15W Ultra thin SMD LED Recessed Downlgiht

*Ultra-thin ceiling lamp, with height 29 mm
*Integrated die-cast aluminum shell ,Economical recessed downlight
* Multiple watts options :3W /7W/9W/15W/18W /24W/30W
*Surface color : White or Black

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15W led recessed downlight is an economical ultra-thin ceiling lamp. You can find tube lamps of different sizes from 3W to 30W in this series. It adopts an integrated die-cast aluminum shell, with a height of 29MM. It adopts Sanan2835 high brightness light bead and flicker-free power supply, which can adapt to installation in narrow spaces. Compared with professional jewelry ceiling lights, the power is relatively low, the brightness is slightly weak, the penetration is relatively weak, and the luminous angle is relatively wide, but the price is low. It is very suitable for general lighting areas such as jewelry store corridors and rest areas, and can also be used for home and office lighting areas.

How to choice suitable led recessed downlight ?


LED recessed downlights are the most common, typically installed in plasterboard ceilings with a minimum clearance for the LED driver (power supply) and ventilation. Some important key factors to assist in choosing the right recessed downlight are:

*Select the cut-out size for the recessed downlight
*Select the choice of downlight with an opal diffuser or lens option
*Select the frame colour
*Select the colour temperature
*Do you require the downlight to be dimmable
*Select the right wattage and light output requirement depending on ceiling height and positioning of downlights within the room.

If you are unsure of which downlight will suit your home, please contact us for further information and assistance.


Features on 15W LED recessed downlight :


*Ultra-thin ceiling lamp, with height 29 mm
*Integrated die-cast aluminum shell ,Economical recessed downlight
*Unadjustable light direction
*Adopt Sanan 2835 chips
* Multiple watts options :3W /7W/9W/15W/18W /24W/30W
*Surface color : White or Black
*No dark areas, more beautiful lighting
* Customized chips and driver can be discussed .
* Can be mix color

Application on led recessed downlight :


1 ,General lighting in Jewelry/Watch stores

2, Home/hotel lighting or office light

3,Commerical lighting in various retail stores

(Español) Modelo: AW - DL3015
Tensión de entrada: 100 - 240vac
Potencia: 15w
Cri: > 83
Chip: sanan
ángulo del haz: 120 °
Importe total del contrato:2700k-6500K
Liuming: 80lm / W
Tamaño: 145 * 29 mm

de diámetro
Tamaño de corte: 110 - 120 mm
Color de la superficie: blanco o negro
Incluye el embalaje de la unidad LED de alta calidad: cada uno tiene su propia garantía de caja pequeña: 3 años

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