Rectangular Linear adjustable head under cabinet LED light bar

Rectangular Linear adjustable head under cabinet LED light bar

1 ,DC24/100-240Vac input

2, Silver ,Black ,Golden

3, Uniform color and brightness

4, Each head can be adjustable

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Introduction on under cabinet led light bar :

This under cabinet light bar adopts a linear design and a single high-power OSRAM chip high-end product, which ensures brightness while taking into account color consistency. It is mainly used in various glass showcases or display shelives to make up for the lack of ceiling lighting and highlight the advantages of display products.

LED jewelry counter light bar color temperature selection

Warm white light 2700-3500K (used for jewelry lighting such as gold and jade)
Positive white light 4200-6000K (used for the lighting of gems, jade, jade and other jewelry)
Cool white light 6500-7500K (used for platinum, diamond and other jewelry lighting)
The color temperature is between 2700-8000K and can be determined according to the color temperature required by different objects.

Advantages of LED jewelry cabinet light bar:
①High-quality light source: The LED jewelry light uses the top LED light source of German OSRAM, which has high luminous efficiency, low light decay and long life.
②Good color rendering: high color rendering, uniform light spot, pure light color, no flicker.
③The color temperature is 2700K-7000K according to the product’s requirements for color temperature). Aluminum alloy material; exquisite and high-grade appearance, dedicated to the display of diamond jewelry.
④High illuminance: meet the requirements of illumination contrast in jewelry stores. Adjustable irradiation direction
⑤Small heat radiation: LED cooling light source has no ultraviolet light and almost no radiation to jewelry diamond jewelry

Applications on Under cabinet led light bar :                                                                                                                       It is mainly used for jewelry & watches, museums, luxury collections display cabinets, and can also be used for other commercial lighting, such as mobile phones, cosmetics, glasses, tobacco and alcohol, shoes, art, digital display cabinets.

Features  On Under cabinet led light bar:

*DC24/100-240Vac input
*High CRI Osram High power chip
* Excellent heat dissipation
*The light head can be adjusted.
*Different beam angle 25 45 60 degree optional.                                                               *3 kinds color for choice                                                      * Uniform color and brightness                                                  * Each head can be adjustable

Model: AW-SL4005

Input voltage : 24VDC /100-240VAC


Beam angle : 25°/45°/60°

Orignal Osram chips



CCT : 3000/4000/6000/8000K

Body Color:
Silver /Black/Golden

Size: 24*12*500 mm Length can be customized

Installation :Back buckle/bracket fixed

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