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Lighting in Jewelry stores

How to use lights in Jewelry Store?

How to use lights to make jewelry more dazzling and fascinating?

In jewelry stores, men choose “status” and women choose “noble and elegant”. All kinds of jewelry industries need good lighting effects to show their brilliance and luxury, so how to use lights to make jewelry more dazzling and fascinating?

The lighting design of jewelry store mainly grasps several key points:

Grasp the illuminance standard. (High illumination is a must for jewelry stores to attract customers)

Avoid glare. (It is easy to produce glare under the high illumination of the jewelry store)

Avoid damage to jewelry from artificial light.

The general jewelry store is divided into several areas: display window, gold display area, platinum, diamond white metal display area, jade, crystal jewelry display area, image wall or poster lighting. According to these areas, I will explain to you the precautions for lighting design in the decoration and design of the jewelry store.

Image wall


The image wall of the jewelry store is a good part of displaying the brand culture and connotation. Many jewelry stores have image spokespersons, and the storefronts are often more attractive because of the posters of these stars. Therefore, lighting on posters and image walls is also very important. Pay attention to uniformity. LED modules or diffuse led strip can be used for light box lighting, or embedded high CRI cob led track light.


Window lighting design


Jewelry shops are small in size and mostly sold at special counters in shopping malls, so there are not many shops with windows. Stores with windows are generally independent stores facing the street, or large-brand jewelry stores in shopping malls, which pay more attention to the display and lighting design of the windows. The window lighting needs to have sufficient brightness, so two sets of lamps are often used for lighting, one is the SMD led downlight on the top, which provides the overall brightness and illumination of the window. In order to maintain the overall sense and beauty of the ceiling, it is recommended to use adjustable recessed SMD led downlight. The other group can be display lightings designed under cabinet or inside the cabinet, and jewelry display window props are used for accent lighting. If only the lamps on the top are illuminated, although the brightness of the shop window is sufficient, it lacks a sense of hierarchy and appears messy.


Platinum and diamond white metal display area

Because platinum is more difficult to extract, it is rarer, and its color is more noble and glamorous than gold, so its price is higher. The irradiation method of platinum is basically the same as that of gold, but the choice of color temperature needs to be paid attention to. The cool white light with high color temperature can better show the glamorous brilliance of platinum and diamonds.

After we have a refined task lighting design, we must also consider: a large amount of glare may cause discomfort to the eyes of consumers and thus affect the purchase interest. According to research by psychologists, the dazzling lights will also have an emotional impact on the sales staff in the jewelry store, which will also affect the success rate of jewelry transactions. Use Jewelr lighting designed with a deep hidden light source to control stray light. At the same time, the installation position should be close to the side where the person is located to prevent indirect glare.

December 2020

Lighting shop

Why use led lighting in jewelry stores ?

Why use led lighting in jewelry stores ?

Now, more and more jewelry stores appear in the most prosperous areas of the city. In large shopping malls, jewelry counters also occupy an advantageous position.

Just as flowers need green leaves to set off, no matter how beautiful the jewelry is, it needs good light to set off in order to give off its due brilliance.

The color emitted by the light source itself is the “light source color”, and the color reflected by the jewellery by the light source is generally called the “surface color”. Except for some gems with fluorescent or phosphorescent effects, the jewelry itself does not emit light.

Although natural light is the most ideal light source for appreciating natural gemstones, in actual sales, due to site restrictions, businesses often choose artificial lights for illumination. How to use the appropriate light source to show the value of jewelry has increasingly become a concern for jewelers. When decorating storefronts or counters, some jewelers generally only pay attention to it, which has increasingly become a concern for jewelers. Some jewelers generally only pay attention to the bright enough light when decorating the storefront or counter, so that the overall store feels gorgeous and magnificent, but ignores the proportion of light sources, so that there is no difference between the main and non-subjects of the sales. The jewels placed lack a sense of hierarchy. In addition to unnecessary waste, the high temperature and electromagnetic radiation of too bright light will destroy the color and luster of the object itself, especially on the structure and chemical composition of some organic gems, such as pearls, corals, and amber. . In addition, according to research by psychologists, the dazzling lights will also have an emotional impact on customers and sales personnel in jewelry stores, and also affect the success rate of jewelry transactions.

1 Jewelry’s requirements for led lighting

Different jewels need different lights to work together. For example, the lights of gold jewelry, jade and diamonds are very different. When choosing lighting for a jewelry store, factors that need to be considered include light color, lighting level, flicker, temperature, color rendering, infrared, ultraviolet, etc. Of course, it is impossible to take into account all the above factors. Generally, the color temperature, lighting level and flicker degree need to be considered. According to relevant data, jewelry can show the best appearance effect under the light of 3300~5000K color temperature.

Factors that merchants should pay special attention to when choosing a light source: Different lighting levels can distinguish the level and sales subject in the jewelry store; flicker refers to the reflected light emitted by the jewelry when the light shines on the jewelry. When it is prominent, the precious time is more dazzling; and the color rendering refers to the correct color and the clarity reflected by the light on the object. The higher the color rendering, the more detailed the craftsmanship and true color of the jewelry can be portrayed.

The characteristics of jewelry itself have extremely high requirements for light sources, such as:

(1) Very high lumen efficiency (80 Lm/W);

(2) Low heat radiation;

(3) Good color rendering;

(4) Uniform light color, bright and vivid color;

(5) Try to avoid tarnishing textiles and embrittlement of plastics (UV protection);

(6) The light color is constant throughout the effective life;

(7) Not sensitive to temperature changes;

(8) Long service life, economical and durable;

(9) Eye-catching lighting, commonly used light colors: yellow light, neutral white and daylight white.

(10) Ordinary commercial lighting only pays attention to uniformity, comfort, and economy, while jewelry lighting not only pays attention to brightness and display index, but also pays attention to the diversity of color temperature to meet the needs of different types of display products.

Taking diamonds as an example, there are roughly four types of professional light sources used in jewelry stores on the market: tube lamps, metal halide lamps, projection halogen lamps (also called quartz lamps or cup lamps) and diamond halogen lamps.

(1) Tube lamp: Tube lamp is a light source that jewelers must use when jewellery appraisal and purchase. They are only suitable for space lighting in jewelry stores.

(2) Metal halide lamp: strong brightness and high light efficiency. However, the light is too dazzling, the color rendering is poor, and it is easy to distort the color of the diamond, so it is not suitable for the lighting of counters and jewelry windows, but only suitable for high ceilings.

(3) Projection halogen lamp: small and flexible, easy to control. The flicker of diamonds can be presented well, but ordinary halogen lamps have poor color rendering and yellow light, which easily distorts the color of diamonds and has a short service life.

(4) Diamond light halogen lamp (4500K): This is a professional diamond lighting light. The light has a high color rendering effect, and the full-spectrum projection effect is the artificial light source closest to natural light. Under this kind of light, each diamond can emit a dazzling fire with the rotation of people’s sight, better showing the charm of color and cut. Compared with ordinary halogen lamps, it has the advantages of good color rendering and long service life. When used in jewelry lighting, it can show the light of diamond destruction.

In addition, optical fiber and LED have the characteristics of soft light without irritation, rich light color, low heat radiation, and easy concealed installation. They are more suitable for the lighting of jewelry counters. If they can be properly designed and integrated with the illuminated objects, it will play the role of “icing on the cake”.

2 Jewelry Lighting arrangement

The ideal lighting position is at the top and front of the diamond jewelry. At the same time, pay attention to overlapping the light sources so that the diamond can refract and reflect light from all directions. In order to enhance the lighting effect, when the diamond is placed on a darker background, the installation density of the lighting light should be appropriately increased or the distance between the light and the diamond should be shortened.

Special attention should be paid not to let the light be too dazzling and affect the atmosphere of the transaction. Tube lamps and energy-saving lamps should be used as much as possible for diffuse reflection lighting to make indoor light harmonious and create a stable atmosphere. The diamond light halogen lamp can also be used flexibly, taking advantage of its long exposure distance, which not only ensures the bright and eye-catching counter, but also creates a comfortable marketing atmosphere.

Modern professional lighting for jewelry has long surpassed the level of “bright enough”. Reasonable and scientific layout of jewelry lighting can not only save costs and beautify the store, but also indirectly increase the “transaction rate” of the transaction, resulting in a “multiple results with less effort”.

3 Lighting design of jewelry showcase

Jewelry showcases are generally used to display small exquisite items and can be illuminated by spotlights or optical fibers.

Pay attention to the combination of light and color. For example, gold jewelry can be illuminated with cold light cups; while silver products or gem products can be illuminated with daylight cups. Due to heat generation, the heat dissipation of the showcase needs to be considered.

If the engineering cost allows, using fiber optic lighting is also a good choice, the advantage is that it will not bring excessive heat to the showcase.

The lighting design revolves around the principle of not seeing the light, highlighting the displayed items.

Two points should be paid attention to in jewelry showcase lighting:

(1) Bright enough. Of course, “enough” does not mean that the brighter the better. Some jewelry such as gold, platinum, pearls, etc., due to their small size, require high enough illuminance, 2000Lx can be used; while some jewelry, such as jade, crystal, etc., pay attention to softness, and the illuminance does not need to be too high.

(2) Reflect the characteristics. Gold, pearls, and other jewelry that rely entirely on reflecting light, pay attention to the direction of light incidence, so that the reflected “flash point” stimulates the customer’s eyes; jade, crystal and other jewelry that pay attention to light transmission texture must pay attention to light transmission

October 2020

How to use lighting increase the strong three-dimensional effect in display cabinet ?

How to use lighting can increase the strong three-dimensional effect in the display cabinet!

Before merchants look for custom jewelry showcase manufacturers to make display cabinets, they will consider a three-dimensional impression of the display cabinet, so how to enhance the three-dimensional impression of the jewelry showcase? Generally, it is possible to use and choose the light reasonably. Today, let’s talk about how to use the light at the counter to enhance the three-dimensional feeling!

Customized showcase manufacturers will be equipped with specific effects of illuminating light according to specific areas, spaces and environments to achieve the purpose of enhancing the three-dimensional sense of jewelry showcases. There are 5 directions for the illumination of light, which are top light, side light, surface light, back light and bottom light in sequence. The top light is generally the light that forms a three-dimensional effect in the up and down direction. The projection of the illuminated object is small, and the contrast between light and dark is strong; the side light is the light that forms the left and right yin and yang surfaces. The projection of the illuminated object is clear, the three-dimensional sense is strong, and the level is rich. It is the most acceptable way of illumination; the surface light is a basic illumination of the oblique front 45° light, the projection is flat, the color of the illuminated object appears completely, but the three-dimensional feeling is poor The function of backlighting is the light that separates the product from the background, and the lighting from the rear, the outer contour of the illuminated object is clear, and the silhouette effect has artistic charm, which greatly enhances the artistic effect of the exhibits and the space.

The last is the bottom light of the jewelry showcase custom manufacturer, which forms a reverse effect as a supplementary light. The bottom-up lighting should be used as an auxiliary light. Gold, pearls, and other jewelry that rely entirely on reflecting light, pay attention to the direction of light incidence, so that the reflected “shining points” stimulate the customer’s eyes; jade, crystal and other jewelry that pays attention to light transmission texture must pay attention to light transmission.

June 2020

Buy curve led strip

Some Suggestions On How To Choice Display Lights For Jewelry Stores

One of the most important aspects of jewelry store design is display lighting. Interior designers and lighting manufacturers say that, however, jewelry store owners often view lighting as a cost rather than a tool to promote sales.

People cannot think of display lighting as an expense, but as a way to increase sales and profitability, you can have the most beautiful shops and the best jewelry, but in the end you want to be able to display your jewelry with the best light At the same time, it will bring great attraction to your guests and better increase your company’s benefit.


The most important part of the store is the jewelry display counter. Jewelers as a whole know more about lighting than in the past, and what lighting can do for them. This is an advantage that makes your store more attractive than guys on the street. ”


Designers and Shenzhen Awelled (Jewelry lighting manufacturer) recommend that cabinet lighting comes from above and inside the cabinet.

The best display lighting comes from above and inside, with special emphasis on the lighting above. The lights in the display case are basically shadow lights. The real light needs to come from above. However, you still want some light in the box. ”



The lighting display cabinet has three “priorities”:


First, proper lighting should not cast shadows and should make the product flash.


Secondly, when the customer is in front of the showcase or leaning, he or she should not cast a shadow on the product.


Third, the heat and color of the light source should be calculated and controlled.


Fourth, the best lighting is a combination of lighting types in different locations


The color of light changes with temperature. Light warmth is measured in Kelvin (K). Kelvin temperature is defined according to the appearance of the light source (that is, the appearance of the light source itself), and is measured in degrees. Temperatures below 3000 K will produce a “warm” color with a red appearance. From 3400 K to 4500 K, the appearance is white or neutral. Temperatures above 6000 K will produce “cold” light with a blue appearance.


There are two options for lighting from above: MR-16 spotlight or PAR30 /PAR-38 bulb.

Which method to choose depends on the design environment. If the ceiling above the display cabinet is high, then the PAR38 bulb is the best because it can provide a better and stronger light beam. The ceiling should not be nine feet above the finished floor height to maintain the effectiveness of the lighting. The distance between PAR38 light bulbs should not exceed three feet (from center to center), flood lights are recommended.

Why LED Track Lights are more and more popular ?

Features and descriptions on LED Track Light 

The track lighting  is installed on the track, the biggest feature is that the angle of illumination can be adjusted, and the light is concentrated in the key lighting place. The track light was originally used as a lighting for shopping malls, exhibition halls and other places. The gathered light can partially light the display. Later, the track light appeared in the family space, and the decorative effect was unexpectedly harmonious and harmonious.


  1. Benefits of using track lights in home improvement


LED  Track lights are a type of spotlight. Like spotlights, track lights can also play a role in creating atmosphere and supplementing light. However, spotlights have an obvious disadvantage, especially surface-mounted spotlights and in-line spotlights. These two spotlights need to be installed on the ceiling and cannot be moved. Track lights don’t need to worry about this problem at all. The reason is that there is a hidden electric track inside the track. The position of the track head on the electric track can be adjusted. If the number of lights is not enough or the position is not good, you can add and move at any time.

In the past, track lights were replaced by LED light sources from previous metal halide light sources. In contrast, LED track lights with LED light sources are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Now track lights are generally referred to as LED track lights.


2, The use of track lights in the family space


Some low-rise houses are not suitable for the installation of more complicated and luxurious chandeliers. The ceiling lamps are slightly ordinary and lack personality. The installation of track lights will not cause the above problems. The track lights are simple in shape and have a cold temperament, forming a unique style that can adapt to a variety of decoration styles. As a supplementary light source for the TV background wall, the track light illuminates the wall, and the diffuse reflection generated can reduce the difference in brightness caused by the TV screen and protect the eyesight.


Install track lights above the dining table. The concentrated light makes the food look more delicious and appetizing. In addition to the winter sun can bring happiness, there is the warm light on the food.


LED track spotlight can also be used as a supplementary light source in the kitchen. In the case of no cabinet ceiling light, the cob track light can be used as a substitute to let the light shine directly on the operation table.


Installed in the cloakroom, the soft and bright light shines on the clothing, and the style is instantly improved.


The lamp in the bathroom is not installed properly, and it will not be clear because of the backlight when looking in the mirror. Track lights can adjust the illumination angle to meet the lighting needs of all angles. Old and retro toilets, with golden lights, are very emotional and tasteful.


Tips: When led track rail light is partially illuminated, such as when it is framed, it is necessary to pay attention to the angle of illumination. The angle is not well-controlled, and the human eyes are easily illuminated by reflected light, causing dizziness.


April 2020

Deep UV UVC LED chips used in killing market

Deep UV UVC LED chips used in killing market


The new crown pneumonia epidemic is rapidly gaining popularity in disinfection products.


The reporter learned from Sanan Optoelectronics  that, as a leading domestic supplier of deep UV LED chips, the company’s deep UV UVC LED chips are widely used in terminal kill products and application scenarios such as disinfection of air, water and surface of objects. Since the outbreak, the company has received a surge in demand from many customers and the government, and the company’s UVC chips have been in full production.


It is reported that the company is currently conducting joint tests with relevant domestic scientific research institutions to promote UVC LED epidemic and disinfection products to play a more active role in virus epidemic prevention.


UV kill advantage


It is currently known that all bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the human living environment can be killed by deep doses of deep ultraviolet (UVC) radiation. During the “SARS” period, experts from the Institute of Viral Disease Control and Prevention of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that SARS virus can be killed by irradiating the coronavirus for 30 minutes with ultraviolet light intensity greater than 90 μW / cm2.


According to the “Diagnosis and Treatment Scheme for Pneumonitis Infected by New Coronavirus (Trial Fifth Edition)” issued by the National Health and Health Committee on February 5, the new coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet rays and heat, and can be effectively destroyed at 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes and 75 degrees ethanol Live virus.


Some experts point out that the principle of ultraviolet disinfection is to use high-energy ultraviolet light to break the double-stranded DNA of virus DNA, thereby achieving the inactivation of bacteria and viruses. Although in this epidemic, ordinary third-party testing laboratories were not qualified to obtain new coronaviruses for experimental testing, it can be determined that UVC has absolute damage to DNA and RNA (ribonucleic acid), and the virus Belongs to RNA. In practice, the UVC radiation dose to the new coronavirus requires further experiments and practices in cooperation with relevant government departments and scientific research institutions to further clarify.


Compared with chemical sterilization, UV has the advantage of high sterilization efficiency. Inactivation is generally completed within a few seconds without generating other chemical pollutants. Because it is easy to operate and suitable for all spaces such as public and home, UV germicidal lamps have become a popular item on major e-commerce platforms. It is also an important sterilization and disinfection equipment in front-line medical and health institutions.


Some experts from the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out that from the current application, deep UV LEDs are widely used in civil fields such as water purification, air purification, and biological detection. In addition to sterilization, UV light sources also have broad application prospects in many emerging fields such as biochemical detection, sterilization medical treatment, polymer curing and industrial photocatalysis.


Or prop up trillions of industries


At present, most of the deep ultraviolet light sources used for disinfection and sterilization in civil and industrial fields are mercury lamps. Due to the significant impact of mercury on human society and the environment, from 2020, the international Minamata Convention, which restricts the use and release of mercury, has officially entered into force, and traditional mercury lamps will restrict and ban production and use. And deep ultraviolet LED chips based on third-generation semiconductor materials such as gallium nitride have become the new choice of environmentally friendly and efficient ultraviolet light sources. This all-solid-state light source has a small volume, high efficiency, and long life. Just a chip module the size of a thumb cover, it can emit ultraviolet light that is stronger than a mercury lamp. Experts from the Semiconductor Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out that the use of deep ultraviolet LEDs to replace traditional mercury lamps in sterilization applications is similar to the application of white LEDs in the lighting field, which will form a huge emerging industry. It is entirely possible for deep ultraviolet LEDs to develop into a new trillion industry different from LED lighting.


In comparison, deep UV LEDs currently have shortcomings in terms of materials and optical power.


San’an Optoelectronics introduced to the Securities Times e company reporter, “At present, in terms of materials, mainly relying on foreign countries, the cost is higher, and even the price increases. Many domestic manufacturers believe that the market volume of UVC is not up, and they are unwilling to invest resources in R & D and production , Resulting in fewer suppliers to choose from. ”


In terms of optical power, Sanan UVC performance is already internationally equivalent and can reach 2-4% light efficiency. However, for some special alternative markets, there is still a lot of room for performance and cost.


Sanan Optoelectronics said, “I believe that with everyone’s emphasis on UVC deep ultraviolet applications, more and more companies will invest in research and production of UVC materials, which will help reduce costs. Sanan Optoelectronics in the UVC extension, Chips and packages continue to increase investment in research and development to ensure cost-effective advantages and open more applications. ”


In addition, as an emerging technology, the cost of UVC is currently higher than that of mercury lamps. In this regard, Sanan Optoelectronics believes that over time, improvements in materials, manufacturing, yield, and performance will greatly reduce costs. As in the past 20 years, the cost trend of LED lighting has changed.


UVC chips are in full production


Looking back, as early as 2014, Sanan Optoelectronics has been the first to invest in UVC deep ultraviolet epitaxy, chip and packaging R & D in China. After several years of cultivation, Sanan Optoelectronics’ deep-UV UVC products in the 260 ~ 280nm band have accumulated customers More than a hundred homes.


According to Sanan Optoelectronics, at present, the company’s deep ultraviolet LED has entered the sterilization, water purification and other application markets of first-line home appliance brands, formed strategic cooperation with home appliance brand companies, and completed the design of sterilized UVC LED modules. Based on the continuous breakthrough of Sanan UVC LED in new application fields, the Sanan Optoelectronics team is continuing to research and explore more UV-related emerging application scenarios with international manufacturers and several well-known universities at home and abroad. In addition to general sterilization applications, Sanan Optoelectronics will also expand its applications in plant growth lighting, food preservation after picking, food processing, biological testing, material modification, and marine biological antifouling.


It is understood that, because the technology and characteristics of UVC chips are significantly different from ordinary LED chips, they have certain barriers and require independent production lines for production.


Currently Sanan Optoelectronics’ UVC chips are in full production, and the market’s competitive advantage comes from its technology accumulation in the field of deep UV UVC LED chips. The reporter combed the public information and found that Sanan Optoelectronics has undertaken tasks related to the national key R & D plan for ultraviolet and deep ultraviolet projects since 2015, and won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress in the same year.


According to the company, the company has developed a variety of sizes of UVC chips and small, medium, large and ultra-high power UVC LED products for known effective sterilization bands. It has successfully passed verification tests and has been introduced to many domestic and foreign well-known brand customers. It has been involved in areas including surface Sterilization, dynamic / static water sterilization and air purification and disinfection equipment. As of 2019, Sanan Optoelectronics’ deep UV UVC products have reached a cumulative output of 1kk and achieved monthly production capacity of more than 1KK.


A source from Sanan Optoelectronics said that Sanan will continue to increase investment in technology research and development in UVC related fields. Sanan is optimistic about the future potential of the UVC market, positioning it as an important product and market target for the company’s LED industry in the future. “This epidemic situation may also make people attach great importance to UV and UV LEDs, and especially pay attention to people’s public health and safety, and provide a good opportunity for the development of UV and UV LEDs.”


It is reported that since the outbreak, Sanan Optoelectronics has jointly launched an initiative with Guoxing Optoelectronics. It is willing to cooperate with major scientific research institutions and universities in an open attitude to provide UVC LEDs with effective sterilization bands for UV irradiation of new coronaviruses. Bacterial test and research. “We welcome all interested and capable manufacturers to work together to develop more anti-epidemic equipment and solutions.” Sanan Optoelectronics said.

January 2020

How to Buy LED High Bay Lights ?

How to Buy LED High Bay Lights – A Complete Buyer’s Guide 


LED lights are proving to be a groundbreaking invention – thanks to their low electricity usage, fast start times and high quality of light. These lights really help consumers save a lot of money on energy expenses and get better light in their homes, business and outdoor areas as well.  Given the daunting chouices however, most people are not sure which light to buy. LED lights come in different sizes, colors and lumens and this makes it difficult to find the right light.   With LED Light Expert, you don’t have to worry at all.  Here we will discuss a complete buyer’s guide that you can use to find the right LED lights for your high bay applications.


As the prices of electricity have increased and LED Lights have come down, businesses have started looking for cost-effective and energy saving ways of implementing LEDs.  Replacing old high bay lights with new energy efficient ones is a great start.


Why LEDs for High Bay Lights?


Before we move into the detail of choosing the right LED lights, it is important to determine why you need to choose LED lights. There are different reasons why you should choose LED bulbs for high bay lights. Some of them are listed below:



The cost of LED high bay lights and LED light bulbs is very low right now as compared to other bulbs. You can get these bulbs at the same prices as other light bulbs.


Energy Saving Option 

As the planet faces energy challenges and it is becoming very difficult to find new and better sources of power that does not ruin the enviroinent. This is the reason why you need to look for options that can play a part in saving energy. LED light bulbs consume less energy and produce more light. Using these lights, you can save a lot of money from those mounting electricity bills.



Everyone wants to improve the appearance of their home and business. For that reason, they look for different décor items and other design ideas. However, a bright business attracts customers and makes them feel safe. LED lights produce more lumens of light and make your business really shine brighter.



These lights are very long lasting. You don’t have to change them again and again. At an average, a LED High bay lights lasts for 20 years.



In LED light bulbs and LED High Bay Lights, there is no UV or mercury used or emitted. As a result, they are very safer to use and operate than other light bulbs.   These lights are an ideal option and safe for health as well.


These are a few reasons why you need to choose LED Lights. Let’s now move to the buyer’s guide for LED High Bay Lights.


Design a Layout 

When you are looking for a High Bay UFO LED Light, you should have a clear picture in mind of why you need it and where you will be using them. For different places, you would need a different light that would suit the place and meet the requirements. For example:


  • Retail Store: If you have a retail store, you need a bright light to attract more customers. At a minimum, you need 800 lux on the ground to illuminate the retail store.
  • Warehouse: In a warehouse, it is important to choose 500 lux so that the work environment for the supervisors could be improved.
  • Storage: In case of storages, a light with 300 lux is more than enough.


When you know the requirements, it is time to choose the wattage.


Wattage and lumens

High Bay LED lights are available in different watts, but its the lumens you need to keep an eye on.   As LEDs get more efficient they will use less and less watts. You can easily choose one depending on the height where the high bay lights are installed. There are different watts for different levels of height:


  • 10-15 feet – This height is ideal for lights with 10,000 to 15,000 lumens.
  • 15-20 feet – This height is ideal for lights with 16,000 to 20,000 lumens.
  • 25-35 feet – For this height, lights with 33,000 lumens are ideal.



The spacing between lights is also an important factor in choosing high bay LED High Bay lights. There are three most common cases that you can consider to find the best light for your space. These are listed below:


  • At 15 feet height, about 12 feet spacing is essential for a bright light. However, if you need normal light, a space of 15 feet should be present.
  • At 20 feet high you can go to 15 feet spacing for generating bright light and if you need normal light, a spacing of 18 feet should be used.
  • At 30 feet height, you can go for 20 feet spacing between the lights in order to get a brighter light. However, for normal light, you can go for 25 feet spacing.


Number of Lights 

After you have determined the spacing between the lights, it is now time to know how many lights you are going to need. The number of lights depends on the available space. Using the spacing and the quality of brightness you need, you can know the number of lights you will be needing for a particular space. You can also create a layout to calculate.


Type of Lights

High Bay lights are available in a vareity of shapes.   We offer both round lights, now known as UFO High Bay Lights and longer larger ones knows as LED Linear High Bay Lights.   Most people do not know that round lights spread the lights out just fine if hung a few feet higher up.  Above about 15 feet we always recommend round.  They are easier to install.  In areas with aisles the linear lights become ideal.  At lower heights you can opt for the wide angle style linear high bay lights.


How to Calculate Lux? 

Lux is a complicated matter to calculate. You have to make a full CAD plan, (and we do have IES files if needed) however, there are certain simple ways to help you with the calculation without doing Lux.  We can accomplish the goal with other factors the lumens per square foot of the available space as well as height and spacing.  A good number is 2 lumens per cubic foot. If you want bright light, you can go for 3 lumens per cubic foot.


Always Get Cross Over Lighting 

In order to get better light, you should have light coming from different directions.  This is called cross over lighting.  Ideally we want it from at least 3 locations. The light coming from opposite sides reduces shadows and evens the lighting. As a result, you get better light that avoids the hot spots of bright light you sometimes see . You may have to plan lower lumen fixtures but more of them for better lighting.

How to Calculate Lux? 

Lux is a complicated matter to calculate. You have to make a full CAD plan, (and we do have IES files if needed) however, there are certain simple ways to help you with the calculation without doing Lux.  We can accomplish the goal with other factors the lumens per square foot of the available space as well as height and spacing.  A good number is 2 lumens per cubic foot. If you want bright light, you can go for 3 lumens per cubic foot.


Always Get Cross Over Lighting 

In order to get better light, you should have light coming from different directions.  This is called cross over lighting.  Ideally we want it from at least 3 locations. The light coming from opposite sides reduces shadows and evens the lighting. As a result, you get better light that avoids the hot spots of bright light you sometimes see . You may have to plan lower lumen fixtures but more of them for better lighting.



Last but not least, you should always look for lumens, not watts. No matter how much watts you choose, if there are not enough lumens, you will not get better light.




These are some factors you need to consider while choosing a high bat LED light bulb. If you are not sure, you can always contact Awelled and we will guide you further.



December 2019

LED Track Lighting Supplier Offering Top Class Services

LED Track Lighting Supplier Offering Top Class Services
Lighting has the power to make the place illuminated and an energy too. There are various manufacturers of LED lights in China and some have global presence as well. Several products are manufactured and distributed in the market. Chinese products have found a good standing in the international market as well. LED track lighting supplier can offer products at interesting rates and the customers are happy with the services as well.
What is LED track lighting?
It is a specialized lighting fixture which is fixed overhead like a track and has lights in between. It is mounted on the ceiling or the wall. It is a popular product used in residential and commercial segment as it helps to focus on objects and gives an interesting illumination to the products. The power is run through the track and allows homeowners to highlight the products of their choice. It leaves an impression upon the customers who enter the stores/showrooms.
What are the different types of Track Lighting?
There are three most widely and popularly used tracks across the world. These are termed as H, J, and L track. These names have been given after Halo, Juno, and Lightolier.
Rotating Jewelry Lamp is also one of the most popular products which the commercial stores love to incorporate in their entity. These are used in the showcases and look awesome when lighted and in movement. The products are highlighted, and they appear very interesting. There are high-quality products found in the company which they distribute in the market as well. The products are very popular and have found much appreciation of the users we well. When the product like rotating lamp revolves, the light moves like a trail and the impact is beautiful. The products also look amazing when light is thrown on them.

November 2019

Jewelry Showcase LED Lighting for an Interesting Layout

Jewelry Showcase LED Lighting for an Interesting Layout

Showrooms must keep their showcases lit with proper lights so that the products are properly visible to the window shoppers and passers-by. Showcases also turn out to be the main point of focus in a store. People try to show case their most valued product in the showcase which can attract the attention of the customers and they walk inside the store. Jewelry showcase LED lighting can have an amazing effect and make the product outshine than the rest of the items in the store.

There is no dearth of the best and top-quality showcase led  lighting providers in China. Shenzhen Awelled have a huge collection of LED display lights that they can distribute in the market. Many of these companies are the top manufacturers in the related field for several years and have come forth as reliable partners for their clients. These display lights can be easily installed in showcases and cabinets of the stores. those showcase led spotlights can be directed as per the requirement and the spotlight gives an extremely beautiful impact on the product.

Awelled are engaged in the production of a wide range of Showcase display lighting . There are several other manufacturers in the related field, and they provide a tough competition to the competitors as well. They have designed the prices which are highly attractive and unmatched in the market. This is also one of the main reasons behind the success of their entity.

As and when showcase light is required, it can be adjusted. In the jewelry showroom, the LED lights are quite a success because it gives instant energy to the product as it gets illuminated in the right way. Several jewelry owners feel that the products should be having the right light on the products so that the attention of the customers is easily achieved. Once the customers get a chance to notice the product, they ask for it.

LED showcase lighting is also available in the market and it quite a popular lighting among the showroom owners. The product is also very popular in the residential segment. There are various products that the company is offering to the customers at cost-effective products. Jewelry showcase lighting manufactured by Awelled are all very high in quality. Our aim  is to achieve customer satisfaction of the highest level.

The rotating lights are also very popular in the commercial segment as it provides an amazing and striking feel to the products. The customers also get attracted to such rotating light. Light has a different way to attract the attention of the customers. Even the store owners understand this fact and they want to install such lights in their store. Installation is very simple, and the clients can do the same without any professional help also. The website of Shenzhen Awelled i s very attractive, and all the products have been listed with complete product details. This makes the purchase decision of the customers simple and easy. The payment gateways are also secured.

LED Showcase Lights-Display is the Best Way

LED Showcase Lights-Display is the Best Way


How many times it happens to us, that we walk into a store where everything is up for display and it looks so amazing every color gets brightened designs look more intense, and everything lined up neat and bright looks so good. And all these effects on products up for display are done by lighting when LED showcase light or track light are installed in a store it makes the beauty and appeal of every product magnified.

Why LED display showcase lights?

We live in a world that pays a lot of attention to particular product looks, be it watches jewellery, and are or literally anything. We want to buy things that look beautiful and why shouldn’t we.

  • When you will install these LED lights either in your showcase or install some other kind of led showcase lights according to whatever works for you and your product you will see a drastic increase in your sale of the very product. It has been proven from research that LED showcase lights or display lights can increase sales up to 40%.
  • These LED display showcase lights are used in all the stores of Jewelry display, watch stores. Art galleries museums, and even an antique store. These lights can be custom made according to your requirement thought they already have so many different kinds of LED display lights available.
  • If you are a jewelry store you can also use jewelry lighting fixtures or LED showcase lights which will make every design of your jewelry look stunning all the details will become more intensified due to lights and it will enhance the true potential of all the hard work that was put into the designs.
  • These showcase  lights not just increase the sale of products, the also saves the electricity compared to your other lighting and are good for the environment and if that was not enough, they are sold at absolutely reasonable prices when you will see the profit they will bring.