How to use lights in Jewelry Store?

How to use lights to make jewelry more dazzling and fascinating?

In jewelry stores, men choose “status” and women choose “noble and elegant”. All kinds of jewelry industries need good lighting effects to show their brilliance and luxury, so how to use lights to make jewelry more dazzling and fascinating?

The lighting design of jewelry store mainly grasps several key points:


Grasp the illuminance standard. (High illumination is a must for jewelry stores to attract customers)

Avoid glare. (It is easy to produce glare under the high illumination of the jewelry store)

Avoid damage to jewelry from artificial light.

The general jewelry store is divided into several areas: display window, gold display area, platinum, diamond white metal display area, jade, crystal jewelry display area, image wall or poster lighting. According to these areas, I will explain to you the precautions for lighting design in the decoration and design of the jewelry store.

Image wall


The image wall of the jewelry store is a good part of displaying the brand culture and connotation. Many jewelry stores have image spokespersons, and the storefronts are often more attractive because of the posters of these stars. Therefore, lighting on posters and image walls is also very important. Pay attention to uniformity. LED modules or diffuse led strip can be used for light box lighting, or embedded high CRI cob led track light.


Window lighting design


Jewelry shops are small in size and mostly sold at special counters in shopping malls, so there are not many shops with windows. Stores with windows are generally independent stores facing the street, or large-brand jewelry stores in shopping malls, which pay more attention to the display and lighting design of the windows. The window lighting needs to have sufficient brightness, so two sets of lamps are often used for lighting, one is the SMD led downlight on the top, which provides the overall brightness and illumination of the window. In order to maintain the overall sense and beauty of the ceiling, it is recommended to use adjustable recessed SMD led downlight. The other group can be display lightings designed under cabinet or inside the cabinet, and jewelry display window props are used for accent lighting. If only the lamps on the top are illuminated, although the brightness of the shop window is sufficient, it lacks a sense of hierarchy and appears messy.


Platinum and diamond white metal display area

Because platinum is more difficult to extract, it is rarer, and its color is more noble and glamorous than gold, so its price is higher. The irradiation method of platinum is basically the same as that of gold, but the choice of color temperature needs to be paid attention to. The cool white light with high color temperature can better show the glamorous brilliance of platinum and diamonds.

After we have a refined task lighting design, we must also consider: a large amount of glare may cause discomfort to the eyes of consumers and thus affect the purchase interest. According to research by psychologists, the dazzling lights will also have an emotional impact on the sales staff in the jewelry store, which will also affect the success rate of jewelry transactions. Use Jewelr lighting designed with a deep hidden light source to control stray light. At the same time, the installation position should be close to the side where the person is located to prevent indirect glare.

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