Environmental protection and raw materials double pressure PCB manufacturers have to increase price.

With the continuous improvement of technology, PCB, which is known as the “mother of electronic products”, has become an inaccessible component in the LED display lighting. It has become a global industry with an annual output value of more than 50 billion US dollars. Although the importance of PCB to LED display is self-evident, the serious environmental pollution caused by the production process cannot be ignored. Especially in the current ecological environment, the environmental protection has been highly valued by the government. Developed strict environmental standards for production. In response to the government’s call to achieve sustainable development of the industry, major PCB manufacturers have adjusted the industry and improved the production process. This not only directly increases the price of accessories and labor costs, but also allows some uncompetitive enterprises to withdraw. The competitive landscape has gradually tilted toward large factories with bargaining power, environmental protection indicators and capacity reserves, resulting in an increase in industry concentration.


In addition, the rising prices of raw materials have also pushed the PCB companies out of breath. The data shows that the cost of PCB raw materials accounts for about 33%, of which CCL accounts for 18% to 20%. Copper foil is the most important raw material for the production of CCL, accounting for about 30% of the cost of CCL. ) and 50% (thin board). Due to the shortage of copper foil, the prices of various raw materials continue to rise. From the beginning of 2016 to the present, PCB standard copper foil prices have risen by more than 50%, and copper foil processing fees and effective CCL prices are higher than the original average. 100% and 50%.


At this point, under the double pressure of environmental protection and rising raw materials prices, many large PCB factories began to gradually “head down” and chose to increase prices. It is understood that from the end of 2017 in Kunshan, Jiangsu, to Zhuhai, Shanghai, and then Shenzhen, the entire PCB industry will usher in a new situation after this wave of price increases, the overall expected range of 20 -30%.

     Do you find the price is more and more higher not only in  LED lights for jewelry displaying showcase ,but also in industrail led lightins (LED high bay light ,led flood light, UFO lamp). In a word , for the whole led lighting filed ,prices is rasing everyday .

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