35W 6inch Gimbal Recessed Light Trims

*6inch 35W  Gimbal Recessed Light Trims
*360°Rotatable &75°Adjustable

*Famous brand external LED Driver (Eaglcrise,Linkuan )

*Osram chips

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What is Adjustable Gimbal Recessed Light Trims?
The Gimbal Recessed Light Trims are equipped with cob leds, and they use a lens (reflector). The cob has a single point light source, so by using a reflector, it is a directional light source. Therefore it is used as a focal point lighting. The lamp head can be rotated 360 degrees, and the light direction can be adjusted at 75 degrees, which greatly increases the range of illumination. It perfectly solves the problem of taking advantage of track lights without track system.

Gimbal Recessed Light Trims’s introduction:

In commercial applications, these lamps have the best effect in various shops, galleries, corridors, supermarkets, collection stores, wineries, cafes and general display lighting. It can change the direction of the light to make The light shines on the art, collections, displays, etc. on the wall, avoiding direct light to human eyes, and giving me a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Whether you want a brand new lamp, or are more willing to save some money and make a renovation. Ceiling height of recessed downlight:
The higher the ceiling, the further away the light source is from the surface you need to illuminate. When using a downlight with a narrow beam angle, such as an LED universal joint (40°) downlight, the intensity of the light hitting the floor is greater than that of a fixed downlight with a wide beam angle (120°). When the beam angle is wide, the light will be dispersed into the air, making the surface area darker.

The main features of Gimbal Recessed Light Trims:

*6inch 35W  Gimbal Recessed Light Trims
*360°Rotatable &75°Adjustable

*Famous brand external LED Driver (Eaglcrise,Linkuan )

*Osram chips

*Surface color : White or Black

*Bean angle 10°、24°、36°,excellent Lens

*Warranty : 3 Years

Model : AW-DL5535

Input voltage : 100-240Vac

CRI : >90
Beam Angle: 15°、24°、36°

Light Source: Osram COB

CCT : 2700-6500K

Lumen: 2700-3200lm

Size: Dia165*130mm

Cut Size :150mm (6inch)

Surface color : Silver /White

Driver's brand : Eaglcrise

Qty /Carton : 12pcs

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