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November 2019

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LED Showcase Lights-Display is the Best Way

LED Showcase Lights-Display is the Best Way


How many times it happens to us, that we walk into a store where everything is up for display and it looks so amazing every color gets brightened designs look more intense, and everything lined up neat and bright looks so good. And all these effects on products up for display are done by lighting when LED showcase light or track light are installed in a store it makes the beauty and appeal of every product magnified.

Why LED display showcase lights?

We live in a world that pays a lot of attention to particular product looks, be it watches jewellery, and are or literally anything. We want to buy things that look beautiful and why shouldn’t we.

  • When you will install these LED lights either in your showcase or install some other kind of led showcase lights according to whatever works for you and your product you will see a drastic increase in your sale of the very product. It has been proven from research that LED showcase lights or display lights can increase sales up to 40%.
  • These LED display showcase lights are used in all the stores of Jewelry display, watch stores. Art galleries museums, and even an antique store. These lights can be custom made according to your requirement thought they already have so many different kinds of LED display lights available.
  • If you are a jewelry store you can also use jewelry lighting fixtures or LED showcase lights which will make every design of your jewelry look stunning all the details will become more intensified due to lights and it will enhance the true potential of all the hard work that was put into the designs.
  • These showcase  lights not just increase the sale of products, the also saves the electricity compared to your other lighting and are good for the environment and if that was not enough, they are sold at absolutely reasonable prices when you will see the profit they will bring.

September 2019

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LED Showcase Lights are in High Demand

LED Showcase Lights are in High Demand

The showcases in the retail outlets look beautiful with the presence of lights. There are various companies which are engaged in the manufacturing of the showcases. Awelled in China is one such name in the related field. They have a massive collection of LED showcase lights and take immense pride to announce the fact that they indulge in the manufacturing of eco-friendly products.

      Advanatges of Awelled LED Jewelry Showcase lights

These types of showcase display lights are used in various places and outlets. There are varied benefits of using such lights and few are mentioned below:

  • These LED jewelry showcase lights are energy-efficient. The LED lights act light on our pockets as these can reduce the electricity bills. It is better than the traditional fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent lights. Such options emit light in one direction only unlike the traditional ones which emit heat and light on all directions.
  • It leaves less carbon footprint and hence is highly eco-friendly.
  • LED lights do not burn out over a period of time. The intensity of the light dims out with time and the life of the product are much higher as compared to its counterparts.
  • It is a great option for cool temperature options like refrigerators and works well as lighting required in such products.
  • LED jewelry showcase  lights are durable because these are break-resistant and immune to vibrations.

The jewelry showcase LED lighting is very popular among the users. The jewelry showrooms require such lighting because it can provide focus to the area and the entire set-up looks very amazing too.  Such lights are easy to install and are available in a huge variety. The packaging of the LED lights is also apt so that the shipping of the product can be handled with ease. It is a great option for the users and they are always happy to experiment with innovative products