LED Rotating Light

LED full-color rotating lamps: A bright replacement choice

What if your stands are flooded with light, but sales could still be higher? Could that be that salespeople are overpaid, or is it something else? If your jewelry business struggles, it’s time to transform it with interior tweaks that are best felt by changing the lighting. Rotating LED bulbs producing light of insufficient intensity, wrong color, or beam width may be the reason why your watches or jewelry sets do not shine as they could.
No rotating lamps at all? You could do better by installing them.

Awelled has fixtures that can save your business. When equipped with a rotator, LED lights are more effective in highlighting the distinctive features of your jewelry. They shine, switch colors, and reassure your customers that their eyes are the best to trust when buying expensive items.

Our LED color rotating lamps can replace all your existing lights, adding numerous features like proximity sensors and RGB LEDs for varying lighting temperatures. With this in mind, you can start renovating your lighting stack one by one to check if the overall customers’ impression and sales are on the mend.

Please Note: While combining outdated lighting with advanced fixtures may sometimes work, installing new LED lights sets you up for the most efficient results. Deterioration and degrading color temperatures of the existing lamps may be disharmonious with new LED full-color rotating lamps, making your showroom less comfortable for your customers than it can be. Don’t spoil the moment!