360° D25mm Round Neon led strip light

*Diameter of Silcon is 25MM

*360° round luminous surface, uniform light emission, suitable for spatial decorative lighting.
*High luminous efficiency,
*Support pendant and surface mounted installation.

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Description on round led neon strip:

360 degree light emitting neon strip is our new model,for installations requiring accent lighting, our Neon Flex 360-View lights are ideal. You can precisely direct light where you want it by bending the tube. You will continue to enjoy the same views for years to come because there isn’t a filament to obstruct your light, give a dotty appearance, or to break. These tubes can be bent into practically any shape, so get inventive and use your imagination! A 360-degree flexible neon light that can be twisted, bent, and molded into any shape to create eye-catching lighting expressions on hotels and other structures. It promotes brand awareness, flexibility and personalization, as well as new experiential value.Round neon flex no dark area.

It has different installation methods,Support pendant and surface mounted installation,360° round luminous surface, uniform light emission, suitable for spatial decorative lighting.With 25mm diameter,free twisting,arbitrary cutting and RGB,SPI RGB version.

The unique eco-friendly LED material used in Neon Flex has been certified by SAA, UL, and ETL. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, including laser cutting, beveling, and molding, it guarantees exceptionally vivid colors with excellent color constancy and a small design for simple installation and transit. They are appropriate for use indoors, outdoors, or in any other setting, such as a music venue, a shade structure, a tent, etc. Use the Neon Flex to illuminate your area.

This flexible neon light has a uniform, dot-free glow and is manufactured of premium silicone. It functions effectively in various applications thanks to its lightweight but strong design. The Neon Flex makes it simple to add a dash of personality to any environment and comes in 16 vivid colors. Neon Flex is a premium optical flex cable that may be customized to the needs of the user. Neon Flex has a 3 year lifespan or 35000 hours of typical use, whereas 1 meter (3 ft) single end dimming/non-dimming RGB strips have been tested for over 50000 hours. Your lighting project will be ideal with this decision!

What is LED Neon strip?

LED Neon strip Light is a flexible linear uniform light that uses high brightness SMD LED strips as the internal light source and is wrapped with silicone, PVC or PU(Polyurethane) to diffuse the light.All LED neon flex lights from Awelled always use Silicone .

What are the features of LED Neon strip lights?

1. The working voltage is low because of the LED light source. The power consumption is small and energy-saving. Even in the 24Vdc, it can work well, and its power consumption generally does not exceed 15W per meter.
2. High brightness. The light source is made of ultra-high brightness SMD LEDs, with a density of 120/168 LEDs per meter, ensuring high brightness and an overall uniform luminous effect.
3. Durable and long life. The light source is made of LEDs, which can last up to 50,000 hours. The flexible silicone/PVC/PU gel is also used, so there is no problem breaking like traditional glass neon light.
4. Flexible, the LED neon flex light can be bent to a minimum diameter of 5CM and sheared.
5. Safe. Unlike traditional glass neon lights, which require a high voltage of up to 15,000V for regular operation, the LED neon flex light operates at 12V or 24V and is safe to use as it will not break and has low heat dissipation.
6. Simple and easy to transport and install. Because the light source is LED and the casing is PVC/Silicone/PU, it will not break during transportation. You only need to fix the mounting clips first or mounting channels, then press the LED flexible neon into mounting clips or mounting channels.

What is LED Neon Flex Lights used for?

1. Signage & Exhibit Lighting

2. Building facades

3. Cove lighting

4. Retail displays

5. Architectural lighting

6. Marine Lighting

7. Automobile Lighting

8. Artwork Lighting

9. Special Event Lighting

10. Home Lighting


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2. Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hrs.
3. OEM&ODM, any your customized lightings we can help you to design and put into product.
4. Distributoership are offered for your unique design and some our current model
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6. Please confirm the details and parameters with the sales engineer

Name : Round waterproof Neon led strip light

Model: NR2835-120-D25

Input voltage :12VDC

Power: 14.4W/M

LED's Qty : 120pcs/m

LED source :Epistar/San'an SMD2835

Emitting direction : 360°

PCB width : 10mm

Diameter of Silicone : 25mm


Waterproof level : IP65 / IP67
Packing :
5m/roll or their customized length

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