Anti glare 21pcs 42W LED recessed downlight for Jewelry Store

Anti glare 21pcs 42W LED recessed downlight for Jewelry Store

  1. 21pcs Osram chips
  2. Max watt is up 42W
  3. Super brightness &Powerful
  4. Special for Jewelry&Watch stores
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Why do we have to choose Jewelry Recessed  Downlight ? 

There are many kinds of LED recessed downlights on the market, the price and quality are good, why do we have to choose jewelry recessed  downlights?
The characteristics of jewelry itself have extremely high requirements for light sources, such as:
(1) Very high lumen efficiency (90 Lm/W);
(2) Low heat radiation;
(3) Good color rendering;
(4) Uniform light color, bright and vivid color;
(5) Try to avoid tarnishing textiles and embrittlement of plastics (UV protection);
(6) The light color is constant throughout the effective life;
(7) Not sensitive to temperature changes;
(8) Long service life, economical and durable;
(9) Eye-catching lighting, commonly used light colors: yellow light, neutral white and daylight white.                                        (10) Ordinary commercial lighting only pays attention to uniformity, comfort, and economy, while jewelry recessed  lighting not only pays attention to brightness and index, but also pays attention to the diversity of color temperature to meet the needs of different types of display products. It is precisely because of this type of ceiling lamp It is specially designed for jewelry and other luxury goods, and the requirements in all aspects will be higher than that of commercial ceiling lamps on the market. Only then will your jewelry be different, more dazzling, and even more admirable.                                                                                             

Features of LED recessed downlight for luxury shops  

* Refined Aluminum
* SMD3030
* 21pcs Osram chips
* Cut Size :145-160 mm
* Easy for operation and Installation                                                                                                                                                         * Save up to 70% on electric bill                                                                                                                                                       *Can mix different color temperature                                                                                                                                              *Special for jewellry&Watch shops                                                                                                                                                   *light direction adjustable 

Applications on powerful LED recessed downlight :

1. Ceiling in Jewelry&Gem /Watch Stores
2.Jewellery  showroom
3. Collectibles store
4. Office Building 
5. Indoor and decoration lighting
6,Luxury stores


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Model : AW-DL0121

Input voltage : 100-240Vac

CRI : >83
Beam Angle:15/25 degree

CCT : 2700-12000K

Size: Dia170*107mm

Cut Size :145-160mm

Surface color : White /Black

Light direction : Unadjustable

High quality waterproof led driver was included each one has its own small box

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