Halve the costs with LED PAR light bulbs

A well-lit space is a mission to accomplish for businesses and most households. But the cost of doing so usually exceeds reasonable limits if light sources are not optimized or of inferior quality. They may make your illumination subpar or too expensive to maintain.

Awelled has a perfect solution for you if you are in for budget optimization by cutting unnecessary expenses. With our PAR LEDs for sale, the electricity consumption of your facility or home is a fixture away from dropping!

These LEDs can serve as conventional lamps and consume only 45W instead of a cumulative 700W. You can easily estimate the savings. They should cover any expenses for the replacement and make the electricity consumption of your office or household much more environment-friendly. Besides, you can invest the released funds in further business modernization or other purposes.

Get PAR LEDs from China for popular lamp set-ups

Awelled is well aware of the lamp base spectrum customers usually require and provides LEDs for the most popular set-ups for your convenience. You can choose between LED plastic flat PAR lights and spherical PAR LEDs made of aluminum and plastic for the following lamp bases:

  • E26
  • E27
  • GX16D

Our lamps comply with EU/US standards so that you can apply the fixtures anywhere to create the scene for street lighting, a presentation room in a jewelry store, or a well-illuminated space for accents. Be creative with set-ups, and our PAR LEDs will do the rest.