Buy LED PAR bulbs to help your business sell

Accent lighting can be found everywhere, from street lighting and traffic lights to clothing boutiques and even swimming pools. Usually, conventional halogen fixtures are used to make it all work. However, due to low productivity, short life span, and excessive power consumption, they require replacement more often than not. Our PAR LED bulbs are perfect for this purpose.

PAR stands for a parabolic aluminized reflector, which means that these lamps work similarly to the reflector headlight technology used in vehicles. The light stream falls on the reflector and dissipates lighting over the projected area. If the source of light is a performance LED chip, it provides excellent accent lighting results.

Order LED PAR lamps from ShenZhen Awelled Optoelectronics to get the best lamps for your business, house, apartment, or other facilities. We produce them for indoor and outdoor applications, so there is no need to seek multiple vendors if your project requires lighting for different environments. If you’re unsure whether using PAR LEDs is right for your needs, we can help you with advice.

Why stock up on our lamps with LED PARs for sale?

We distinguish between outdoor and indoor lighting, so there are two different product lines. Streetlights can do without increased brightness and white light colors, while a jewelry store or a display project will need both. Outdoor applications also imply nasty weather conditions, so our LED PAR lights are designed to function under them without a hitch.

As a leading China LED PAR lights shop, we stand behind our bulbs, chips, and features. These lamps are associated with:

  • PAR 30, PAR 38, PAR 56, and PAR 64 dimensions of the bulbs
  • Higher power ranges if you require top-performing lights for business applications and outdoor use
  • Lower power ranges for indoor applications
  • Color temperature from 3000K to 10000K, (looks great when lighting a jewelry display stand or setting up a photography location)
  • Daily usage of 8 to 14 hours for businesses and from 2 to 6 hours for home lighting
  • Mini fans for lamps used commercially and passive cooling for residential products

All these features can also be coupled with those you want to customize. We always try to avoid unnecessary power consumption and inefficient usage of LEDs that may cost you top dollar to run. To make sure your bills won’t overwhelm you once you install PAR lights, carefully read the specs or contact us.

LED PAR light prices can be this low

There is no better place than ShenZhen Awelled Optoelectronics to brighten up your residential or commercial facility with LEDs. We guarantee high-quality bulbs and fixtures as a LED PAR light distributor you can trust.

With us, you’re bringing 100% reasonable prices and advanced lighting systems to your home, jewelry store, or any other business. We’ve been paving our way as a LED PAR light manufacturer for years and know what lighting can benefit you. And if it features the PAR in its name, it will always fit the bill!

Halve the costs with LED PAR light bulbs

A well-lit space is a mission to accomplish for businesses and most households. But the cost of doing so usually exceeds reasonable limits if light sources are not optimized or of inferior quality. They may make your illumination subpar or too expensive to maintain.

Awelled has a perfect solution for you if you are in for budget optimization by cutting unnecessary expenses. With our PAR LEDs for sale, the electricity consumption of your facility or home is a fixture away from dropping!

These LEDs can serve as conventional lamps and consume only 45W instead of a cumulative 700W. You can easily estimate the savings. They should cover any expenses for the replacement and make the electricity consumption of your office or household much more environment-friendly. Besides, you can invest the released funds in further business modernization or other purposes.

Get PAR LEDs from China for popular lamp set-ups

Awelled is well aware of the lamp base spectrum customers usually require and provides LEDs for the most popular set-ups for your convenience. You can choose between LED plastic flat PAR lights and spherical PAR LEDs made of aluminum and plastic for the following lamp bases:

  • E26
  • E27
  • GX16D

Our lamps comply with EU/US standards so that you can apply the fixtures anywhere to create the scene for street lighting, a presentation room in a jewelry store, or a well-illuminated space for accents. Be creative with set-ups, and our PAR LEDs will do the rest.