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September 2018

A voice of display lamps and LED track lights from Awelled

Dear customers and friends:

        Hello! My name is ALAN and I am the head of overseas sales of AWELLED. I have been in the foreign trade industry for 10 years. I have been waiting for a chance, and share with you the feeling of doing foreign trade. I feel that foreign trade is very mysterious and very interesting. I can deal with different countries and understand the customs of various countries. Every day I work hard to find customers, send emails, make phone calls, and talk about WHATS APP/SKYPE. When replying, don’t mention how happy you are. When you get the approval of the customer, you would rather not eat, but also do the customer’s things well, and you can’t wait for yourself to do things that are not your own, or even for the customers, to offend your colleagues and Boss. Many times, the domestic delivery cycle is prone to accidents, and the delivery time of the promise is difficult to achieve. As a foreign trade clerk, it is difficult to get around. I don’t know how much trouble I have. In the time of developing the customer, many emails are directly rejected or I entered the spam and I worked hard to write a half-day email. The customer didn’t even look at it; sometimes, I sent a message at WHATS APP /SKYPE, and no one looked at it. No one returned, the diligent salesman every time. one There will be some greetings, but there is no response. At this time, the salesman is lost, sad, self-confident, and even changed the career planning of the salesman. There are also many people who left the industry at this time. Sometimes, we Careless silence, deeply hurt one’s heart, sometimes, our impatience, Shenzhen’s work enthusiasm for combat clerk. They will think: Whether we send email or send MESSAGE, it takes so much time, it is I want to establish a good impression with customers. When they need it, we have to provide him with a good plan to help them worry about and serve them. Why do they always refuse us?                                                                                                                          Dear customers and friends, no matter what you receive later The mail is still MESSAGES, please give us a simple reply. We can contact you, this is God’s arrangement. God will bless you!                          If you are interested Shenzhen light factory , led jewelery light ,jewelry lighting ,led cabinet light ,led high bay light , Jewelry Showcase Fixtures light ,high bay light 100W,LED showcase light ,display lighting , industrial lighting ,led jewelry case lighting ,led track light ,track spot light ,please feel free to contact Awelled as following :                                                     ShenZhen Awelled Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd
M: +86 186 1719 1529
S : LJLL1399
E : sales@awelled.com ;alansimth@aliyun.com
W: www.awelled.com

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