18pcs Power LEDs Recessed Rotor Lamp

1 ,More Powerful&Colorful

2, Advanced and stable slip ring system

3,Long -lasting &Low maintenance costs

4, CE/UL Listed Driver are acceptable.

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Description on LED Rotor Lamp

The Rotor Lamp is consisting of 18pcs Osram high power LEDs and 9pcs ∮5mm RGB LEDs ,The built-in advanced and stable slip ring system is mainly used in precision machinery manufacturing, which can ensure the stable and silent rotation of the rotating lamp for a long time. Recessed lighting system series completely in aluminum, provided with rotating head. A dynamic white version is available: the combined light exalts the details and gives value to the exhibits. Ideal for installation in jewelry showcases and high fashion accessory shops where they can enhance and make shine diamonds and precious stones.

Why is the Rotor Lamp necessary in the jewelry store?

When we strolled on the street at night, the brightest shop must be a jewelry store. Most jewelry stores are designed to be clean and bright, using jewelry LED lights, which are brighter, more energy-saving, long-lasting, and richer in colors. But most of the lamps in the store are fixed

Different jewelry display cabinets require different lights to be used together. For example, gold, platinum, silver, diamonds and other jewelry are relatively small in size and require high enough brightness to be eye-catching. These jewelry that completely relies on reflected light, pay attention to the incidence of light Direction, let the reflected “flash points” stimulate the eyes of customers; for jewelry made of pearl, jade, crystal and other materials, it is more necessary to highlight the sense of luster, and the brightness requirements are relatively low; gold can be illuminated by 3000k yellow light , Silver should use fluorescent lamps above 4200K, diamonds should use 7000K cold white light, and jade ware should use 4000K neutral light sources. Therefore, if you want to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the jewelry display cabinet, the key is to choose the lights and use them reasonably. Specifically, according to the layout of the product and space, of course, according to the specific area, specific space, and specific environment, the effect of illuminating light should be set to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the jewelry display cabinet. The appropriate lighting can also stimulate customers to purchase. want. Customers usually judge whether a diamond is good or bad based on the cut surface, luster, and size of the diamond. A light that can rotate is a good choice, which can reflect the cut surface of the diamond and also give out flickering color light.

LED Rotor lamp for jewels with a particular technology to make your jewels shine warm and cold led is able to enhance and lighten jewels of any type and color The LED revolving light AW-RL1120 is the latest design of AWELLED, which combines the market demand and improves on the basis of the original led revolving light to make it have better lighting effects and brighter. Larger power and various light-emitting angles can adapt to a height of 0.5 meters to 3.0 meters to maintain a good fire color effect. This revolving light can be installed on the front display and ceiling.

Features on 36W recessed LED Rotor Lamp :

*Low maintenance costs, Motor can be easy to change if it’s stop  rotating .
* More Powerful &Super brightness
* Recessed design , Exquisite shape design
* Add 9pcs RGB LED, More Colorful
* CCT layout can be Choice
*Stable and reliable advanced transmission system
* No belt, own patented new design drive kit, no noise , no stuck .
* Extra 1pcs motor for each unit
* Two clips to for easy installation
* Use high-end famous brand Osram chips 3030 , low light failure, high color, high quality light.
*Single high-quality lens design, high light transmittance, anti-fog and anti-glare
*Flicker -Free CC LED Driver was included .
* Very high performances on jewels
* No UV radiation, no lead, mercury harmful substances

Applications on 36W LED rotor light :

Lighting for jewelry, Watches jewels shops windows and showcases . Front display showcase , Jewelry Stores Ceiling

Installation Instructions on Rotor Lamp :

1,Cut a hole with ¢175mm on the ceiling .

2,Connected to the ceiling input line, pay attention to the power supply voltage to meet the ceiling lamp on the nominal voltage。

3,Hand on both sides of the spring back to 135 degrees, into the hole, the lights embedded in the ceiling. Pay attention to the operation of the spring to avoid damage.

4,The product requires a professional operation to install, so as to avoid problems!

Model : AW-RL1120

Input voltage : 90-130Vac /200-240Vac

SMD Osram Chips :18PCS

DIP chips : 9 PCS (3pcs blue ,3pcs red ,3pcs green)
Beam Angle:15/20/25 degree



CCT : 2700-9000K (Can be customized )

Size: Dia185*112mm

Cut Size :175 mm


Surface color : White

High quality led driver was included

Paper box for each one

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