LED Track Light

Aim beautiful illumination with LED ceiling track lights

Brightening up an indoor facility has never been easier than with sophisticated track lighting. These LED fixtures can be installed wherever a tracking mechanism can fit into a space, which is why they have revolutionized many industries. They blend the performance of spotlights and the adjustability of their showcase counterparts. If you want to witness what this combination has to offer for your place, order LED lights for track lighting at ShenZhen Awelled Optoelectronics.

Here we carry innovative track lighting solutions for any environment per your request. Our products can be used anywhere, from a showroom presenting a new car to an art gallery, bar, or renovated kitchen. LED technology is a great addition to them, providing these lights with low power consumption modes, fantastic illumination capabilities, and simple maintenance. You don’t even need to waste your money hiring certified installers to set up or replace our track lighting fixtures.

ShenZhen Awelled Optoelectronics can also deliver track lights that we do not currently have in this catalog. Want something uniquely made to enhance the image of your business or draw attention to your products? We’re up for it.

LED track lights that breathe versatility

Our track lights can be used in a plethora of combinations. They can be made in a single-circuit or multi-circuit configuration and installed anywhere you want as long as a track frame can be applied there. We’ve taken great pains to design our fixtures with versatility in mind as a LED track light manufacturer.

When it comes to your illumination and track light design options, you can pick spotlights:

  • for black, white, or silver beams
  • in regular or exclusively slim housings
  • in black or white brushed aluminum housing designs
  • to be installed on the walls or ceilings
  • with 3W to 40W in wattage options
  • in standard or tailor-made sizes

Are you shopping for LED ceiling track lights that aren’t like what your competitors use? Go unusual with our zoomable products. They can be used to reconfigure the light beam and adjust it to the environment. The angle can vary from 15 to 60 degrees, giving you the freedom to shift the focus of illumination. That means there is no need to pay extra for additional smaller or larger fixtures to adjust lighting while still keeping it in the position.

Buy LED track lights and enjoy warranty coverage for every purchase

Things break, and mishaps happen. But not with ShenZhen Awelled Optoelectronics! We’ve made a name for ourselves as China’s #1 LED track light supplier for many reasons. Our multi-year warranty is one of them.

Whatever design or wattage you select, you’re covered for all potential defects with our LED track lights. With this warranty, you can illuminate your spaces while knowing you’ve made the right choice.

Need professional advice on the combination of fixtures or what wattage should work for you? Just contact us. We’ll also be happy to prepare a personalized quote for one-of-a-kind LED track lights in China!

Awelled’s most popular track lighting systems

Lighting may be underused. To get the best out of it with stunning effects, install Awelled’s top-performing lights:

  • Track lights for ceiling installation are the most widespread type. They are mounted to the upper surface, with tracks running along the room’s length. This type is perfect for large premises, such as retail spaces, conference halls, theaters, and auditoriums.
  • Surface-mounted track lights are a neat illumination addition to the wall or ceiling. These fixtures hang out of a metal track and work best for commercial or industrial spaces with high ceilings.
  • Recessed track lights are another configuration of ceiling-mounted luminaires. With them, you can’t visually identify where your fixtures are, and the track is recessed into the ceiling. Because they don’t interfere with the look of your space, they are ideal when visual enhancement is vital.
  • Track lighting systems are the most complex type, featured by a track running along the ceiling and multiple fixtures. They are often used in commercial settings, ensuring ultimate installation and illumination flexibility.

LEDs for track lighting by Awelled allow you to experiment with interior illumination ideas and set-ups. They have various intensities and can be attached to tracks of different sizes. For something that looks magnificent, you can also combine multiple LED light colors that blend in with your furniture and preferences.

Our lighting systems flawlessly pair with the existing interior décor. They don’t attract too much attention from guests or visitors, so you can do what you do with neutral illumination.