12W cut size 75mm led recessed light fixtures

12W cut size 75mm led recessed light fixtures

*Famous COB& LED Driver

*GLM Len: 12/24/38°

*Lamp cup colors available: black, white, silver, rose gold  

*Other watts : 12W-50W can be choice

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LED recessed light fixturesis a type of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling or display cabinet. It does not destroy the perfect unit of ceiling art because of the installation of the lamp. Its biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity and perfection of the building decoration, with structural advantages. The light source is used to hide the interior of the building decoration, and the LED light source is not exposed and does not irritate the eye skin.

What’s cob recessed light fixtures?

led recessed light fixtureshave a cob led installed in them and they use a Lens (reflector) . cob have a single point source of light thus with the use of the reflector this is a directional source of light . thus it is used as a focus spot lighting .

Instroduction on COB LED recessed  light fixtures:

Recessed light has a variety of different applications in both residential and commercial buildings. Install these energy-efficient fixtures in your house, bathrooms and living room for increased lighting at a lower price. In commercial applications, these fixtures work best in offices, hallways, hotels ,retail stores ,conference rooms and for general display lighting. Whether you want a completely new fixture, or if you would rather save some money and retrofit.

Ceiling Height on COB LED Sptolight :


The higher the ceiling, the further the light source is from the surface you need to illuminate. When using a downlight with a narrower beam angle such as the LED gimbal (38°) downlight, the intensity of the light that hits the floor is greater than if you use a fixed downlight with a wide beam angle (60°). With a wide beam angle, light is dispersed into the air, leaving the surface area darker. Thats’ why most Boutiques like to use narrow beam angle ,especially in jewelry &luxury stores .


Main advantages of   LED recessed light fixtures:

*  Series watts from 8W -50W for choice
* Smaller cut size Dia75mm
* Unadjustable  light  direction
* GLM Len: 12/24/38°
*Osram COB
*Surface color : White+Black
*Lamp cup colors available: black, white, silver, rose gold
* CE ,UL Listed LED Driver can be choice
*Dimmable or No dimmable can be choice

Model : AW-DL5812                                                                   

Input voltage : 100-240Vac                                                                        

CRI : >83                                                                    

Chip: Osram cob
Beam Angle:12/24/38 degree                                

CCT : 2700-6500K                                     

Lumen: 90lm/w                                     

Size:  Dia90*56mm                            

Cut Size :75mm (2.5inch)                           

Surface color :  White+Black                     

high quality waterproof led driver was included                                                       

Packing : 18pcs/cnt ,each one has its own small box

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