24W Rotating LED light for jewelry display cabinet

24W Rotating LED light for jewelry display cabinet

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Features of Rotating led light                                                                       

>> Energy saving 50-80% than Traditional lightings
>> Exquisite shape design
>> No UV radiation, no lead, mercury harmful substances
>> Active cooling technology to extend the service life while increasing the power density
>> Application of high-end high-power density SMD light source, low light failure, high color, high quality light.
>>Very high performances on jewels
Rotating lamp for jewels with a particular technology to make your jewels shine warm and cold led is able to enhance and lighten jewels of any type and color

Model : AW-RL1018

Input voltage : 90-130Vac /200-240Vac

SMD Cree Chips :18PCS

DIP chips : 6 PCS (2pcs blue ,2pcs red ,2pcs green)

Ra : >83

Beam Angle:15/25 degree

CCT : 2700-6500K (Can be customized )

Size: Dia215*106mm

Cut Size :200 mm

Surface color : White high quality led driver was included

Paper box for each one

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