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January 2024

Exhibition lights: a perfect combination of lighting and display

Exhibition lights: a perfect combination of lighting and display

In exhibitions, lighting is an indispensable and important element. It not only provides sufficient lighting for exhibitors to fully showcase their exhibits, but also creates a unique atmosphere that attracts the attention of visitors. This article will explore the characteristics and functions of exhibition lights, as well as how to choose the appropriate exhibition lights.

A、 The characteristics of exhibition lights

  1. High brightness and uniformity

Exhibition lamps need to have high brightness and uniformity to ensure that exhibits are clearly visible under lighting and present the best results. Meanwhile, high brightness and uniform lighting can also reduce visual fatigue, making it easier for visitors to appreciate the exhibits.

  1. Multi angle adjustment

LED Exhibition lights usually require multi angle adjustment to meet the lighting needs of different booths and exhibits. By adjusting the angle and brightness of the lighting, the unique features and highlights of the exhibits can be highlighted, improving the overall display effect.

  1. Long lifespan and stability

Exhibition lighting need to have a long lifespan and stability to ensure continuous and stable operation during the exhibition period. This not only reduces the hassle of maintaining and replacing light bulbs, but also ensures the long-term display effect of the exhibits.

  1. Energy conservation and environmental protection

Exhibition lights should also have energy-saving and environmentally friendly characteristics to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. Choosing efficient and energy-saving LED lighting fixtures is a good choice, as it can not only reduce energy consumption but also extend service life.

B、 The role of led exhibition lighting

  1. Lighting function

The primary function of exhibition spotlights are to provide sufficient lighting for exhibits, so that they can be clearly visible during the display process. Reasonable lighting arrangement can highlight the characteristics and highlights of exhibits, improve their recognition and attractiveness.

  1. Create an atmosphere

Exhibition led lighting can also create a unique atmosphere and enhance the artistic and ornamental value of exhibits through different lighting effects and color combinations. For example, warm toned lighting can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, while cool toned lighting can create a fresh and bright atmosphere.

  1. Guide visitors’ line of sight

Lighting for Exhibition can be arranged and adjusted reasonably to guide visitors and highlight the key points and highlights of the exhibits. This helps to attract the attention of visitors, increase the attention and influence of exhibits.

C、 How to choose the appropriate exhibition lighting

  1. Understand booth layout and exhibit characteristics

When choosing tradeshow lighting, the first step is to understand the layout of the booth and the characteristics of the exhibits. Choose the appropriate lighting type and layout based on factors such as booth space size, shape, and material and color of exhibits.

  1. Choose the appropriate type of lighting fixture for exhibition

There are many types of lighting fixtures used in exhibitions, such as tube lights, spotlights, wall lights, pendant lights, etc. Select appropriate types of lighting fixtures based on actual needs to meet the needs of lighting and display effects.

  1. Pay attention to the quality and effect of lighting

When choosing exhibition lighting, attention should be paid to the quality and effectiveness of the lighting. Choosing LED fixtures with high brightness and uniformity can provide better lighting effects and energy-saving experiences. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the diversity and adjustability of lighting effects to meet different display needs.

  1. Consider the convenience of installation

Most exhibitors do not like the LED lights provided by the participating contractors, as they are either very dark, have incorrect color temperature, or cannot be moved. Exhibitors prefer customized tradeshow lighting  that are very easy to carry and install. They not only meet the needs of specific exhibits, but are also easy to install and add/remove, meeting the needs during the exhibition period. One purchase, multiple uses. Save a lot of time and money.

Most exhibitors are bosses or salespeople from various industries, and they love the simplest installation.

  1. Consider environmental and energy-saving requirements

With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, choosing environmentally friendly and energy-saving exhibition lights has also become an important consideration factor. Choosing efficient and energy-saving LED lighting fixtures can reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. At the same time, attention should also be paid to selecting recyclable materials to achieve a green and environmentally friendly display.


In short, the selection and use of exhibition lights are crucial for the display effect. By understanding the layout of the booth and the characteristics of the exhibits, selecting appropriate types of lighting fixtures and lighting effects, a more professional and beautiful display space can be created, enhancing the image and brand value of exhibitors.



The AW-TL7701 portable exhibition lights produced by AWELLED is a spotlight designed specifically for commercial display occasions such as exhibitions. It combines the needs of the jewelry industry and solves customer pain points, and has the following significant characteristics:

exhibition lights manufacturer


  1. High brightness output:

AW-TL7701 adopts efficient LED light sources, which can provide high brightness lighting and ensure that exhibits are clearly visible at the exhibition. Its brightness can be adjusted according to actual needs to meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

  1. Lightweight carrying and installation:

The AW-TL7701 is designed to be small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and suitable for use in high mobility occasions such as exhibitions. At the same time, its installation method is simple and convenient, which can be quickly arranged on the booth, saving time and labor costs.

  1. Multi angle adjustment:                                                                                                                                                    AW-TL7701 supports multi angle adjustment, which can meet the lighting needs of different booths and exhibits. By adjusting the angle and brightness of the lighting, the unique features and highlights of the exhibits can be highlighted, enhancing the overall display effect.
  2. Long lifespan, energy conservation, and environmental protection: AW-TL7701 adopts LED light sources, which have the characteristics of long lifespan, energy conservation, and environmental protection. Its efficient and energy-saving design can reduce energy consumption and operating costs, while also reducing environmental pollution.
  3. Easy to operate and adjust: AW-TL7701 is equipped with a simple and easy-to-use control panel, allowing users to easily adjust parameters such as brightness and color temperature of lights to meet different display needs. At the same time, multiple modes can be preset to quickly switch according to the actual scene.
  4. Protection level and reliability: AW-TL7701 has a high level of protection and can adapt to various harsh exhibition environments. Its stable and reliable performance can ensure long-term continuous operation, reducing the trouble of maintenance and replacement.

In summary, AW-TL7701 portable exhibition lighting fixtures have significant features such as high brightness, lightweight portability, multi angle adjustment, long lifespan, energy conservation and environmental protection, easy operation and adjustment, high protection level and reliability, and are suitable for various commercial exhibition occasions, especially jewelry luxury exhibitions. It can provide professional and beautiful lighting effects, enhance the attractiveness and influence of exhibits, and is an ideal choice in the field of display lighting.

August 2019

Pictures nears HongKong Exhibiation Hall

Jewellery&Gem Fair (HongKong) in September is approaching now

The 37th edition of the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair is ready to open its doors to thousands of exhibitors and professional buyers from September 16 to 22, fair organiser Informa Markets said, following recent developments in Hong Kong.

In a statement, Celine Lau, director for Jewellery Fairs at Informa Markets, cited positive signs indicating that the situation in the city is cooling down as of today.

These include:

•    The demonstration held this past Sunday was peaceful and concluded without any violence.

•    The Airport Authority has obtained an injunction order against activities that interfere with the proper use of the airport except in the designated areas in the arrivals hall. This means that the airport is operating normally.

•    The Hong Kong Government has declared it is committed to “creating a platform for dialogue” with various sectors of society.

•    The HKTDC Food Expo and its concurrent fairs attracted 2,100 exhibitors and drew nearly 450,000 visitors. There was a drop in foreign visitor turnout, but exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of buyers onsite.

“We have not received demands for cancellation as stated in a joint letter recently sent to us by three trade associations,” Lau explained. “Instead, what we have been getting are calls from exhibitors inquiring about the possibility of securing better booth locations in the event of cancellations, and inquiries for participation. We continue to receive visitor pre-registrations daily. Rumours about the fair’s alleged cancellation/postponement have in fact resulted in increased interest on the show’s exhibitor profile and contents.”

To ease any concerns on insurance coverage for transportation of merchandise, she said Informa Markets had obtained confirmation from Malca-Amit and Brinks that there is no change in the insurance policy in relation to the public incidents in Hong Kong. Both are actively serving exhibitors from Antwerp, Israel, India, the US and other markets.

“These are facts illustrating that the jewellery community is ready and looking forward to this important event,” said Lau. “We have been very focused in the last 11 months preparing for the September Fair. We appreciate and value the jewellery industry’s commitment to this event, which allows us to deliver a high-quality show. Exhibitions have been – and will always be – the best place to look for business and new buyers.” 

According to the company official, the last three quarters have been challenging for the industry, which is why exhibitors, buyers and stakeholders across the entire business spectrum are fully engaged to get the most out of the September Fair. As the last international fair on this year’s jewellery trade show calendar, this show represents many exhibitors’ last major opportunity to capture orders in 2019 for 2020 and beyond. 

The September Fair’s visitor promotion campaign is in full swing, noted Lau. Informa Markets is investing extra resources in marketing activities (both online and offline), especially through various industry associations. As of today, many delegations have already reconfirmed their attendance, including groups from Poland, Vietnam, South America, Russia and China, to name a few.

As of today, the travel alert level for Hong Kong – where business is running as usual – remains comparable with the current alert level assigned to the UK, Europe, China and several other countries.

“These special circumstances might have presented us with a unique set of challenges, but we will not allow these to deter us from delivering the best possible September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair that our exhibitors and visitors deserve. We sincerely look forward to welcoming everyone in Hong Kong soon. See you all at the September Fair,” continued Lau.