Waterproof 3led module with lens high luminous signage led module

Waterproof 3led module with lens high luminous signage led module

1 , 1.08W 3 led signage module

2, High brightness &Low Cost

3, Uniform luminescence.

4, Waterproof IP 67

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Advantages on signage led module in LED luminous characters

Since its inception, signage led modules have gradually become the new favorites in the market because of their rich colors, high brightness and low power consumption.
Compared with other advertising lighting, signage led module luminous characters have higher cost performance. After analysis, it has the following characteristics:
1. Signage LED module is small in size, easy to shape, and not limited by size. Because the volume of the LED module is very small, there is no need to worry about being spliced ​​and used during the installation process. It can be combined into various characters and patterns at will and installed in different places outdoors or indoors.
2. Signage LED module is easy to maintain. The luminous characters of the LED module use the LED module as the light source. It can be used for a long time and will not be easily damaged. If a problem occurs, only a simple replacement is required, and no professional is required. The operation and maintenance are very easy.
3. The LED module emits uniformly, and the entire font color is bright after assembled into luminous characters, and there will be no light spots and scattered light. It is easier to attract the attention of different advertising groups and can receive better publicity effects.
4. The cost of LED modules is relatively low. Due to the increasing popularity of LEDs, the current price of LED lighting has been reduced to a certain extent. As a cost-effective advertising lighting product, LED modules are more likely to take advantage of its advantages, not only in its later stages. The maintenance cost is much lower than other advertising lighting fixtures, and the current price has been accepted by many consumers, and the product is widely used.
5. Signage LED module has high brightness. I believe there is no need to explain this point too much. The LED module uses LED as the light source, and the LED is a cold light source. Most of its energy is converted into light, rather than being converted into heat like an incandescent lamp, so its brightness It is higher than ordinary lamps and has better publicity effect.
6. LED modules are waterproof, energy-saving and safe: as everyone knows, LED modules have low power and low power consumption. Due to the low output voltage, it is safer. Since the LED module light source is waterproof, it can be used normally in severe weather such as rain, without worrying about being burned out.

Why use luminous characters when making signs?
To put it simply, the production of LED exposed luminous characters is iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium characters. The surface is punched with a laser punching machine and equipped with a single LED waterproof light string. The commonly used materials for making exposed luminous characters are: acrylic sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, aluminum sheet, titanium sheet, led lights, etc.

What are the advantages of exposed LED luminous characters?
1. Uniform luminescence.

Because the traditional luminous characters are limited by the size of the strokes, there is no way for the strokes that cannot be assembled with ordinary molds. Therefore, there will be a place with different brightness of the characters. The outer luminous characters are installed with a single LED lamp, so this phenomenon does not exist in the LED outer luminous characters.
2. It can achieve multiple effects of full-color scanning and luminescence, dynamic and fashionable, eye-catching, and strong visual impact of advertising.
3. The exposed LED luminous characters are easy to maintain. The lamp beads with the exposed characters can be removed from the outside, and the characters on the character side of the blister light box need to be removed. For high-rise buildings, it takes a lot of cost to disassemble the characters and put them back together, such as building shelves or renting hanging baskets.

Features on Custom Digital Signage SMD signage led module :

1. light source use High Power SMD 2835 LEDs

2. overmolded technology, good protective effect.

3. maximum number of cascade up to 50pcs

4. CE/RoHS certificates, fire rating to UL94V-0
Applications :metro, bus station, sign, bill board and all kinds of advertising light boxes

Applicable place:Advertising Light box, Blister letters, metal letters, flat letters, resin letters

Scope of application:8-30cm thickness of Light box and signage lighting

Model: AW-SL4004-3

Input voltage : 12VDC


Beam angle : 170°

LED source :Epistar SMD2835

Lumen: 95 lm/w

CCT : 4000/6000/8000/12000K

Working temperature:-20-60 °C

Waterproof Level : IP65

Installation :Installation :Screw or 3M stricker

Warratny : 5 years

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