P3.91-7.8 AD LED Transparent Display Screen

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*High Transparency,More than 60% transparency


*High contrast , Contrast up to 5000:1

*Refresh rate up to ≥3840HZ

*Wide range of brightness adjustment to meet the needs of various environments

*Gray level depth of 14-16bits

*Mobile phone, tablet wireless connection, video, picture text multiple interaction

*Horizontal viewing angle up to 120° and vertical viewing angle up to 120

*Made of die-cast aluminum, ultra-thin design, weighs only 12kg/m2

*High integrated circuit design, ultra low power consumption, 50% lower than traditional display

*Modular box splicing installation, easy maintenance, light strip can be taken directly from the front

*Ultra-quiet power supply, voice can be ignored

*High-precision equipment processing, good flatness, accurate size, real seamless stitching

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