Modern Minimalist 10W Trimless LED Line Spotlight

Modern Minimalist 10W Trimless LED Line Spotlight

*Recessed Trimless Line Spotlight 

*Deep Anti glare design .

*Unform Lighting 

*Modern Aesthetics

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Description on LED line spotlight :

Line Recessed LED Downlight is a sleek, low-profile fixed LED downlight. It is a perfect combination of lens and reflector with superior glare control. The secondary reflector is available in black, white, silver and gold for ultimate versatility. Commercial quality, with a long life-span .

A LED line spotlight is a type of lighting fixture that combines the benefits of traditional downlights with a linear form factor. Unlike traditional circular downlights, linear downlights are elongated and rectangular in shape. They are designed to provide a sleek and modern lighting solution that can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of architectural and interior design settings.

Linear downlights offer a contemporary twist on traditional downlighting solutions. Their sleek design, even illumination, and versatile applications make them a popular choice for achieving modern lighting aesthetics while providing effective and efficient lighting coverage.

What are the advantages of recessed LED line spotlight?

Modern Aesthetics:

LED line spotlights provide a sleek and minimalistic look that fits well in modern and contemporary spaces. Their elongated shape adds a touch of sophistication and visual interest.

Efficient Coverage:

Due to their elongated design, linear downlights cover a broader area with consistent light distribution, reducing the need for multiple fixtures in larger spaces.

Architectural Integration:

LED line spotlight can be seamlessly integrated into architectural features such as coves, alcoves, and linear recesses, contributing to the overall design scheme.

Uniform Illumination:

The linear form factor of these downlights allows for a more uniform spread of light, minimizing the creation of harsh shadows or uneven illumination.

Flexibility in Design:

LED line spotlight can be installed individually, in a linear arrangement, or in patterns, providing flexibility in designing lighting layouts that match the specific requirements of a space.

Enhanced Ambiance:

The even and subdued illumination provided by linear downlights helps create a comfortable and inviting ambiance in various settings.


LED line spotlights are ideal for spaces with limited ceiling clearance or where a more streamlined appearance is desired.

 Application 10W LED Linespotlight :

Home, Shop, ,Office, Hotel, Architecture, Commercial,display cabinets

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Model: AW-DL7010

Input voltage : 100-240Vac

Body Color:
Power:10 W ( 5LEDs)

Orignal Osram chips

CRI : 83/92

Beam angle :12°/24° /36°
CCT : 3000K 4000K 6000K

Lumen: 85LM/W


Cut size :138*35mm                     

Including high quality LED driver

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