Story  :

FRANCESCA provided us their own design of this shop concept which is consistent with their fresh and feminine style. As well as our design team made the proposal and drawing concretely and properly to each items. They included detail design, material, measurement, color finish and etc. for the custom retail display case and LED lights. After all the details were confirmed, we started to manufacture all the items of different display cases in our factory.

FRANCESCA is famous brand Jewelry Brand in Australia . The flagship shop of Australia jewelry brand FRANCESCA located in Melbourne Central, was renovated and reopened in 2019 .We contacted them  many years ago .We always send related documents on LED cabinet light and other Jewelry display lighting  to them .We recommend a good display case manufacturer after they told us  they will open a new Jewelry stores .They asked showcase manufacturer to use Shenzhen Awelled LED cabinet lights for their projects .There are many different design on led cabinet lights among our factory ,AW-SL0302  2W led counter lights is a finical choice.https://www.awelled.com/products/silver-led-standing-spotlight/                                                           2W led showcase light

This counter lamp and their design have achieved a perfect combination.Following are some pictures on their stores .

Story : 

Baranof Jewelers locates in 537 Main St. Park City, UT 84060 ,United States ,We start to contact Baranof Jewelers for many years ago ,They always give us inquiry on Jewelry display lighting .

SMD LED Downlight in Jewelry Stores   VS  LED Downlights in shopping mall  home&hotel

In December ,Tony told us they are looking a ceiling lighting for Jewelry stores and hope we can give their some suggestions .SMD LED Downlights 18pcs High Watt LEDs AW-DL0119 is a ideal choice .

Advantage on this Recessed DownLights 

Classic housing &CCT Layout and good heat dissipation

Super Brightness &More focus light& No dark point &strong peretration

*Recessed design but more professional for Jewelry .

*Low light decay ,long -lasting.

There are so many led lights wholesalers in United States ,Why not buy match led down lights at local Marketing ? Jewelry lighting is a very small branch of commercial lighting, with a small market share. Most wholesalers care about shopping malls and household lighting, so they think that ordinary ceiling lamps can be satisfied, very unprofessional, and we specialize in the production of jewelry beads. Many years of experience have been accumulated in this area.

Leading Jewelry LED Downlight  and Jewelry display lighting Manufacturer 

Almost all Chinese jewelers will choose SMD  led Downlights. Choosing Awelled means choosing a profession and choosing a good plan .Leading Jewelry LED Downlight Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. Our down lighting factory focus on manufacturing LED Downlight light, cob downlight over ten years. We have rich experience to produce high quality LED downlights especially for Jewelry&Stores. Our LED downlights use high-end raw materials, such as Osram chips, high quality LED driver ,PMMA optics ,which will give a prefect light effect with long-lasting .

Fully supports &Fast Delivery 

After our introductions on SMD LED Downlights ,They  decide to buy  this downlight for Jewelry Stores ,but all goods must be ready within 4 days ,they stores must be open in 9 days .  After coordination by all parties, we finally completed the delivery in 3 days .Tony was  very happy and satisfied with this lights effect  and shared some pictures on their stores .