Jewelry Ceiling Light

The use of LED lamps in jewelry display

The design of jewelry store lighting can better display the jewelry effect.

Color temperatures’s choice :

Warm white light (yellow light): It is mainly suitable for the lighting of gold. The light is mainly yellow, which has a good effect on jewelry that needs to be illuminated by yellow light.

Cool white light (partial blue light): mainly use diamonds, silver jewelry, famous watches and other products. The light is mainly bluish, which is very effective for jewelry that needs to shine a flash (spark) effect.

For jade ware and jade ware: In view of the large difference in the fineness and appearance color of jade ware and jade ware, different customers have different lighting needs. The main focus is to use warm white light (yellow light) or the use of positive white light (white light with a little yellow) position. At present, these lighting positions are used. Of course, each customer has different opinions. Therefore, the color temperature of the lighting of jade and jadeite still needs to be different from person to person.

Various factors need to consider before choice jewelry ceiling lights

1. Installation height (the height between the lamp and the counter):

when the height When the lamp is within 2 meters, generally choose to use  36*1W Awelled Jewelry  LED ceiling light or 9*3W Jewelry ceiling light; when the height is more than 2 meters, choose18*3W Green Emperor LED ceiling light or 18*1 Green Emperor LED ceiling light.

2. Installation width (the width between the lamp and the lamp):

Generally, the installation criterion of lamps is to install one lamp every 30-50cm. Of course, according to the height and the customer’s requirements for lighting, the lamps can be adjusted appropriately. If you need to achieve an optimal, shadow-free jewelry lighting effect, you can install a 3*3W LED ceiling light between the two headlights, so that you can achieve a complete light spot effect. There will be a gap in the brightness of the light inside the counter.

3 Counter light bar:

In addition to the high cabinets recommended to use  Awelled LED pole light (the height of the high cabinet should not be less than 310mm), the rest of the cabinets or open cabinets choose to use the Green Emperor LED light bar . As for the number of lamp beads, it depends on the customer’s demand for the brightness of the light.
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