5W COB GU10 LED Light Bulbs

* Easy to install,Instant On,

* Replacing 50 Watts Traditional Halogen Bulbs

* MR16 MODEL/ GU10 Screw Base,

*Non-Flickering and no noise

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What is a GU10 LED light bulb?

GU10 LED light bulb is a very common type of bulb used all over the world today. It is a plug-in type bulb with a “U” shape base. GU10 lighting is popular among many architects and lighting designers, and you can easily find a GU10 light bulb in residential and commercial spaces like kitchens, restaurants, offices and shops.

The difference between GU10 halogen bulbs and GU10 LED Light bulbs


GU10 base usually appears in halogen lamps and LED lamps, and each have their merits and drawbacks.
GU10 halogen bulb is known for its high efficiency and quality of light and thus applied to a variety of industrial spaces, particularly when high levels of brightness are needed. However, it also generates extremely high heat when working, which means its life will not last long enough.
An LED GU10 is a retrofit energy-saving replacement for halogen bulb. It is also frequently used in domestic, commercial and industrial spaces as it consumes much less power compared to a GU10 halogen bulb. But it’s less affordable than halogen bulb due to the sophisticated technology.


Benefits of GU10 LED Light Bulbs


GU10 LED bulb is increasingly popular these days as it becomes a greater option for most of the lighting plan. Using GU10 LED bulbs reduces your electricity bills because, as mentioned above, LED GU10 bulb uses less energy providing you with a higher energy efficiency. GU10 LED bulb also produces little heat making it easy to change units. And most importantly, it lasts 10 to 20 times longer than other kinds of bulbs.


Features on GU10 LED Light Bulbs :

* GREAT SAVINGS WITH SAME BRIGHTNESS – Save up to 89% energy and your bill by replacing 50 Watt halogen bulb with our 5.5 Watt LED bulb. Same brightness but costs only 11% of your old light bulbs. Up to 25,000 Hours of lifespan enable the perfect lighting solution for at least 23 years (3 hours per day)

* EXCELLENT COLOR CONSISTENCY& FLEXIBILITY – Dimmable. Daylight 5000K. Perfect fit for track lights and spotlights for living room, bathroom, bedrooms and hallways, depends on your personal preference. 85+ CRI (color rendering value) means colors remain true and natural, always.

*EASE OF INSTALLATION& UNIVERSAL SCREW BASE ACROSS NORTH AMERICA – Standard MR16 model across North-America, GU10 screw base. Install these Bulbs into all GU10 screw base fixtures directly. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, these bulbs are free of buzz, flickering, UV and mercury.

* WORLD CLASS QUALITY – We conducted 100% full inspection ? No defected LED bulbs will be delivered to you. Great value, top quality, excellent performance but costs less than other Brands.

Model : AW-GU0102


Input voltage :100-240Vac/12Vdc

Body Color: White

CRI : >85
Beam Angle:38°/45° /60°

CCT : 2700-6500K

Size: Dia50*57mm

Socket : GU10

Dimmable : Yes

Lumen: 500lm

Package : 50pcs in a small box ,200pcs in a carton

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