1W 12VDC Bent LED Jewelry pole light

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Description of 12VDC Bent  LED Jewelry pole light:


Why LED Jewelry pole light  is needed ?
Adequate lighting is so important in glass showcases because it is the most eye-catching. But in many cases, the shop is poorly lit, especially in counter space and corners.LED Cabinet light is the perfect solution for increasing display brightness. Different types of counter lights not only save energy and electricity, but also reveal an artistic atmosphere. In addition, it eliminates shadows and black spots projected from overhead lighting and cabinets. Therefore, more and more jewelry shops, watch shops, cosmetics shops, luxury shops, and museums are using counter lights in large numbers, which not only looks beautiful, but also improves product grade and sales.

As a form of accent lighting, the lighting under the cabinet can not only greatly illuminate the display items, but also add elegance that you cannot reach. Focused cabinet lighting brings an unforgettable luxurious atmosphere and greatly enhances the atmosphere of the store. In addition, since most under-cabinet lighting uses LEDs, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of color temperature types. In addition, because LED lighting has a lasting iconic appeal, maintenance is minimal.
As a form of accent lighting, not only does undercabinet lighting massively brighten up the kitchen, but it adds a flair of elegance you can’t get any other way. The focused cabinet lighting brings an unforgettable luxurious touch and dramatically enhances the ambiance of the room. Plus, since most undercabinet lighting use LEDs, there is a lot of flexibility in the type of color temperatures you can choose from. Also, maintenance is minimal due to LED lighting’s signature long-lasting appeal.

Features of Jewelry pole lights & LED Under cabinet Lighting

Modern undercabinet lights come in a range of options to suit your needs. They vary in size, form, and style so there is bound to be an option that best meets the needs of your space.

Some LED shop counter light comes as single or multiple strips for easy installation along a straight edge. Undercabinet lighting is also available as a light bar in a rectangular shape of varying lengths to properly illuminate a space of any size. Other types of cabinet lighting are round to brighten cabinets or displays with strongly focused lighting. Undercabinet lighting hardware is also available for proper maintenance for a long-lasting glow.

This specialized lighting isn’t just limited to the shops. There are many areas of your kitchen ,home or office that could be brighter with subtle accent lighting. Modern cabinet lighting is great for bookcases, display cases, vanities, and closets as it can highlight certain features and eliminate shadows in a beautiful manner.                                                                                                                                              

Introduction On LED Jewellry light :


This very popular range of  LED Cabinet & Display Lighting are designed with unadjustable lamp head.They uses 1 pcs 1 watt osram LEDS with strong lumen output.They are widely used as direct illumination for merchandise showcases, including jewelry cases and more                                                                           

Advantage on Bent Jewelry pole lamp  :                                                                                                           

* Bent round  bar
* Anodized aluminum finish.
* Rotatable in the horizontal plane and vertical
* Pole height adjustable at will to make better use of products
* Suitable to create accents and enhance the products on display

Model: AW-SL1006                                                                                                                        Input voltage : 12VDC                                                                                                                    Body Color:Silver/Black/Golden
Product Material:Aluminum
Power:1*1W                                                                                                                              Bridgelux chip                                                                                                                                CRI : 85
Beam Angle:60 degree                                                                                                                  CCT : 2700-6500K
Including high quality LED driver                                                                                              Height: 150mm -500mm                                                                                                             White box

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