Why more and more jewelers like to use LED jewelry lights ?

Why more and more jewelers like to use  LED jewelry lights ?

With the improvement of people’s material living standards, the demand for luxury goods has also greatly increased, with jewelry being particularly popular among people. It is the favor of women. Nowadays, more and more jewelry stores appear in the most prosperous areas of the city. In large shopping malls, beads Treasure counters also occupy a dominant position, and jewelry lighting is also crucial – LED jewelry lights. Just like flowers need green leaves, no matter how beautiful jewels, they need good light to shine.

Some brilliance. LED jewelry lighting has strong directionality and high color rendering index. It is the first choice for jewelry lighting. For LED jewelry lights, Awelled The experienced R&D team, combined with market demand and customer feedback, has developed a series of classic counter jewelry lights for you to choose from.  

1 , Ceiling Lighting in Jewelry Stores :  SMD LED Down Light  , LED PAR30/38,LED Track Light      Which are most popular choice in the Marketing .

2 ,Lighting in Display Case  :  LED Cabinet Light /LED Mini Spotlight/LED Rotating Lamp /LED Jewelry Pole Light/LED Strip Light



The color emitted by the light source itself is the “light source color,” and the color of the jewel that is reflected by the light source is generally called “surface. In addition to some gemstones with fluorescent or phosphorescent effects, the jewelry itself does not emit light. Although natural light is the ideal light source for the appreciation of natural gemstones, in actual sales, due to the restrictions of the venue, businesses often have to choose Select artificial lighting for lighting. How to use the right light source to show the value of jewelry is increasingly becoming a concern for jewelers The problem. Some jewelers usually only pay attention to the light to be bright enough when decorating a store or a counter, making the overall feel of the store Li, magnificent, but ignored the proportion of light source distribution, making the difference between the sales of the main and non-subject, counter There is a lack of layering in the jewelry. Excessively bright lights, in addition to unnecessary waste, their high temperatures and electromagnetic radiation can also damage The color and luster of the object itself, especially the structure of some organic gemstones such as pearls, corals, amber, etc. And chemical composition can make an impact.

In addition, according to psychologists, the dazzling lighting will also be open to customers and jewelry stores. The emotional impact of personnel also affects the success rate of jewelry trading.

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