PAR30 bulbs were once thought of as the middle child of spotlight LED bulbs. While once used primarily for outdoor lights, nowadays many contractors are switching to PAR 30 bulbs for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Whether directly replacing old incandescent and Metal Halide lamps, or retrofitting all your light bulb fixtures to use energy efficient LED Bulbs, HomElectrical will show you how to select the right LED PAR30 bulb to make sure you know exactly what you need for your next lighting project. Built in Mini fun ,which can spreat out more heat to pretect LEDs .LED PAR30 bulbs from Awelled with max watt 40W ,which can replace 70- 100W Halogen lamp and save more money in energy .

What is a LED PAR30 Bulb?
An LED PAR30 bulb helps control light in a precise or designated space to produce a concentrated light intensity. Due to the directional nature of the light, LED PAR30 bulbs are ideal for recessed cans, track lights, downlight fixtures, and up lights.
These types of lights are commonly used in offices, retail stores, museum displays, restaurants, and outdoor lighting.  Unlike smaller PAR16 and PAR20 bulbs, PAR30 LED bulbs provide a wider beam angle, making them perfect for both spot and flood lighting.

PAR30, PAR20, and PAR16 bulbs are great replacements for incandescent bulbs but can easily replace other LED bulbs, such as BR (Bulged Reflector) bulbs.  PAR Bulbs and BR bulbs are virtually interchangeable as far as the fixture, but the type of light they produce is much different.

For example, you could swap out your BR bulb with a PAR bulb if you were looking for a sharp, focused light to illuminate a single object like a painting.  A BR bulb would work better in a common area such as an auditorium since the BR Bulb provides a general wall wash effect. .

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