New Anti-glare 36W led ceiling downlight for jewelry stores

New Anti-glare 36W led ceiling downlight for jewelry stores

*Anti-glare  honeycomb can be choice                                                   

*Anit -glare design ,Soft light, protect eyes

* No dark areas, more beautiful lighting                                                                                        

* Adopt 18PCS high-efficiency single lens 

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Anit-glare led ceiling downlight is a type of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling. It does not destroy the perfect unit of ceiling art because of the installation of the lamp. Its biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity and perfection of the building decoration, with structural advantages. The light source is used to hide the interior of the building decoration, and the led ceiling downlight source is not exposed and does not irritate the eye skin. Super brightness ,narraw beam angle ,colorful which is an ideal lighting in jewelry stores.

What’s   led ceiling downlights ?

This Ceiling downlights   have 18pcs SMD Osram high watt chips  ,with   high efficiency single lens ,Each LED adopts a step-type anti-glare design. In addition, you can also choose an anti-glare net, which can realize the light but not the light, which may make the eyes of employees who work for a long time more comfortable.

led ceiling downlight for commercial VS Jewelry&Watch stores:

led ceiling downlight has a variety of different applications in both residential and commercial buildings. Install these energy-efficient fixtures in your bedrooms, bathrooms and living room for increased lighting at a lower price. In commercial applications, these fixtures work best in offices, hallways, conference rooms and for general display lighting. Whether you want a completely new fixture, or if you would rather save some money and retrofit.

But this kinds anti-glare lights are especially designed for Jewelry &Watch stores and other luxury stores . So there are differences compare with other commercial recessed lights:

1, More focus ,Beam anlge is 15 and 25/30 degree .
2, More Powerful ,It’s output watt is up 36W while other lights only have max 20w .The brightness over display cabinet is enough even if height is 3 meters
3, More Color temperature for choice .
4, Stronger penetration, better display the characteristics of jewelry
5, Support long-term uninterrupted work, stable performance and low light decay.

Features on cob led ceiling downlights for jewelry stores :

*Anti-glare  honeycomb can be choice
*Anit -glare design ,Soft light, protect eyes
* Unadjustable  light  direction
* Adopt 18PCS high-efficiency single lens
*18pcs Osram chip
*Surface color : White+Black
*No dark areas, more beautiful lighting
* CE ,UL Listed LED Driver can be choice
* Can be mix color

Model : AW-DL0118A                                                                       

Input voltage : 100-240Vac                                                                        

CRI : >83/90
Beam Angle:15/25/30 degree                                

CCT : 2700-9000K                          

Size:  Dia165*95mm                            

Cut Size :145-150mm                            

Surface color : Silver /White                     

high quality waterproof led driver was included                                                       

Packing : 18pcs/cnt ,each one has its own small box

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