How to cut LED Neon Light?

 Suggestions on  Cutting  LED Neon Light

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LED Neon Light is a bendable, waterproof and versatile lighting solution that is particularly effective in creating signs and patterns. The major benefits of this high quality product is its availability in a wide range of colours as standard, and that it can be cut down to custom lengths to suit the design requirements of your project. According to the applications ,Shenzhen Awelled
Has a series flexible silicones for choice ,different sizes ,different side-lighting. Besides ,we also have many different width and qty of led flexible led strips .
In this guide, we’ll show you how to safely and successfully cut strips of neon light to desired lengths.
You will need sharp cutting tools, scissors, welding tools and silicone adhesive. Before cutting the LED Neon Light, make sure you have all the parts and tools to hand. To get a clean finish and avoid damaging the wires inside, you need to use a sharp cutting tool that is easy to control

1. Cutting Neon Light

• Find the cutting line on the neon lights
On the bottom of the led neon light strip there are black marks that represent the products cut lines. If you cut outside of the cut lines that section of LED strip will fail to work. Determine the best cut point for your strip first off.
• Cut a Wedge in Silicon Above Cut Line
Due to the high density of this strip light the conductive copper pads are very small. In order to cut the strip with enough room to solder to it is best to first expose the cut line on the led strip. To do this use a sharp razor blade and small snipping tool to cut a wedge out of the silicon cutting above the cut line. Disregarding this step can lead to a dead and non-conductive section of LEDs.
• Cut led strip lights in the center of the cut line
• Use a blade and shearing tool to expose the copper pads
Now that the strip is cut you must cut back the silicon housing enough to solder your wires to the copper pads. This is done easily with a sharp razor blade and snipping tool. Do not cut too far back to where the end cap will not cover the strip light.

• Tin Pads, Solder Wire to Strip and Test Conductivity
Once your strip light is ready to be soldered, tin the copper pads on the strip. Then use the extra wire lead with end cap to solder to the strip. Be sure to use the end with the small wire leads, you do not want your wires contacting each other after the end cap is applied. If you are not confident in your soldering skills be sure to test the connection before gluing the end cap.
• Glue to the end cap with silicone glue
After testing your connection you can now glue on your end cap. To make a proper seal and retain the IP66 rating use an outdoor rated, clear drying silicon adhesive.
• Clean Excess Glue and Gum Commissure
• Test Strip Again and Let Adhesive Dry


2. Application on LED Neon Light

Led flex neon light is made by led strip light and silicon extrusion. It is very soft, like a flexible profile light. It can be widely used in various scenarios, such as border lighting, accent lighting, custom neon signs and displays, advertising, hotel lighting, skyline, etc.

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