Demand and design points on Commercial led lighting in the mall

Comfortable and casual environment is very important :      

      Modern shopping malls are not only a place to shop, but also a place for recreation and entertainment. It is important to create a comfortable and casual environment. Into the mall, LED lighting design brightness is appropriate, to meet the customer’s visual requirements, each store’s commercial lighting will also be subtly different, the product in the lighting design effect, always can transmit effective information to the customer, while It also relieves visual fatigue. LED lighting design is really powerful to meet the expression requirements of the business, but also meet the customer’s individual requirements? What are the design points of commercial lighting?

Commercial lighting requirements and design points


The main reason for LED commercial lighting in shopping malls is to design according to the characteristics of the goods and the purchasing habits of customers. The purpose of each product is different from the lighting design effect required by the function. According to the characteristics of the product, the lighting design effect can achieve the visual comfort of the customer.
At the same time, reasonable illumination (commonly known as brightness), product color reproduction, suitable brightness distribution, and comfortable visual environment; reasonable lighting design effect, can attract customers’ attention, create a comfortable shopping environment, and make purchases for customers. opportunity.

First, the human psychology is affected by the illumination and color temperature of the LED lighting design.
The commercial lighting design in the shopping mall not only needs to achieve the lighting function, but also the color temperature affects the human psychology: the color temperature will cause different psychological feelings. Psychologists have found that in the red environment, the pulse of the person will increase, the blood pressure will increase, and the psychology of excitement will easily occur. In the blue environment, the pulse will slow down and the mood will be quieter. The color of the LED lighting will also have an effect on the taste. This will also be related to people’s instinctive reaction to food. Seeing different colors will remind you of different foods. Red, yellow, sweet, sour and sweet, can stimulate appetite to enhance appetite; and black green, blue-green feeling bitter, will affect appetite.
      Second ,Different illuminances and color temperatures have a great impact on people’s psychological impact. The spatial impression is determined by the environmental impression of color temperature and illuminance. The purpose of ceiling lighting is to attract consumers’ interest through “commodity visualization” by providing suitable lighting and illumination, color temperature, color rendering and brightness changes for different products and regions, and using lighting design to communicate with customers in silent language. To convey product information, service concept and brand culture to customers, in order to promote the sales of goods, reduce inventory, and establish a brand image.
Commodities need to be displayed comfortably to customers under the LED lighting design. It is very important to use luminosity to show customers and guide customers to purchase. The light in the store space can be considered from the two directions of “space light” that reflects the overall impression of the space and “light of the product” that effectively displays the effect of the product. In the store lighting, the three lighting elements of ambient lighting, store lighting and decorative lighting are matched with each other, and corresponding lighting plans conforming to the concept of the store are adopted.

      Commercial lighting in different areas of the mall

      Different types of shopping malls and shopping malls have different subdivisions, and the lighting design renderings need to be different, so the lighting highlights of each area will be different. Starting from the overall lighting environment, the low-end small retail system, the illumination is generally 500Lux-1000Lux, and the color temperature is generally 5500K-6500K of cool white light. The lighting system commonly used in mid-range supermarkets has an average illumination level of 250Lux-500Lux and a color temperature of 4000K-5000K. The high-end supermarket environment lighting level is relatively low, generally in the 50Lux-250Lux, by adjusting the illuminance level in the space by strengthening the key lighting and decorative lighting, producing a sharp contrast, and the color temperature is a typical warm color 2700K-3000K. At present, the main lamps and light sources used in the environment lighting of shopping malls include downlights for compact energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamp brackets, grille lamps and metal halide lamps for T5/T8. Is it appropriate for LEDs to enter the basic lighting of the market as a new generation of light sources? Experts generally believe that commercial lighting is the first general lighting application field for LEDs. Improving luminous flux, reliability and cost performance is the key to its rapid intervention. The lighting lighting of the mall can be further refined according to different occasions, and the requirements for lighting of different commodities are also different.
       Commercial led lighting in the mall will be carefully differentiated design, and the overall brightness design will not be able to pass product information to customers. The rationality of the lighting design effect can properly convey the product information to the customer, and also meet the customer’s visual requirements.

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