW-SL3003

How to use lighting increase the strong three-dimensional effect in display cabinet ?

How to use lighting can increase the strong three-dimensional effect in the display cabinet!

Before merchants look for custom jewelry showcase manufacturers to make display cabinets, they will consider a three-dimensional impression of the display cabinet. While some think it’s only a matter of showcase design, jewelry display cabinet lighting plays a part. So, how to enhance the three-dimensional impression of the jewelry showcase? Generally, it is possible to use and choose the light reasonably. Today, let’s talk about how to use the light at the counter to enhance the three-dimensional feeling!

Customized showcase manufacturers will be equipped with specific effects of illuminating light according to specific areas, spaces and environments to achieve the purpose of enhancing the three-dimensional sense of jewelry showcases. There are 5 directions for the illumination of light, which are top light, side light, surface light, back light and bottom light in sequence. The top light is generally the light that forms a three-dimensional effect in the up and down direction. The projection of the illuminated object is small, and the contrast between light and dark is strong; the side light is the light that forms the left and right yin and yang surfaces. The projection of the illuminated object is clear, the three-dimensional sense is strong, and the level is rich. It is the most acceptable way of illumination; the surface light is a basic illumination of the oblique front 45° light, the projection is flat, the color of the illuminated object appears completely, but the three-dimensional feeling is poor The function of backlighting is the light that separates the product from the background, and the lighting from the rear, the outer contour of the illuminated object is clear, and the silhouette effect has artistic charm, which greatly enhances the artistic effect of the exhibits and the space.

The last is the bottom light of the jewelry showcase custom manufacturer, which forms a reverse effect as a supplementary light. The bottom-up lighting should be used as an auxiliary light. Gold, pearls, and other jewelry that rely entirely on reflecting light, pay attention to the direction of light incidence, so that the reflected “shining points” stimulate the customer’s eyes; jade, crystal and other jewelry that pays attention to light transmission texture must pay attention to light transmission.

If you want to see these lights in action or order cabinet lighting in China, Awelled has the broadest range of display illumination solutions in the country.