40W 3phase LED linear track light

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Features  on 3 phase led linear track light                                                                                                                                             

*Anti-glare design,UGR<19

*Light effect is up 110lm/w
*Patend SMD LED Linear track light
*Flicker-free built-in or external driver ensures perfect light effect,

*Optics : Aluminum reflector or Plastic reflector
*High quality 6063 brushed aluminum construction and good heat dissipation
* Surface color : white, black

*Beam Angle : 60°,90°

* Imported Lens 
*Adjustable: Continuous 350° rotation
*Adapters for choice:2/3/4/6 wires, compatible with Global,Norlux,etc.
*5 years warranty                                                                                                                                                                             


Commercial environments often have high ceilings, which is why suspension mounted track lighting is such a popular option for places like offices and retail spaces. It is common to use higher power 30W, and 40W fixtures as high ceilings mean light has a further distance to travel. However, anything above 15W in power can be considered for commercial use.

The flexibility that track lighting offers makes it a perfect choice for retail environments. We have worked with retailers in the fashion industry, homeware and furniture stores, and many other retail spaces, and offer all our clients advice on the best lighting solution for their stores. We believe the key to effective retail track lighting is following the 70/30 rule, which means 70% of the light will be on the product the store wishes to illuminate.

Suspended track lights are ideal for areas with high open ceilings as they contribute to the “industrial style” design which many spaces strive to achieve. It’s also possible to enhance the industrial look by using chains or suspension kits to hang the lighting system as well as opting for a matte black finish.

Although downlights are a common choice for providing illumination in kitchens, they require holes to be cut in the ceiling and create rather a generic look. Our 15W LED track lighting is a great alternative to downlights; they offer a much easier installation and allow you to concentrate light exactly where you need it, as they can be rotated 360º as well as 0 to 90º up and down.

5,SPECIAL TRACK LIGHTING                                                                                                                                                                                            Somewhere also need COB led track light,such Museum ,Car 4S shops,Meet shops etc ,They alway ask a special requirements on track railway lighting ,Awelled can give suggestion or  solutions to meet different  customers requirements ,to achieve the result customers want to achieve .

 Why choice us ?

Reduce electricity cost with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED track light designs. Find a new bright track-style lighting solution from our large selection of fixtures, heads, and all-in-one track lighting kits. If you prefer quick and more convenient installation, take advantage of our LED Track Light Kits, which includes all of the parts you need to install your track lighting system.

Model AW-TL40L45
 Housing materials 6063 brushed aluminum alloy
 Size L571xW45xH143mm
 Housing color Black, White
 Light source SMD
Optics Lens,imported from Finland
 Kelvin 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
 CRI 85+
 Beam angle   60°,90°
 Adjustable Continuous 350° rotation and 90° pivot
 Wattage 40W
Input  Voltage   AC200-240V/ AC90-130V
 Driver PF>0.9 flicker-free
Driver locations 1: Built in body , Round LED driver 
2: In  power box ,
THD <15%
Track adapter 2/3/4 wires
 Warranty 5 years

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