LED Rotating Light

Shop LED rotating light bulbs and let them catch your customers’ eyes

A jewelry store is one of the most light-demanding facilities out there. As someone who runs a business in this industry, you should know that gold, platinum, and silver look fabulous when illuminated by the lights of the corresponding color temperature. Our rotating LED lights are available in various setups to add this effect to your jewelry or watch store, plus a spin!

Jewels sell themselves as long as they are adequately presented in the stand. When a diamond is lit from the right angle, its shine can’t go unnoticed. The same applies to jewelry sets and watches. While any piece has delightful features, you can’t demonstrate them all visually, but you can turn the spotlight on how they look.

ShenZhen Awelled Optoelectronics produces specialized LED lights, and our spinning options can definitely benefit your jewelry store. You can set them up with fixed or other rotating LED lights to ensure a perfect display for your products. Browse our catalog to select what will eventually result in more sales for your business!

Durable and beautifully designed LED rotating lights for sale

Enhanced with rotating technology, our lamps are available to cover all your needs for lighting jewelry stands. Some of these spinning LED lights can deliver a shine in various colors to accentuate the pieces you sell. Also, we carry smart lamps with proximity sensors that can bring a wow effect to your displays. They come with 6 LEDs in the middle to illuminate your jewelry and watches only when your customers approach.

Here are the noteworthy characteristics of our LED lights with rotating features:

  • proven OSRAM chips
  • 3000K-7000K color temperature
  • up to 80% in energy savings
  • noiseless rotating
  • wattage options: 24W-36W
  • come with clips so that you can hang them securely

All our lamps have active cooling systems and contain no lead or mercury. They are also upgraded with the industry’s best drivers to prevent flickering and have adjustable body angles, allowing you to set the lights exactly where needed.

Because some cutting may be involved in the installation process, you better leave it to professionally trained specialists. If you decide to do it yourself, follow all the guidelines to avoid jewelry display damage and power-related hazards.

As a leading LED rotating light manufacturer, ShenZhen Awelled Optoelectronics offers high-end products and only uses parts from well-established vendors. That’s why we assure you that no unexpected failures should ever happen with our lamps. But this doesn’t mean you can overlook installation or connection guidelines.

More sales are coming after ordering LED rotating lamps

Owning a jewelry store is a highly profitable endeavor. But your success depends on lights more than anything else once your customers walk in. Buying LED rotating lights means bringing eye-catching glare and chick to your jewelry items or watches when they are there.

You can now easily make your displays more attractive and sell more pieces with ShenZhen Awelled Optoelectronics! Contact us if you have questions and need expert answers.

LED full-color rotating lamps: A bright replacement choice

What if your stands are flooded with light, but sales could still be higher? Could that be that salespeople are overpaid, or is it something else? If your jewelry business struggles, it’s time to transform it with interior tweaks that are best felt by changing the lighting. Rotating LED bulbs producing light of insufficient intensity, wrong color, or beam width may be the reason why your watches or jewelry sets do not shine as they could.
No rotating lamps at all? You could do better by installing them.

Awelled has fixtures that can save your business. When equipped with a rotator, LED lights are more effective in highlighting the distinctive features of your jewelry. They shine, switch colors, and reassure your customers that their eyes are the best to trust when buying expensive items.

Our LED color rotating lamps can replace all your existing lights, adding numerous features like proximity sensors and RGB LEDs for varying lighting temperatures. With this in mind, you can start renovating your lighting stack one by one to check if the overall customers’ impression and sales are on the mend.

Please Note: While combining outdated lighting with advanced fixtures may sometimes work, installing new LED lights sets you up for the most efficient results. Deterioration and degrading color temperatures of the existing lamps may be disharmonious with new LED full-color rotating lamps, making your showroom less comfortable for your customers than it can be. Don’t spoil the moment!