35W FR2.4 G Wireless CCT tunable& Dimmable led downlight

35W FR2.4 G Wireless CCT tunable& Dimmable led downlight

*Narrow edge design, cut size 95MM,

*FR2.4G Wireless Dimmable & CCT tunable 

*Small boby with max watt 35W

*Flicker -free Intelligent LED Driver

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The 35W LED downlight dimmable is designed especially Brand Jewelry stores . Narrow edge design ,small body
with max output watt 35W ,make your stores more simple and bright . You can adjustable it’s brightness from
10% to 100% with dimmable led driver. Somebody also want to change it’s color termperature , we use special
COB and intelligent dimmable and CCT tunable led drivers meet their requirements.In this way ,this led downlight dimmable has a more wider applications.
Dimmable led downlight is ideal for controlling the ambience in any room or providing a little extra light when needed. You don’t need to rely on halogen or incandescent bulbs for dimmable lighting options. Dimmable LED downlights are more cost-effective than other types of lighting and provide the perfect lighting solution for any room in your home.

What’s cob led downlights dimmable?

led downlights dimmable have a cob led installed in them and they use a Lens (reflector) . cob have a single point source of light thus with the use of the reflector this is a directional source of light . thus it is used as a focus spot lighting . It’s brightness can be adjustable by controllers .


LED downlight dimmable for commercial VS Jewelry&Watch stores:


LED downlight has a variety of different applications in both residential and commercial buildings. Install these energy-efficient fixtures in your bedrooms, bathrooms and living room for increased lighting at a lower price. In commercial applications, these fixtures work best in offices, hallways, conference rooms and for general display lighting. Whether you want a completely new fixture, or if you would rather save some money and retrofit.

But this kinds anti-glare lights are especially designed for Jewelry &Watch stores and other luxury stores . So there are differences compare with other commercial recessed lights:

1, More focus ,Beam angle is 12 and 24 degree .
2, More Powerful ,It’s output watt is up 35W while other lights only have max 20w .The brightness over display cabinet is enough even if height is 3 meters
3, More smaller cut out ,It’s cut hole is 95 mm
4, Support long-term uninterrupted work, stable performance and low light decay.


Features on cob led downlight dimmable:


*Narrow edge design, cut size 95MM,
*Unadjustable COB led down light
*Small body with 35W watt
*CCT 2700K to 5700K tunable
*Dimmable : 10% to 100% Brightness adjustable
*Bean angle 12° /24°36° ,excellent Lens

* Flicker free led driver
*Warranty : 3 Years

Model : AW-DL5602

Input voltage : 100-240Vac
Beam Angle: 12°/24° /36°

CCT : 2700k-5700K Tunable

Lumen: 3400-3600lm

Size: Dia103*105mm

Cut Size :95mm

Surface color : White


Qty /Carton : 24pcs

Function: FR2.4 G Wireless Dimmable and CCT tunable

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