New reliable 24W Jewelry LED Revolving Light

New reliable 24W Jewelry LED Revolving Light

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Features of Jewelry LED Revolving Light:

>Low maintenance costs,Motor can be easy to changed if it’s stop to rotating .
>> Energy saving 50-80% than Traditional lightings
>> Exquisite shape design
>> No UV radiation, no lead, mercury harmful substances

> Active cooling technology to extend the service life while increasing the power density
>> CCT layout can be Choice
>> No belt, own patented new design drive kit,no nosie ,no stuck .
>> Extra 1pcs motor for replacement .
>> Two clips to for easy installation
>> Use high-end famous brand Osram chips 3030 , low light failure, high color, high quality light.
>>Thickened quality PCB design for better protection of LED
>>High efficiency constant current led driver was included .
>>More Smaller ,more lighter ,more stable

  Usage of LED Revolving Light

>>Very high performances on jewels
Rotating lamp for jewels with a particular technology to make your jewels shine warm and cold led is able to enhance and lighten jewels of any type and color

Installation Instructions on LED Revolving Light :

1、Cut a hole with ¢140-150mm on the ceiling .
2、Connected to the ceiling input line, pay attention to the power supply voltage to meet the ceiling lamp on the nominal voltage。
3、Hand on both sides of the spring back to 135 degrees, into the hole, the lights embedded in the ceiling. Pay attention to the operation of the spring to avoid damage.
4、The product requires a professional operation to install, so as to avoid problems!


1、This product is only for indoor applications, do not use the rain to the place.
2、Do not disassemble the lamp yourself to avoid damage to the lamp.
3、LED lamps can not be used in sealed environments.
4、Turn off the power when replacing LED fixtures.
5、It can not be used in flammable, explosive, high temperature and corrosive places.
6、To the LED lamps input rated voltage can work properly, the work process to ensure that the voltage within the rated range, beyond the rated voltage will cause irreparable damage.
7、Lamps are subject to maintenance by qualified person.

Model: AW-RL1118
LED Driver Input voltage: AC200V-240V or 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Motor 's Input voltage: AC90V-130V or 200-240Vac 50/60Hz
Input current :0.7A
Rated Power :24W±3W
Power factor >0.9
Harmonic <15%
Qty of LED :SMD LED ×18pcs
luminous maintenance rate >L70@30000hrs
LED lifespan >50000H
Dimmable function No
Waterproof Level IP44
Safety Standard CLASS II
Working temperature: -20~+40℃ / 0-90% (RH)
Storage Temperature: -20~+75℃ / 0-90% (RH)
Cut Size : 145-155 mm
Dimension: Dia160*107 mm



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